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Part of USS Daedalus: Mission 1 – Measure by Measure and USS Mackenzie: Mission 12: Measure by Measure

DMBM 018 – For Your Eyes Only

USS Daedalus
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The shuttle flew through space with William Prentice at the helm and his captain, Helena Dread, sitting beside him. Chief of Security Athena sat in the back cabin, where she would stand every few minutes, pace, and sit down again. They’d made contact with the Patra loyalist. An agreement to meet on a planet out of the way to see what they could discuss had been made. The Daedalus would keep her distance.

Dread looked back at Athena, “You know pacing isn’t going to solve anything, Ensign.” She leaned back in the chair, sipping a fresh cup of coffee.

“I’m just…nervous, that’s all. Sir. It’s…,” she walked up to the doorway, “…just that my last away mission didn’t go according to plan.” The Security Chief sighed and went back to pacing the back of the shuttle.

Dread stood and moved into the cabin, where she pointed hard at the seating, and after a brief hesitation, Athena sat. She sat next to her, turning to face her, “Ensign. You had a mission that didn’t go according to plan. I know your file and your personality. I do have that part of being a captain down, at least. You’re a perfectionist.”

The young officer winced at the accurate reading of her dossier. “I just want things to go the right way, sir.”

Dread smiled quietly, “And how has that worked out for you, Ensign Athena?”

“It has been…challenging at the best of times. The Daedalus is the first ship where it’s becoming clear that I must find a way to cope with it, sir. The Olympic allowed me to perfect things easier.” She sat back, another sigh escaping her lips, “Lieutenant Fowler said me something this morning… ‘We’re imperfect people.’ And it stuck with me.”

Helena’s quiet smile became a quiet chuckle, “Our imperfections make us a team. That’s from the training course on command that I crashed through. It’s one for all and all for one, Ensign Athena. I’m still learning about it. What do you say we learn it together?”

“I would like that, sir, very much.”



“You want me to tell you where Pandora Crawford is?” The old Cardassian captain scoffed, “You’re as crazy as they say you are; I’ll grant you that.”

Dread felt some of her pride returning. “Well, it’s good to be talked about, I suppose. I’m not asking for the secrets to the universe. I’m just looking for something…anything to get us closer to her. You’re not a fan of her, Davos. I know that much.”

“That’s understanding a bit, Captain Dread. I’m getting out of here once I’m done with you. She’s not one to be messed with, and I’m too much of an independent rebel to bend the knee. Plus, arthritis, you see.”

Helena stared at him as if he’d grown another ugly head, “I’m sorry… arthritis is part of why you’re getting out of the business?”

Gul Davos shrugged, “Old bones get tired no matter the species or the quadrant. These bones don’t need to live under the threat of another crazed tyrant.” He tapped at a device and tossed it to Dread, “That’s the best I can do, Captain. You got rid of Patra, I’ll give you that. What you woke up and let loose…I don’t want to be around when she begins whatever it is she’s planning.” He gave a half-hearted wave and vanished in a yellow transporter beam.

Dread examined the data and tossed it to Athena as she started the walk back to the shuttle, “The best he could do is give us the location of a possible outpost that she’s taken over and is running. This is the part I hate.”

Looking over the data as she ran to catch up with her CO, she asked, “What part?”

Helena stalked up the shuttle walkway and into the cabin, “The part where I have to follow a trail of clues that make little sense and give me very little indication as to what the hell is going on. It makes me yearn for the days of shooting first and asking, maybe never diplomacy.”

Prentice turned in his chair, “Sounds like things went…well?”

Dread tilted her head back and took a few deep breaths, “That is a sliding scale on the back of an angry Targ, Lieutenant. Start launch procedures.” She turned to Athena, “Find out what you can about this station. I rarely enjoy surprises.”