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Part of USS Mercy: Mission 3 – “Lost in Space”

The Wrath of Faith

Mercy/ Bardor Bay City
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Because of the new information from Jacob Dewain, especially the news that Captain Pottinger was running a ring that stole artifacts from pre-warp cultures, Sorek knew he needed to update Captain Halsey.

“Sorek to Mercy.”

“Standby, Commander…what can we do for you?”

“I need to speak with the captain.”

There was a shift of movement on the channel, and the voice of Halsey broke through, “Commander Sorek, what’s your status?”

“Sir, I recommend you take this in your ready room and secure the channel,” said Sorek.

On the Mercy, Halsey raised his eyebrows as the bridge crew stared at him.  Sorek was a Vulcan and not given to making requests like this lightly.  “Understood, Commander.”  He gestured to the communications officer to do as his XO was asking.  A moment later, he entered the ready room and opened the now secure and private channel, “This isn’t going to be good news, is it, Sorek?”

“No, sir,” said Sorek.  “While searching the city, my team entered the great temple and found one of the scientists, Jacob Dewain, hiding inside.  He was extremely ill and needs immediate medical care.  He claims local artifacts caused it, but he didn’t explain how.  He also told us Captain Pottinger is using the duck blind observation missions to steal from pre-warp cultures.”

Halsey processed the revelation briefly before answering, “That is certainly not good news.  Damn.  How many did they take?”

“Unknown, but if Captain Pottinger has been using the same crew each mission, it could be dozens,” said Sorek.  “Lieutenant Cordon did a quick inspection of two items we found here in the temple.”

Leopold groaned, “So, two more to go.  You’ll need to move quickly to secure the two missing items…before it worsens.  Get with the other team…and get moving.  I’ll start the work on this end with Starfleet.  They are not going to be happy..”

“Sir, Mister Dewain needs our help now.  Using proper isolation and quarantine procedures, I recommend beaming him to the Mercy,” said Sorek.

Halsey thought momentarily, “You make a compelling point, Commander.  Let’s get it done.  We’ll signal when ready.  I’ll head for sickbay.  What a mess.  Keep me updated…Halsey out.”  The CO closed the channel and headed for the bridge.  Grace Pottinger had lost her damn mind.