Nicholas Andrew Bennett

I am a full time Master of Arts in Theology in Ecclesiology and Pastoral Counseling student at a small university in America's Midwest, as well as a Master of Social Work in Clinical Social Work at another small university in the same town. I see clients and patients for case management and therapy at a local agency in town, and am gearing up for the future. I am also an admittee for a Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Counseling, and an ordained Old Catholic Deacon. I am sober 10 years, and live a fun filled life of airsoft, SCA, Star Trek, Star Wars, and other dork stuff. I previously served (lonnng time ago) on the USS Essex under Admiral T'Lar, and enjoy playing games such as Victory and Glory, Gloomhaven, and others with my mates. I have high functioning autism, so don't be surprised if I ask for clarification a lot! Formerly a paralegal and law student from the east coast, I write a lot, for it is my way of meditating. Say hi!