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Part of USS Daedalus: Mission 1 – Measure by Measure and USS Mackenzie: Mission 12: Measure by Measure

DMBM 017 – A View to a Kill

USS Daedalus
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Fowler stood at the center console in Stellar Cartography as she worked through the sensor reports that were constantly updating. They were tracking several Syndicate ships and groups as they moved silently from sector to system to sector. She used the expansive screen and systems to map, plot, and track the movements. They hadn’t yet found Pandora Crawford’s armada, but they were getting closer. It was her first day back on full duty after the incident. She felt stronger and yet still weak. Captain Walton had assigned the task to her to start her back into the rhythm of her position as Chief Science Officer. The door behind her slid open, and Ensign Athena stepped over the threshold gingerly, her eyes cautiously searching the room until they settled on her.

The Barjoran had taken a few steps and stopped as Fowler turned to face her. Athena gave a nervous wave, “Hi.”

Sadie wasn’t sure what to say to her colleague. Fowler had nearly killed them both on the away team mission. That weight still rested on her heart. She’d talked to Milton Ford each day, which helped move the pressure off her shoulders. It was manageable. She replied, “Hi.”

“I thought you could use…some help.” Athena’s arms were at her side, restlessly. She was desperate to heal the rift that had been cleaved open between them. “I’ve also never been in this room. It’s beautiful.” The screen that wrapped around the entire room was bright, and the consoles in the center of the room hummed, awaiting orders.

Fowler started first, “Look…I’m sorry. I…didn’t make the greatest choices down there.”

“No, it’s….”

Fowler shook her head tightly, “It’s not ok, Ensign. It was wrong. I’m a lieutenant. I should know better. I know better.”

Athena took a few more steps forward, “I’m sorry…for what happened to you. And how I talked to you…I…”

Fowler drifted a small smile across her lips, “…can be a stubborn and thorny person sometimes?”

“Yea. That’s some of it.”

Sadie motioned to join her as she stood at the console, “We’re imperfect people, Athena. I don’t think we’ll be best friends soon – we’re both raw and dealing with…things.” She tapped at the console, “But together…we might be able to solve a mystery or two. I’d gladly share that search with someone…even if we’re not always on the best terms.”

Athena gave her a look of confusion. Fowler was full of surprises. It struck her as exceedingly diplomatic to shift away from the wounds they had given each other. “I think I can agree to that. Where are we?”

The Science Chief tapped the console, and the screen shifted to the sector and system, “We’ve been tracking some Syndicate group. This one is a transport group with a couple of escorts – nothing fancy. They’ve been holding course. This,” she shifted the focus to another group of Orion ships, “…is something else. Your team did a workup on this yesterday – the three transport ships are hardly transport ships. Weapons analysis identifies several hidden phaser banks and engine vents that look suspiciously like torpedo launchers. They’re being escorted by two additional battle-ready ships.”

Athena walked over to the wrap-around screen, adjusting the zoom on the ships, “This looks like someone that Pandora Crawford would want in their group.” She tapped at the screen for the deeper details on the ships, “Wait…I know these ships.” She returned to the center console station and ran a report comparison. She exclaimed with a shout, “Yes! Three of those ships were observed working with Patra’s battle group in the last month.” She turned to Fowler, “Whoever they are, they’re far enough out from wherever Pandora is running…or they’re intentionally staying away.”

Sadie focused on the five ships. They’d been looking for someone who had been loyal to Patra. This might be the answer. “I’ll take it to Captain Walton.” She stood and went to leave but stopped. She turned around and spoke directly to Athena, “Thanks for coming to find me, Ensign. Let’s try this again sometime.” She left Athena in her chair, a small smile on her face.

She’d made progress.