Vote BFA-0045

Bravo Fleet Admiralty


Amending Article III, Section 4 of the Bravo Fleet Charter to include Training Units. This vote is regulated by Article I, Section 3 of the Bravo Fleet Charter and requires a simple majority (51%) of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty.

Amendment is as follows:

  • Members of Bravo Fleet are assigned to a Task Force, a Training Unit, or the Reserves, each of which is considered a fleet unit.
  • Task Forces are the primary units of Bravo Fleet, as they house all of the active members of the fleet, as well as games set in fleet canon.
    • Each Task Force has a Senior Staff, led by a Task Force Commanding Officer.
    • Each Task Force is split into at least two Task Groups, which are the basic organizational division of Bravo Fleet.
  • Training Units house new and in-training members.
  • The Reserves house all inactive members.