Lieutenant Junior Grade



The product of a human father and a Vulcan mother, T'Liana was raised on Earth. Her mother subscribed to the beliefs and practices of the V'toash ka'tur, and taught her daughter in this fashion. Therefore, T'Liana was taught to experience emotions and logic in balance, and generally found little difficulty in interacting with humans. (Vulcans tend to disagree with her behavior and her parents' decisions regarding her upbringing.) She was born in 2239 in India.

T'Liana's mother is a civilian astrophysicist and her father a tactical officer in Starfleet. Her father served in a classified capacity during the Dominion War.

2377-2381: Inspired by her parents and her natural curiosity, T'Liana was accepted into Starfleet Academy, where she excelled. In the academy, she specialized in exobiology, exopsychology, and astrophysics.

2381-2384: Her initial posting was to a space station in the Beta Quadrant, where she served as a junior science officer and assistant counselor.

2384-2388: During this time, T'Liana left Starfleet to join the Maquis, much to the distress and dishonor of her parents. After a few years of rebel activity, she recanted her activities and supplied Starfleet with information about planned Maquis activities on civilian targets.

2388: T'Liana thought she wouldn't have a chance with Starfleet again - until she was accepted back for a specific mission aboard the Redguard after an extensive review of the manner in which she had provided Maquis intelligence to Starfleet. She serves as Chief Science Officer and Counselor.