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Part of USS Hathaway: Episode 18: Fractured Loyalties and Bravo Fleet: Frontier Day

Redemption and Reservations

Stardate 24014.12
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The messhall had become a battleground, with the survivors of the Hathaway fighting for their lives against their assimilated crewmates. The clang of metal against metal echoed throughout the room as chairs and tables were stacked up to form makeshift barricades, reinforcing the protection against the relentless onslaught of the drones.

Captain Nazir, her heart pounding with adrenaline, was at the forefront of the defence, firing her phaser at the advancing Borg with deadly accuracy. Her sharp eyes and tactical mind guided her every move as she tried to protect her crew and regain control of her ship.

Lieutenant Commander Teyahna, the cool and composed Chief Science Officer, was by her side, firing precise shots at the drones while ensuring the barricades remained intact. Her fingers moved with practised ease on the phaser, and her eyes remained focused and determined.

The room was filled with the sound of phaser fire and shouts of battle as the crew fought desperately to hold their ground. But the drones were relentless, advancing with eerie mechanical precision. They showed no mercy, no sign of their former selves. As the fight raged on, Captain Nazir spotted Lieutenant Or’uil among the assimilated crew. The young Ungeat, now firmly under the control of the Borg, was leading the charge, a grim determination in his eyes. The sight of one of her friends lost to the Borg sent a pang of sorrow through the Trill’s heart, but she knew there was no time for sentimentality. She had to protect her people.

A sudden burst of gunfire echoed through the messhall, and Captain Nazir felt a searing pain in her right shoulder. She gritted her teeth, trying to push the pain aside and maintain her focus, but her injury was slowing her down, and she knew she needed to find cover.

Lieutenant Commander Teyahna immediately sprang into action, pulling the injured Captain behind a barricade of overturned tables. “You’ll be alright, Captain,” she assured, her voice calm and steady. “I’ll take care of you.”

Nazir nodded, trusting her Chief Science Officer to keep her safe while she continued to fight alongside her crew. Her shoulder throbbed with pain, but she pushed through it, determined to do whatever it took to protect her crew and regain control of her ship.

But the drones were relentless, and the barricades were starting to give way under their relentless assault. As the room filled with smoke and chaos, the Captain knew they were running out of time.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash as the barricades were breached, and the assimilated crewmembers surged forward, overwhelming the survivors. Lieutenant Or’uil, his eyes vacant and cold, reached out and grabbed Teyahna by the neck, lifting her off the ground.

Time seemed to slow down for Captain Nazir as she watched her friend and colleague, the young Ungeat she had come to care for like a son, now turned into a merciless killer. She knew she had to act fast.

Summoning all her strength, Captain Nazir fired her phaser at Lieutenant Or’uil, aiming for a non-vital spot. The shot hit its mark, causing him to drop Teyahna and stumble back, disoriented. The Chief Scientist gasped for breath, clutching her throat, but she was alive.

Nazir could see the struggle in Or’uil’s eyes as the Borg programming warred with his former self. He fought to regain control, to resist the assimilation protocols that compelled him to harm his own crewmates. And then, to everyone’s surprise, the assimilated crewmembers stopped in their tracks. Their mechanical movements slowed and faltered, and they began to de-assimilate. The familiar features and expressions of their former selves started to emerge. Confusion and fear were evident in their eyes as they looked around, taking in the aftermath of the battle. They were aware of the atrocities they had carried out while under the Borg’s control.

Keziah and Teyahna watched in awe as their crewmates returned to their pre-assimilation states, their individuality and consciousness restored almost instantly. It was a miracle, and she couldn’t help but feel a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos.

Lieutenant Or’uil, his eyes now filled with remorse and regret, dropped to his knees, unable to bear the weight of his actions. “I’m so sorry Captain,” he whispered, his voice cracking with emotion.

Helped to her feet by the Orion scientist, Nazir reached out and took hold of the security chief’s hand. A reassuring squeeze and a smile later, tears began to well up in Or’uil’s eyes, accepting her offered forgiveness. “I don’t know how it happened,” he choked out. “The last thing I remember was being on the bridge, and then… everything went black.”

“It’s not your fault,” Teyahna tried to reassure him, her voice soft and soothing. “We’ll figure this out, together.”

“Teyahna’s right. We’ll get through this,” Nazir said, her voice steady and resolute. “We’ll find a way to stop the Borg and free the rest of our crewmates. We are strong, and we will prevail.”

Wiping his eyes on his sleeve, the Ungeat steeled himself for what was to come next. “We should try to retake engineering or the bridge. Given we are closer to deck one, I’d suggest the bridge,” he advised the Captain.

Nazir nodded. “Alright, everyone. You’re coming with me. Grab a phaser. We don’t stop until we reach the bridge…”

The USS Arimathea hurtled through space at maximum warp, its sleek form cutting through the cosmic sea. Commander Noli sat on the bridge, her gaze fixed on the viewscreen, watching the stars streak past in mesmerising patterns. Her mind wandered back to happier times, to moments spent with her friends on the Hathaway—laughter echoing through the corridors, shared meals in the messhall, and the camaraderie that had become the heart of her Starfleet family.

Captain Giarvar Kauhn, the Trill with a commanding presence, was standing at the helm, guiding the Arimathea with the expertise of a seasoned captain. It was strange to think that less than two months ago he was aboard Hathaway, serving in Noli’s very position, but now he had his own crew to worry about. He glanced at Noli, understanding the emotions that filled her eyes. The two of them had formed a bond in their time together, both sharing a belief in the resilience and strength of the Hathaway’s crew and her captain.

As they sailed through the vast expanse of space, a soft beep emanated from an aft station, drawing Noli back into the room. Lieutenant Mora, the Bolian operations chief, spoke up, “Captain, sensors have detected signals from the Hathaway. It appears there is still life aboard the ship.”

A hushed silence fell over the bridge as everyone turned their attention to the news. The crew of the Arimathea had been closely monitoring the situation on the Sagan-class starship, hoping against hope that they would find some sign of life amidst the chaos that had befallen the starship.

Noli’s heart skipped a beat at the news, a mix of relief and excitement washing over her. She had feared the worst for her friends, but now there was a glimmer of hope. “Captain,” she said, her voice tinged with emotion, “we need to reach out, let them know we’re coming.”

Captain Kauhn nodded, his eyes reflecting the same determination. “Agreed, Commander,” he replied. “Number One, make it so.” The spotted man directed his XO.

“Aye Captain,” the Syllian known as Nisea concurred, accessing her controls and formatting a message to their captain’s former posting.

Once again, they were involved in a waiting game.