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Part of USS Mackenzie: Mission 11 – Wide Open Spaces

WOS 007 – The Barge and The Truth

Starbase 72
Post FA
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“We have a case.” Lieutenant V’Luth held a PADD in both hands as she stood at the open door of Lieutenant Barzo.  Barzo Igi was bleary-eyed at 0500 hours and hadn’t anticipated waking up until much later.  They had both been reassigned to the USS Mackenzie.  The crew was on a mandatory rest period, so Barzo had been looking forward to some downtime. V’Luth had come to shoot Quantum Torpedoes at her plans.

The Vulcan Security Investigator had gained a reputation.  And a nickname.  V’Luth ‘The Truth’.  She didn’t care.  Caring was an emotion; if the human’s nickname for her bore results in the here and now, she wouldn’t stop the spread.  She held up the PADD, insistent that Barzo listen, “We have a case.”

The Bajoran rolled her eyes, “I heard you the first time, ‘Luth.”  She waved her in and plodded back into her dimly lit quarters, muttering about sleep and Vulcans.  They’d been partners for two weeks.  Barzo had initially questioned the choice.  Two weeks later, she was still wondering what they were thinking.  “What’s the case?”

V’Luth examined the quarters.  Clothes were in the room’s corners, replicated food was balanced on end tables, and cups of varying colors and sizes littered the living room. She wasn’t sure the word untidy was enough.  “It is a robbery and assault case.”

Barzo examined some of her cups for freshness.  She resolved to get this cleaned up sometime.  She went for a fresh cup of coffee from the replicator.  “Sounds pretty simple.”  She sat roughly down on her couch, “Why are they putting us on it?”

“Because of the various video surveillance options that were…compromised during the incident.  The victim is also refusing to be interviewed.”  She handed the PADD over to her partner.  The assignment to the Bajoran as a partner had confused her.  Logically, she should have been paired with an intelligent fellow security officer with a tenacity for the craft.  Another Vulcan, perhaps.  Instead, she had been given a disorganized officer with a meandering work ethic.

“You have my attention.”  She accepted the PADD and read through the details, “Starbase 72’s security is pretty tight – they’ve been trying to compete with Bravo’s stats for a while now. This happened at a bakery?”  Her fingers scrolled more and more, “No witnesses?”

V’Luth replied, “0300 hours.  There is not a lot of foot traffic in the area.”

Lieutenant Barzo read through the case file again, “Well, let’s get to work.”

The Vulcan stared at her, “I would suggest a shower and fresh uniform, Lieutenant.”

A blank look was her answer, “What?”  She smelled herself and sighed, “Fine.  Give me 5.”

V’Luth narrowed her eyes, “Perhaps longer would be better.”

Barzo grumbled and walked into her bathroom, muttering about Vulcans and showers. 

  • Barzo Igi

    Security Officer / Investigator

  • V'luth

    Security Officer / Investigator