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Poke and Proded

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Beep, Beep, Beep

Ensign Jacoby Walker’s tablet broke the silence of the walk he was having to the Chief’s Office.   

“Please Report to Main Infirmary, before reporting to the Chief of Intel.  Please confirm your response.“ 

”Well that changes plans” he muttered to himself.  Now trying to find the Main Infirmary.  He tapped the tablet to bring up the map to the medical bay.  Analyzing it, he was only a 12-minute walk to the bay.  

Setting on the small trek he saw just how massive the station is, and it wasn’t even the whole station. Shops, offices, recreation lounges, quarters. Not to mention the starship docking areas constructed to fit Starfleet’s largest ships, including other races’ ships as well.  

Arriving at the infirmary he found it to be busy.  Walking in he was greeted by a bright and shiny holo program requesting him to sign in.  There were not many people there. Maybe it was designed not to overflow the medical staff.  Taking a seat he waited for his name to be called.  

Linha had been working with Lieutenant Murphy on things that needed attention until an officer walked back and asked if someone saw Ensign Walker for a routine physical. She volunteered to complete it and was given the go, just she needs to have a doctor sign off when she completed it. Linha walked into where the young officer was sitting with a smile on her face. “Ensign Walker?” She asked looking at him, “if you will follow me we can get started.” Linha replied with a smile.

Jacoby got up and followed the Cadet to a small medical bed.  More or less used in the same manner as why Jacoby was here.  “Alright, where ya want me?” he asked putting his arms down on his side and turning towards her. 

“Just hop up on the biobed and we can get started,” she said with a smile as she grabbed a tricorder. “Anything change that you like to report since your last physical?” She asked as one of the normal questions any doctor would ask. Trying to see if they would openly tell them or if they would find something upon scanning that wasn’t recorded on their current record.

“Not that I know of.  Before I finished academy the whole class went through this all.  I probably could drink more water though.  I don’t know but it just feels different in space than it does on earth.  I don’t feel hot here at all but I feel drained by the end of the day.  I also think I saw 5 different suns on the way here at all hours.”  Being that this was Jocaby’s first time in space, he found it a bit different in how it physically tolled you than back on Earth.  

Linha nodded as she listened to him talk she began to scan him, “these are just routine questions that will be asked at every physical.” She began as she found something that could be explaining his fatigue. “Looks like you are vitamin D deficient but that is nothing to worry about I can give you something that will help with that.” She said as she went on to explain that could be the cause of him being more fatigued than usual. “Other than that you are completely healthy.” She said before she walked away for a moment to discuss her findings with the doctor. 

“Well, at least that’s all it is.  I figured I’d probably be shoved into some office for 12 hours a day here.  That’s what everyone keeps saying with the Diplomatic field.” Jacoby felt relieved knowing that it would be a quick fix but probably thought getting out later and not sitting still might help.  

Upon returning she smiled at him as she had the hypo with the dose of vitamin D that will help him. “This is the dose that I will be giving you today, you only need this about once a month until we see those numbers go up and you start adjusting to life in space.” She said with a smile as she pressed the hypospray to his neck and a few seconds later the hiss of the vial let her know that it was delivered. “I also recommend eating foods that are rich in protein and vitamins to help as well.” She added looking at him.

“But is it real food though?” He smirked.  “This is the first time I ever ate out of those food generators.  My mom would never put one in because she said it made us lazy.  I think she just liked doing something since all we had was the farm.

“I am sure you can get real food here, though the replicated food isn’t really that bad and still has the needed vitamins.” She said looking at him.

“Well, I’ll be sure to look around.  This base is massive.  My brother told me about it when he passed through here a few years ago.  He went to Deep Space on a six-year mission.  As far as I know, I’ll be here until I rank up.  I guess my tablet will tell me what I need to do next?”  He started to feel like he was over-talking a bit but it could be the hypospray starting to perk him up.  

“If you haven’t done so yet check in with your department staff I would say that would be the next best thing.” She suggested with a smile, “I believe we’re done here so unless you need something else you are free to go.” She said with a smile while she handed the doctor who stopped by a padd with his results on it before he walked off in the other direction.

After she watched him leave she went onto her next task was checking in some supplies that had arrived earlier that Dr. Murphy had requested her to complete before leaving for one of her classes in a couple of hours.


  • As a new arrival to Starbase Bravo, I greatly appreciate the perspective, through Jacoby's eyes, of just how massive starbase can feel. It grounds the post in such a distinctive time and place. His perspective on how dehydrating space travel can be amused me too! This was a great opportunity for Linha too, stepping outside her comfort zone as a cadet to conduct a physical exam herself. Her knowledge and influence were apparent from the beginning. And, of course, their debate over the replicator was classic Trek! Such a fun post.

    June 11, 2023