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Profile Overview

Henry Hawk Pakenham

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Pakenham




Edward Henry Ross Pakenham, Bt.



Current posting: Commanding Officer, USS Expedition NCC – 51118

The son of Commodore Edward James Pakenham, 17th Earl of Longford, and Professor of Jurisprudence, Starfleet Academy JAG, Hawk Pakenham hails from the clandestine world of intelligence and security operations. Hawk said once that he respects his father, and loves his mother (Lady Caroline Elizabeth Munro, Countess of Longford), and took interest in the field of intelligence, internal affairs, law enforcement, and security from Captain James Bradstreet, a intelligence officer of the secretive Starfleet Security and Intelligence Directorate. Previously CO of the USS Thomson, a Rhode Island class frigate with a loaned Romulan Cloak, and XO of the USS Boise of the Intrepid class, he now serves as CO of the USS Expedition.


Overcome with labor pains and on the floor of the front drawing room of Pakenham hall, so the story goes, Lady Caroline Elizabeth Munro, Countess of Longford, and sister to the 24th Baronet Munro of Foulis-Obsdale, gave birth to her third son, Henry Edward Ross Pakenham, on September the 17th, 2352. The boy’s father, himself at a conference on the administration of justice and enhanced interrogation techniques held at Starbase Ticonderoga, was unable to attend but watched with smiling glee as Caroline showed the child to his Papa.

Henry’s father, Commodore Edward James Ross Pakenham, 17th Earl of Longford of Pakenham Hall and Ardross Castle, and Senior Advocate General, Starfleet JAG, smiled and stood in triumph to shake the hands of members of his delegation who watched with pride. He knew, looking at the viewscreen, that Henry, like his siblings, would achieve great things and keep the name Pakenham respected in Starfleet.

Initially a sensitive child, Henry spent his early years learning from tutors and nannies at both Pakenham Hall in Ireland, and Ardross Castle in Scotland. His teachers marveled at his logical brain and were amazed that he could calculate times tables and read dissertations at such a young age. Quiet and studious he remained, even after being shipped off to Eton College at 13.

Time at boarding school seemed to knock sense into the tall and lanky lad. He excelled in sport, earning top marks on the Eton Polo Team, and while others went off to play after a match, he spent time washing and polishing his boots, and caring for his horse.

Henry was a lonely lad at times, to which he would take to drink, and polish off a bottle of Dewars Scottish Whiskey. In the downward spiral of addiction, he felt more relaxed. When he was anxious, sad, tired, hyper, whatever…he drank.

He applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted, thanks in part to his family name and connections. While there always was pressure to be the best and live up to the family name, he still stayed reserved, quiet, serious–took in large amounts of information, stored it, observed. He excelled in jurisprudence class, political theory class, intelligence analysis, and, surprisingly, defensive training.

Of course, being the smart, lanky, rich boy in the class made him the but of jokes, and to relieve this, he drank. Then one lad, a third year hot shot of the flight operations team, snuck into his bunkroom and stole Henry’s family ring. Wearing it out and about one time in front of everyone, the boy flaunted it in front of Henry. Henry flew into a rage, and after some initial fighting, they were stopped by one of the groundskeepers, who advised them to settle it like officers.

The keeper painted a dot on a tree, and had the two line up side by side with english longbows and a single arrow. Whomever hit the dot got the ring. The hot shot pulled back on the bow and fired, landing at the bottom edge of the dot. High fives from his mates, the boy stepped back, confident and full of ego. Surely this Firsty didn’t have the wherewithall to beat him…Henry looked him sideways, slightly grinned smugly, and pulled easily on the bow, and launched the arrow dead center of the dot.

The keeper smiled confidently, and the third year handed him back the ring. From that day onwards, Henry was known by his lifelong nickname, “Hawk.”

So the years went on, and Hawk was archery champion twice in his second and third years. Rumors circulated of possible genetic re-sequencing after Hawk’s hearing seemed to be enhanced…he would hear people talking several hundred yards away. The rumors laid on him and he drank more. He entered his fourth year in the middle of his class…finally his older sister, Alynna, stepped in and got him some counseling, and it was then that Hawk came out as a man in love with other men. Repulsed at first, the Commodore later came to respect and admire his son, but was disgusted at his drinking. He warned Hawk not to shame the family name.

So, as an Ensign, Hawk’s first posting was to Starfleet Security, where he was trained as a Deputy Federation Marshal and assigned to clandestine operations, working as an arms trader with the Orion Syndicate. His work helped Starfleet Security seize several stations that were trading points for illegal torpedoes, phasers, and wholesale pulse launcher rifles.

After being pulled from that posting, Hawk was sent to the Research Institute at Starfleet Security, where he learned enhanced interrogation techniques, and built up his mental stamina and physical defensive techniques. Still an Ensign and Deputy Marshal, Hawk led a detachment of Marshals onboard the USS Montana, a Galaxy class vessel, to do a clandestine internal affairs investigation into officers exchanging sexual favors for light duty. Once the scheme was uncovered, Hawk, with the support of the ship’s CO, arrested the executive officer, Commander Herrington, and two of her associates. The CO even found Hawk’s efficient and cold manner off putting, and accused Hawk of callousness akin to the rumored activities of a rogue agency called Section 31.

Shrugging off this accusation, Hawk returned to Starfleet Headquarters, where he received further training on command, intelligence, and security matters. He received a promotion to Lieutenant JG, and served as an aide to Captain James Bradstreet, Starfleet Security and Intelligence Directorate. There, through many activities which remain classified, Hawk learned from who would become his mentor and formed him into the man he would become. Ruthless. Efficient. Duty bound.

While home on leave, and tending to the horses at Pakenham Hall, his mother Caroline was shocked to notice a scar on Hawk’s face…as if someone took an old sword and hacked at his face. She also noticed a change in her son…he wouldn’t touch alcohol. What happened?

He looked at her with a stare…something he would become famous/infamous for.

Surely he could tell his mother….

He looked at her and said one word: “CLASSIFIED”

She knew he served on a ship. The USS Thomson. Other than that, she knew not what he did. Only that he worked in security and intelligence, both internal and external, and was a full Lieutenant.

Back he went to Starfleet, only this time Captain Bradstreet had been given a senior position at a starbase, and the Thomson needed a new commander. At 36, he spent a good deal of time as a Lieutenant, and felt that now was the time. He accepted command, with promotion to Lieutenant-Commander, of the USS Thomson (NPC), a starship with a primary mission of intelligence and law enforcement.

Then he heard of an opening to be both chief of intelligence and executive officer for the Intrepid class vessel, USS Boise. Hawk ordered the Thomson to Kartelan Station…an interview couldn’t hurt…an interview that would also add to the intelligence of SSID. And plus, the Boise was an Intrepid class vessel, double the size of his own Rhode Island class vessel, USS Thomson.

Hawk wanted a challenge, and also knew that he too had become the instructor, training his staff and cadets the ways of intelligence, security, internal affairs, and law enforcement, just like Bradstreet. And he remembered how Bradstreet passed the torch to him…now it was his turn.

After leaving the USS Thomson, Hawk was debriefed by Starfleet Medical and brought up to speed by Strategic Operations, one of the public faces of the clandestine world of intelligence and security. Given orders to appear before Commander Rockford, CO of the USS Boise, within seven days to begin his service, Hawk packed his things, and with his staff of 15, and partner John in tow, he made his way to the shuttlebay for the trip up to the Boise, holding her own in orbit above.

After the Boise was decommissioned, Hawk was given command of the brand new USS Expedition of the Galaxy class…the future awaits!

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2374 Deputy Marshal and Intelligence Officer Starfleet Security and Intelligence Directorate
2375 CLASSIFIED Special Intelligence Group Omega
2376 CLASSIFIED Special Intelligence Group Delta/Federation Marshals Service
2376 - 2379 Intelligence Officer and Personal Aide Starfleet Security and Intelligence Directorate
2380 - 2382 Chief of Internal Affairs/Senior Deputy Marshal USS Thomson
2382 - 2383 Executive Officer and Ship Instructor USS Thomson
2383 - 2389 Commanding Officer and Principal Deputy Marshal USS Thomson
2389 Executive Officer and Chief of Intelligence USS Boise NCC 1808 - Bravofleet
2383 - Present Commanding Officer USS Expedition NCC 51118 - Bravofleet