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USS Mackenzie: Mission 11 – Wide Open Spaces

The USS Mackenzie has returned from the Delta Quadrant, and for the second time has experienced a hard loss in the death of their long time Chief Engineer. Grief and loss stalk the crew as they find a way forward.

Mission Description

The crew of the Mackenzie is back in the Alpha Quadrant.  They must all find their way back to their stations and chairs – a journey of heart, soul, mind, and body.  With some help from friends old and new the journey to recovery begins.  The future is ahead, and the work on rebuilding has begun.

About the Mission

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End Date

3 January 2024

WOS 012 - A New Start

USS Mackenzie: Mission 11 - Wide Open Spaces

The lights in sickbay brightened as he entered, PADD in hand.  The crew had ended their fifteen-day sabbatical, and it was time to return to the Mackenzie.  Henry Longfellow felt pride as he looked around the expansive main sickbay area.  Decisions had been made on crew transfers [...]

29 December 2023

WOS 011 - The Fate of the ECH

USS Mackenzie: Mission 11 - Wide Open Spaces

“Computer, lights.”  The bridge of the USS Mackenzie flickered on as consoles hummed to life.  Captain Wren Walton stood in the command circle, watching her ship come to life.  She looked at each station, thinking about what the past had done to them and what the future might [...]

25 December 2023

WOS 010 - On the Trail

USS Mackenzie: Mission 11 - Wide Open Spaces

Lieutenant Barzo tossed an errant PADD away.  The reports on departures and arrivals had proven to be unhelpful and overwhelming.  She downed her fifth coffee in five hours, annoyed at the lack of answers to the central question of who had killed the bad baker.  They had [...]

21 December 2023

WOS 009 - The Mandrake Mystery

USS Mackenzie: Mission 11 - Wide Open Spaces

“Michell Mandrake, it’s Starfleet Security.  We need to speak with you.”   Lieutenant Barzo stood outside the quarters of their chief suspect.  Arthur Morris had identified the owner of Mandrake’s Muffins in a photo lineup.  Barzo and her partner V’luth stood together [...]