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Part of USS Cantabras: The Signal

A Rude Awakening

USS Cantbras
April 2401
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“Warning! Warning!”

The red alert sounded, bathing the entire ship in a red glow.

The bosun’s whistle sounded. Alex’s voice rang with urgency, “All crew report to the lounge immediately.”

Priam burst into the lounge, out of breath. Logan shortly stormed in behind him. Both of them were bleary-eyed and disheveled.

Alex and Tani stood in the center of the lounge with hands clasped behind their backs.

“Computer, end drill,” Alex said. The lights returned to their normal illumination. “Computer, time.”

“Four minutes, twenty-two seconds.”

Alex clicked his tongue in disappointment. “Four minutes?”

“Disappointing,” Tani simply said in agreement.

“Four minutes!? You both could be dead by now!” Alex said, his voice rising as he spoke. “We are coming off of an invasion from one of the deadliest enemies Starfleet has known! What if it had been the Borg this time!? Seconds count, lieutenants!”

Priam finished putting on his duty jacket, “Sir, I believe you-”

“I don’t care what you believe! I’m not asking for suggestions!” Alex took a few steps toward Priam and Logan. He looked them up and down, “And this is how you present yourselves? Both of you are hardly dressed for the occasion. Mear, you come in here half dressed carrying your duty jacket. And you,” Alex said, turning his ire to Logan, “Carter, you look like you’re more dressed for a sleepover!” He rejoined Tani. With his back still turned, he sighed, “I expected better behavior than this lieutenants.”

Logan rubbed his eyes, “I’m sorry Commander, I think I’m half asleep. But you keep referring to us-”

“That’s because you are,” Alex turned to face Priam and Logan holding two small boxes. He handed one to Tani. His demeanor instantly changed, “Logan Carter, step forward.”

Tentatively, Logan did so.

“You expertly navigated not once, but twice through the Arcania Cluster. Your piloting skills continue to amaze me. Your skills are living up to your reputation, and I’m thankful to have you aboard. With this in mind, Logan Carter, I am promoting you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.” He opened the box and presented the half pip to Carter.

“Thank you, Commander.” He looked at his appearance, “I’ll put it on my duty jacket later.”

“Priam Mear, for your service to the Cantabras and your continued ingenuity in your station, I present you with the promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.” She opened her box to reveal a similar half pip. “And without that ingenuity in the Liakso Array, I would not be standing here.” She stepped forward and placed it on his duty jacket.

“Your new ranks have been filed accordingly with Starfleet. All of the privileges that are afforded by the ranks are effective immediately.” He smiled, “Now go get some sleep, you both look like hell. Dismissed.”