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Part of USS Sovereign: Shadows of the Past and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet


Starbase 514
After the Nasera action
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The black expanse of space was punctuated by the speckled glow of distant stars as the USS Sovereign, hulking and wounded, made its solemn journey toward Starbase 514, tethered by the main tractor beam of the USS Majestic. The two starships moved in tandem, their stately ballet a testimony to the harsh realities of a quadrant at war. The scars marring the Sovereign’s once-pristine hull told the story of a ferocious battle fought and the somber cost of victory – a cost paid in the currency of brave souls, now seventeen, of whom would never again gaze upon the majesty of the cosmos. Their exploits were extolled in a funeral held in route to Federation-controlled space alongside that of the Morningstar’s crew.

The task force assembled to decimate the Dominion’s supply depot in the Nasera system was no more. Its unified purpose had been fulfilled; the surviving vessels receiving orders to lick their wounds, repair their battered forms, and steel themselves to return to the front lines in the ongoing struggle against the resurgent Dominion threat. The crew of the Morningstar was transferred off the Sovereign to other ships, their destination unknown, but their mission crystal clear: to continue the fight against the relentless Dominion.

The silence of the voyage was heavy, filled with the whispered echoes of absent friends and the grim determination that fueled the crew of the Sovereign. Each member held tightly to the memories of their fallen comrades, the pang of loss lending a sharpened edge to their resolve. Every repair, weld, and patch applied across the ship was a tangible testament to their shared grief and unwavering dedication to the mission that had cost so much. The ship bore the wounds of battle, but like its crew, it was ready to face the challenges ahead.

On the bridge of the USS Sovereign, amidst the hum of a ship alive with anticipation, Captain Leland J. Maddox sat in his chair. His gaze was fixed on the viewscreen with a steely determination that concealed an undercurrent of reflective thought, his fingers lightly grazing the armrests of his chair in tacit anticipation. Starbase 514 grew closer with each passing moment. A sanctuary in the void, a beacon of hope amidst the cold indifference of space.

Maddox, a man as sturdy and indomitable as the ship he commanded, felt the weight of the past few days hanging heavily on him. His usually fierce demeanor had been tempered by the trials of the recent battle.

The silhouette of Starbase 514 grew more prominent as the Majestic dropped out of warp.

“We are secured from warp speed, Captain. Time, 2215.” Lieutenant Junior Grade Kim reported from the helm.  

“Very well,” Maddox acknowledged, echoing across the otherwise quiet bridge. “Lieutenant Ashren, inform the Majestic that we are prepared to proceed under our power. Request they disengage the tractor beam.”

“Aye, sir,” Lieutenant Ashren responded, his fingers deftly dancing over the console as he relayed his captain’s message to the Majestic. A Moment later, he nodded toward Maddox, signifying the confirmation of their request. A subtle hum of power decreased throughout the ship as the Majestic’s tractor beam disengaged.”Take us in,” Maddox commanded, rising from his chair. “All impulse engines ahead one third.”

“Coming to course 115 degrees, mark four two; all impulse engines ahead two thirds.” The ship responded under Grace Kim’s practiced hands, the subtle thrumming of the engines reverberating through the deck, a reassuring reminder of its resilience. Slowly, but with the dignity and grace befitting its class, the Sovereign cruised away from the Majestic, edging closer to the welcoming embrace of Starbase 514. Once a distant spectacle, the starbase began to fill the viewscreen, its details growing sharper and more defined with each passing moment.

“Chief Engineer, Captain.” he spoke, his voice resounding with an authoritative calm over the communication circuit.

“Patel here, Captain,” came the reply of Lieutenant Commander Patel.

“Patel, we’re coming in for docking. Prep all systems for starbase power integration. I want us ready for the handover as soon as we are moored.”

“Aye, Captain. We’ll be ready.”

“Maddox, out.” Maddox nodded, though knowing the engineer couldn’t see him. This was their routine, this dance of duty and leadership. His gaze then swept over his bridge watch team. Their faces were etched with exhaustion, tinged with loss, but beneath it was an unwavering resolve, a fierce determination that mirrored his own.

“Get me starbase operations.” Maddox turned to Ashren.

“Starbase 514 operations, this is Sovereign actual, requesting docking clearance,” Maddox began after a nod from Ashren.

Docking permission granted, Sovereign. Proceed to Docking Bay Three,” came the prompt response over the communications channel. The voice was impersonal and professional, another testimony to the reality of their situation. The conflict had necessitated a brutal efficiency, stripping away the pleasantries of a more peaceful time.

“Understood, Starbase 514. Proceeding to Docking Bay Three, Sovereign actual out.” Maddox replied, his voice equally formal. He nodded toward Kim, ordering her to begin the final docking procedure.

Under Lieutenant Kim’s expert control, the USS Sovereign began its final approach, its wounded hull moving towards the comparative safety of the starbase. The exterior running lights of Starbase 514 grew brighter, their warm glow bathing the scarred hull of the Sovereign. The ordinarily soothing hum of the ship seemed to grow quieter as the docking clamps extended and latched onto the ship, securing it to the starbase.

“Moored,” Kim reported over the ship’s communication channels, visibly relieved.

The mood on the bridge was solemn. The crew, each carrying their own burden of loss, looked towards the viewscreen at the starbase. It was a sight that brought relief, a small victory amidst the losses they had suffered.

It was also a reminder of the task that lay ahead. Repairing the Sovereign was not just about mending structural wounds and supporting systems. It was about healing the spirit of the ship and crew.

“Prepare for starbase power integration.” Maddox’s voice broke the silence that had enveloped the bridge, a note of determination threading through the underlying sorrow.

“Aye, Captain.” Lieutenant Commander Jensen acknowledged from the operations console.

As Jensen moved to execute Maddox’s orders, the ship hummed in a lower register, a subtle shift that signaled the start of the integration process. His hands moved with practiced certainty over the console as he coordinated with main engineering to ensure an orderly transfer to starbase power and a shutdown of the ship’s warp core. With a final nod from Jensen, the bridge lights dimmed momentarily as the Sovereign relinquished its power to the starbase.

“Starbase power integration is complete, Captain,” Jensen reported, his voice betraying a hint of relief as the ship completed the delicate process without a hitch.

“Very well,” Maddox acknowledged.

“Captain, message from starbase: repair teams will report aboard Sovereign at 0730 tomorrow.” Lieutenant Ashren reported.

Maddox nodded the report before glancing at the viewscreen, the image of Starbase 514 now indelibly etched in his mind. He then turned his gaze to Commander Callahan, his trusted executive officer. Their camaraderie had been forged in the heat of conflict and solidified in the wake of shared loss.

“Station the inport watch, Mister Callahan. I will be in my cabin. Inform all department heads that I want a conference in my cabin at 0800.” Maddox ordered as he strode toward the starboard turbolift.

“Aye, Captain. Inport watch, stations.” Callahan replied, instantly putting the wheels in motion for the inport watch to take charge. The crew, accustomed to the well-oiled machinery of their routine, moved with great efficiency, leaving the bridge in the hands of the minimal watch team required while docked at a starbase.

Maddox entered the turbolift, and the bridge’s ambiance faded away as the doors closed behind him.

“Deck two,” Maddox spoke, his voice deep and measured.

As the turbolift descended, the Captain’s thoughts were on the Sovereign’s crew, the lost seventeen, and those still with him.

Maddox felt a familiar feeling of loss as the lift continued its descent, the gentle hum of its movement a stark contrast to the tumultuous churn of his thoughts. Seventeen souls. Gone. Their names would be added to the growing list of those who had given their lives in the line of duty, joining the fifty-eight he lost aboard the Pandora to the Dominion.

He exited the turbolift as it opened on deck two and walked towards his quarters steadily. The silence seemed to envelop him, the ship humming quietly in the background.

As Captain Maddox reached the door to his cabin, it slid open with a soft hiss, and he stepped inside. His quarters were modestly decorated, a reflection of the man himself.

The main room of his spacious cabin was dimly lit, the only source of light coming from the ambient glow of the starscape visible from the wide viewport. Maddox moved towards the viewport, drawn to the endless expanse of space. For a moment, he stood there, his reflection ghostly against the black backdrop of the cosmos. A universe that held both the most profound beauty and the most unforgiving brutality.

Maddox moved to his desk, the list of the seventeen crew members he lost during the latest action fresh on his mind. The Sovereign had returned to safety, scarred but unbowed. He allowed himself a moment of pride for the resolve and comportment that his crew had shown in the face of adversity.

Tomorrow would bring repair crews, inquiries, inspections, paperwork, and a flurry of activity aimed at getting the Sovereign back to full strength. But tonight, there was a stillness, a silence wrapped around him like a cloak that bore the weight of loss and the quiet hope of a new day.

With a deep sigh, Captain Maddox turned away from the viewport, shedding his uniform jacket and placing it neatly on his desk chair. His body felt heavy, the tiredness sinking into his bones, a reminder of the long days and sleepless nights.

For now, he was content to let the ship and his crew rest, safe under the watchful eyes of the inport watch. The ship hummed quietly, a gentle reminder that they were safe, if only for a little while.

Captain Maddox cast one last look out the viewport as he moved towards the adjoining room. The stars outside twinkled a little brighter as if silently acknowledging their shared burden. He allowed himself a small smile as he stepped into the next room.

More harrowing days were still ahead, but Sovereign and its crew had the resolve and the wherewithal to face them.