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Part of Starbase Bravo: Frontier Day

Invisible Disaster

Starbase Bravo, Sector Hotel-Turquoise, Counseling Office
April 2401
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As the door slides open, the well-dressed and groomed Arcturus.  He walks with a more relaxed and rested countenance.  “Hello Doctor, it is good to see you.” He sits down, more comfortable with the environment and the acceptance and understanding shown by Doctor Weld.  After a small talk and pleasantries, he glances up at Doctor Weld as he begins the session.  

“–and how would you describe the quantity and quality of your sleep disturbances this week?” was the next question Counselor Elegy Weld asked.  The intensely-focused Trill was sitting back in one of his office’s arm chairs, cupping a mug of tea between both of his hands.  Through it all, Weld’s gaze remained focused on his patient, Arcturus Brujah, even when Weld took a quick sip from the mug.

“Well…” he pauses for a moment, slightly pondering the question before speaking.  “…the nightmares for the most part have become less.  In fact, I haven’t had one this week; the last time I had a nightmare was before the transfer.  I have been able to sleep through the night and enjoy my time getting to know those I work with.”  

Nodding at that, Weld said, “It can be difficult to make any improvement in health without sleeping, hydrating, eating and moving enough.  What I’m hearing from you is that you’ve had more capacity to connect with your colleagues.  Have you made any new friendships now, since you’ve joined Starbase Bravo?”

“Besides some of my co-workers, I met Christi Gezellig in security.  We have started talking and I am thinking about asking her out.  Two days ago, we spent several hours just talking, we were asked by Tog, the Ferengi Owner of Club 11, to leave because they were shutting down.  Things I feel are looking up for me.” he remarks with a wide smile.  “Since the change I feel more self-assured of myself.”

“That’s gratifying to hear.  You’ve made such progress to re-focus yourself and your energy,” Weld said.  “How would you respond if I asked you about the last nightmare you had about the Breen?”

“Well….” he slightly leans back in his chair, running a hand through his hair as he clears his throat. “Nothing something that I think is easily talked about.  I really don’t want to go there but…but…I know I have to.  It scares me to even hear or mention it because I don’t want to be having that experience again.  Don’t want to go back there and allow it to consume me again…I just don’t think about it now…I don’t experience the triggers and…well things are looking up why destroy it, you know?” he lips curl into a courageous smile as he looks at Dr Weld for answers and direction.  

Weld tilted his head from side to side, as if he was balancing a scale the way he was weighing out Arcturus’ options.

“If you don’t think about how you’re feeling,” Weld supposed aloud, “that doesn’t take away its power.  Those feeling will still be there, waiting for you when you’re not feeling as strong.  You said it to me yourself.  You’re feeling better; you’re enjoying your work; you’re making friends.  How could anything consume you when you have a support system around you?”

He glances up to him and smiles softly in response.  “So, what you’re saying is that as long as I continue to build socially, I will be able to have the strength to overcome what is going on?  So, having a strong support system will enable me to go through what I experienced?  That makes sense to me, I just get anxious when I hear the Breen but there is a end to it. So, what is the next step?  I know it will take work; I am willing to do the work doctor.”

Receiving Arcturus’ question, Weld smiled back at him tightly.  The counselor nodded twice, his gaze getting lost in the middle distance, and he paused to consider his next words.  Weld drummed his fingers on his knee right before he spoke.

“I won’t be able to anticipate this entire journey for you,” Weld affirmed.  “The next step will be to talk about it.  We’re going to need to talk about the Breen, about what happened, and you can’t shield you’re eyes, metaphorically speaking.  You’ll have to look right at it.  Now that the Breen have retreated from the Deneb Sector and returned to their own space – now it’s almost Frontier Day – I have to hope that will give the memories less power over you.  They’re not a threat.  We’re perfectly safe here.”

“I know this is going to be very hard for me.  Reliving the experience but if it is the only way that I can move on and have a normal life then let’s rip the band-aid off.” he smiles in thought as he sits back in his chair. “I will be nice to have a change of things, with the war over and Frontier Day’s coming up there is going to be plenty to help keep my mind off things.  So, in a way, it would be a great time to face this trauma.  So, when is the next time we meet Doctor?”

Nodding at Brujah, Weld advised, “My office will set up an appointment in a couple of days.  Enjoy Frontier Day first.  Don’t think about the Breen or the Dominion.  I’ll be looking forward to speaking once again after the synthehol wears off.”

“Of course, Doctor and thank you.  I heard that the celebration here on Bravo Station are going to be epic!  Enjoy yourself doctor and talk to you then.”