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Profile Overview

Olivia Rivera

Human Cisgender Woman


Character Information


USS Endeavour


Olivia Rivera


Ajilon Prime


A correspondent for the publication Galaxy Week, Olivia Rivera is a reputable and experienced journalist. She cut her teeth on the Attack on Mars and the failed Romulan evacuation, and has spent the last twenty years reporting from the fringes of Federation space, often highlighting UFP or Starfleet failures. This has won her few friends in high places, but it has led to Starfleet, eager to improve their public standing in the 25th century, cooperating with her recent move to report on the frontier of the Midgard Sector. Here, Rivera writes of the conditions in a region that increasingly encapsulates the tensions of the modern Beta Quadrant, and while she tries to do this in cooperation with Starfleet, she is unafraid to challenge them.