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Part of USS Sovereign: Shadows of the Past and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet


Deep Space
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As the hours passed and the preparations for the upcoming operation continued, Captain Maddox returned to his ready room at 2300. He sat behind his desk, the room’s walls adorned with accolades and artifacts from his decorated career. His gaze drifted to a small frame displaying a holo-photo of his former crew aboard the Pandora, their faces full of life and promise. Each of them had paid the ultimate price under his command, their memory a testament to his duty. It was a painful reminder of the cost of leadership and the steep price of service.

Leaning back in his chair, Maddox looked at the starscape out of the viewport on the starboard bulked. It was tranquil, serene, a stark contrast to the approaching storm. He knew the trials his crew would face were daunting, the enemy they faced formidable. But Maddox also knew that they were ready. They were Starfleet and would stand together against the storm, come what may.

“Computer, engage privacy mode.” The room darkened slightly. In this moment of solitude, Maddox let himself feel the weight of command, the responsibility that came with every decision, every order. The lives of his crew, of those they were about to save, depended on his leadership.

He opened a drawer on his desk and retrieved an old, worn book – ‘The Best and the Brightest,’ a historical account of the early years of Starfleet. He opened it randomly, his eyes landing on a familiar quote from Starfleet’s most influential figure, Captain James T. Kirk: “Risk is our business. That’s what this starship is all about. That’s why we’re aboard her.”

Maddox had chosen this life, this responsibility. He knew the risks and accepted them willingly. There was a quiet resolve in that knowledge, a strength that kept him steady even as he navigated the storm that was coming.

His eyes left the book, shifting to the starscape once again. He breathed in deeply, feeling a wave of calm wash over him. This was his ship, his crew, and he would lead them through this, as he had led them through their previous fight with the Dominon. He knew they would do their utmost to complete their mission, to keep the Sovereign and her crew safe while exacting maximum cost on the Dominion.

“Computer, disengage privacy mode.” Maddox put the book back in the drawer and rose from his desk. He strode onto the bridge, a figure of calm and confident leadership, the embodiment of Starfleet’s ideals.

“Captain on the Bridge!” The officer of the deck announced from the center platform of the bridge just forward of the Captain’s Chair. Maddox’s gaze swept across the bridge, falling on each officer as they worked; their efforts in preparation for the mission were a testament to their dedication and resolve.

“No change since the last report, Captain. We are six point two hours from the rendevous point at our present speed of warp seven.” The Officer of the Deck stepped down as Captain Maddox made his way to his chair.”Very well, you may lay below.” he commanded, his voice steady.”Aye, Captain.” The now-relieved officer confirmed the Captain’s order before walking toward the starboard turbolift.

“Attention on the bridge, this is Captain Maddox: I have the deck!” Maddox announced emphatically as he sat in his chair with absolute authority. His chair, positioned at the heart of this orchestration of efficiency, symbolized his place in the grander scheme. As the turbolift doors hissed shut behind the departing officer, Maddox took a moment to let his eyes wander across the consoles, the blinking lights, the soft hum of the ship as it sped through space. Each facet of his bridge team was diligently at work, carrying out the preparations necessary for the rendezvous with the task force. “We will be ready.” Maddox thought to himself assuredly as he settled in for a long watch.

At precisely 0612, shipboard time, the USS Sovereign dropped out of warp at the designated coordinates, her engines humming softly as they powered down from the strain of their long journey. The viewscreen on the bridge filled with a vision of stars and distant nebulae, a testament to the beauty and grandeur of space. The vastness of deep space was punctuated by the impressive silhouette of the Starfleet Task Force, a constellation of vessels standing against the darkness.

Despite the late hour, Captain Maddox had stayed on the bridge since the previous night. His uniform, perfectly crisp at 2305, now bore the subtle signs of a commander who had steadfastly remained at his post throughout the night. Yet, his eyes held a spark of determination, a testament to his unwavering commitment to his ship and crew. From his vantage point in the Captain’s chair, Maddox observed the bustle of activity on the bridge. The air was thick with concentration, the steady hum of the consoles punctuated by the occasional beep or alert. The subtle undercurrent of tension was evident, a tangible reminder of each crew member’s responsibility.”Captain,” came the voice of Lieutenant Junior Grade Grace Kim from the helm. “We’ve arrived at the rendezvous coordinates.”

Captain Maddox nodded, rising from the Captain’s chair to stand before the viewscreen. His gaze swept over the assembled starships, each a powerful testament to the Federation’s commitment to peace and exploration.

“Captain, we are being hailed by the Majestic.” Lieutenant Ashren, the Andorian tactical officer and chief of security reported from the primary tactical console on the starboard side of the bridge.

“Visual.” Maddox commanded.

The viewscreen transitioned from the panorama of space to the interior of the Majestic’s bridge. A figure seated at the helm turned towards the screen, the recognition immediate in both men’s eyes. It was Captain Timothy Vadney.

Vadney was a seasoned officer with a distinguished record in Starfleet. He was also a man with whom Maddox had a long and troubled history. Their past was a tapestry woven with tension, disagreements, and unrelenting animosity.

“Vadney,” Maddox greeted, keeping his tone neutral. His eyes held a steady gaze, betraying nothing of their shared past.

“Maddox,” Vadney returned the greeting, his voice equally guarded.

“You are the officer in tactical command of the operation,” Maddox noted, opting for diplomatic courtesy.

Vadney nodded, the ghost of a wry smile playing on his lips. “I embarked on the Majestic a week ago,” he confirmed. “Captain Barrington and the Fourth Fleet Commander felt my… steady hand would be valuable for this operation.”

There was a long pause, the silence stretching between the two starships and the men commanding them. Maddox’s grip tightened on the edge of his console, the memory of their past disagreements simmering beneath his composed exterior.

“Understood, Captain Vadney,” Maddox finally replied, biting back any further comment. “The Sovereign stands ready to serve.”

“And serve we shall, Maddox,” Vadney replied, his gaze steady. “I am transmitting Sovereign’s expected position in the formation now. Prepare to receive me onboard the Sovereign immediately and have your senior staff assembled in your conference room before my arrival.” Vadney commanded.

“Understood, Captain,” he said, the words steady despite the tension knotting in his stomach. “We’ll be ready.”

“See that you are,” Vadney said. With a final curt nod, the connection ended, and the viewscreen again showed the expanse of space, now dotted with the ships of the Starfleet Task Force.

The specter of their past lingered on the bridge of the Sovereign. Maddox felt the weight of their history press down on him, but he knew the mission was bigger than their personal differences. No matter their past, they were both Starfleet, committed to the same ideals and duty to protect the Federation.

But he couldn’t help but wonder what it would mean for the operation and for the Sovereign to be working under the command of Captain Timothy Vadney.

“That went well.” Callahan mused as he walked up beside Maddox.

“Quite.” Maddox sneered softly. “Assemble the senior staff in the conference room. I will see to Captain Vadney.” Maddox ordered as he turned to the helm.

“Aye, sir.” Callahan confirmed.

“Ms. Kim, you have the deck.” Maddox ordered emphatically as he made his way to the starboard turbolift.

“I have the deck, sir.” Kim confirmed as the turbolift doors opened and Maddox stepped inside.

As the doors to the turbolift hissed shut, Captain Maddox took a moment to gather his thoughts. The hum of the ship around him provided a brief solace, a chance to steel himself for the upcoming encounter with Captain Vadney. He deeply breathed and commanded the ship’s computer, “Transporter Room One.”

The turbolift whirred into motion, smoothly traversing the internal structure of the massive starship. Maddox took a moment to look at his reflection in the polished metal doors of the lift. His uniform was immaculate, a testament to the discipline he demanded of himself and his crew. As the Commanding Officer of the USS Sovereign, he embodied Starfleet’s ideals and took that responsibility seriously.

The turbolift came to a gentle halt, its doors sliding open to reveal the corridor. Maddox strode down the corridor and into the transporter room. Standing at attention next to the console was Chief Petty Officer Mendez, one of a few Transporter Chiefs aboard the Sovereign. “Captain on deck.” Mendez stood at attention.

“At ease, Chief,” Maddox replied. As he approached the transporter platform, he took in the familiar hum of the machinery and the energizing coils’ soft glow. It was a reminder of the technological marvels that enabled their exploration of the galaxy and the responsibilities of wielding such power.

Just then, the transporter hummed to life. In a shimmer of blue and white light, the figure of Captain Vadney materialized on the platform, flanked by his staff. Maddox stepped forward, a tight smile on his face. “Welcome aboard, Captain Vadney.”

“Thank you, Captain Maddox.” Vadney’s gaze was icy, but his words were formal and professional.

Maddox motioned for Vadney to follow him, and the two officers exited the transporter room. The walk from the transporter room to the executive conference room was filled with tension that seemed to fill the corridors of the Sovereign. The two captains moved in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. They were two men who had served Starfleet for decades, each shaped by the trials and tribulations of life in space. And yet, despite their shared experiences, a divide between them was as vast as the galaxy itself.

As they entered the conference room, Maddox motioned for Vadney to sit at the head of the table before the company of Sovereign’s senior officers stood at brisk attention. But before he could do so, Vadney turned to face Maddox, a small box and PADD in his right hand. “Before we start, a piece of official business needs to be attended to.”

“Attention to award.” Vadney commanded as he handed a PADD to Commander Callahan.

Opening the box, Vadney revealed a medal, glinting in the room’s light.

“The President of the United Federation of Planets has awarded the Johnathan Archer Order of Merit to Captain Leland J. Maddox, Starfleet, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty while engaged in action against a hostile squadron of Dominion warships during the escort of a civilian convoy to planet Trinexia III on Stardate 78138.2 as Commanding Officer of the USS Pandora.

Captain Maddox valiantly defended the convoy, displaying extraordinary courage, tactical acumen, and unwavering determination under intense enemy fire. With a clear understanding of the odds and the likely cost, Captain Maddox decisively engaged the enemy, disrupting their coordinated assault and causing significant damage to the enemy forces.

Despite sustaining critical damage, Captain Maddox’s leadership enabled the Pandora to maintain a defensive position, holding off the enemy long enough for the civilian convoy to reach safe harbor. His efforts directly resulted in the preservation of numerous civilian lives and the protection of Federation assets.

Captain Maddox’s steadfast devotion to his duty reflects great credit upon himself and is in keeping the highest traditions of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets.” Callahan read.

“Thank you, Captain Vadney.” Maddox shook Vadney’s right hand firmly. A moment of recognition and respect passed between the two captains. Regardless of their personal history, they were both officers of Starfleet, committed to upholding its ideals and ensuring the safety of the Federation.

The tension in the executive conference room was palpable. Captain Vadney stood at the head of the table, his stern gaze sweeping over the senior staff of the Sovereign after he ordered the assembled officers to sit. His fingers danced over the holographic controls of the table’s display, bringing up a detailed 3D map of the Nasera system.

“I will not rehash the briefing Captain Maddox gave you yesterday. This briefing will provide a few details that were not transmitted over subspace.” Captain Vadneygestured towards the holographic controls of the conference room table. A 3D model of the Nasera system sprang to life, casting a soft glow over the faces of the officers assembled. At a touch, the model zoomed in on the Dominion supply depot, a fortified installation ensconced within the system’s asteroid belt.

With a sweep, he brought up a series of icons representing the Starfleet task force. It was an impressive assembly, a mix of frontline vessels, including Sovereign, Prometheus, and Defiant-class warships, and support ships, including Akira-class heavy cruisers and Nebula-class starships. The USS Sovereign was highlighted at the center.”The task force has been assembled for a mix of power projection and defensive versatility from mostly non-fourth fleet assets on a rotational deployment to this region of space,” Vadney explained. “The Sovereign will take the vanguard position, with the Majestic and the rest of the task force following in a multi-layered wedge formation. This will allow us to maximize our forward-facing shields and weapons.”

A swipe of his hand replaced the fleet formation with a swirling maelstrom of ionized particles – a Class IV ion storm.

He then illustrated a series of complex shield configurations, each layered over the fleet’s various ships. “To withstand the storm, each ship will adopt a modified shield modulation to protect against the high concentration of charged particles. The science and engineering departments from each vessel have cooperatively developed a shield modulation sequence, which cycles the shield frequencies in a pattern, distributing the ion load across the shield generators of each ship.”

Vadney changed the display again to a series of Dominion ships, moving in set patrol routes around the depot. ”Latest intelligence suggests a potential increase in Dominion activity in the area since you were last briefed. We believe they’ve reinforced their defenses, and patrols have doubled in the last eighteen hours,” he said, his finger tracing the projected paths of the enemy ships.

The air in the room seemed to grow heavier, the officers digesting the gravity of their mission.

“I decided to come aboard Sovereign to deliver this personally because if I am incapacitated or killed during the operation, Captain Maddox is next in line to command the mission as the next senior officer present. Are there any questions?” Vadney’s gaze swept across the table.

Captain Maddox, quietly observing from his seat, stood at the table. His eyes met each of his senior officers. The weight of the upcoming mission bore heavily upon them all, yet he saw the determination in their eyes and their resolve to see it through.

“Thank you, Captain Vadney,” Maddox began, his voice steady. “Rest assured, we are all fully committed to this mission. If it falls to me to lead, I will do so with the same determination and dedication each of us brings.

The words echoed in the silence that followed. The tension in the room was palpable, but beneath it was a firm sense of unity, a shared purpose transcending personal disagreements or past grievances.Vadney looked at Maddox for a moment, then nodded. “Very well, Maddox. I expect nothing less.” He turned his attention back to the officers. “The mission is clear. We are to neutralize the Dominion supply depot and prevent any possible reinforcements from reaching the front lines. The risks are high, but the stakes are even higher. I trust that each of you will do your duty and see this mission through”

The senior staff of the Sovereign nodded in unison. Despite the daunting task ahead, they were ready to face it. They were officers of Starfleet, and they would carry out their duty, no matter the cost.

“Dismissed,” Vadney ordered, ending the meeting.

As the officers began to disperse, Captain Maddox turned to Vadney. The two men stood in silence, each one sizing the other up. There was a mutual understanding between them, an acknowledgment of their shared duty and the challenges they were about to face.

“Captain Vadney,” Maddox began, his voice steady. “I know our past has been… complicated. But I want you to know that I am committed to this mission and our task force’s success.”

Vadney nodded, a ghost of a smile flickering on his face. “I know you have a lot to do before we hit the storm, so I will show myself off the Sovereign,” Vadney said as he strode toward the port side access door.  

As the two men parted ways, each returned to their duties, focused on the impending mission. The tension between them lingered as a reminder of their shared past and the challenges they had yet to face.

Following the briefing in the conference room, Captain Maddox remained still for a few moments, the words of Captain Vadney echoing in his mind. As the room emptied and the senior staff dispersed to prepare for their roles in the upcoming operation, Maddox found himself alone in the silent room, looking down at the Medal on the table in the case.

The weight of the responsibility ahead seemed to press down on him, heavy and inescapable. The faces of his crew from the USS Pandora flashed before him. Each had trusted him, followed his orders, and now were no more. The cost of their sacrifice weighed heavily on his shoulders.

With a sigh, Maddox stood, picking up the medal case. Duty called, and he had a ship to run. Leaving the conference room behind, he walked down the short corridor toward the bridge door. The Sovereign hummed softly around him, alive and ready for the challenge ahead. His crew moved with a sense of purpose and determination, carrying out their duties with the discipline and resolve that had become a trademark of Starfleet.

The doors to the bridge hissed open, and Maddox stepped into the nerve center of the Sovereign. The atmosphere was noticeably tense, but beneath the tension lay a current of focus and determination. Each member of the bridge watch team was at their station, performing their duties with the precision expected of Starfleet officers. Commander Callahan, standing on the platform just forward of the Captain’s Chair, turned as Maddox stepped onto the bridge.

“Captain on the bridge!” Callahan called out.

“Carry on,” Maddox replied, waving Callahan to his station as he moved towards the Captain’s chair. He paused momentarily, taking in the bustle of activity on the bridge. The soft hum of consoles, the murmur of crewmembers coordinating their efforts, the rhythmic throb of the ship’s heartbeat beneath his feet. Each sight, each sound, was a testament to his crew’s readiness.

“Report, XO.” he ordered, settling into his chair.

“Captain Vadney has safely returned to the Majestic. The ion storm will be on top of us in less than three hours. Lieutenant Ashren reports that our shield generators will be reconfigured to meet the storm within the hour.” Callahan reported.

“And the rest of the task force?”

“Majestic signals ready. Other ships are green across the board. We’re awaiting your command, sir,” Callahan’s gaze rested on Maddox.

Maddox nodded, the weight of his decision heavy on his shoulders. He trusted his crew and their abilities. He had faith in the task force, but the ion storm was still unpredictable. The dice were cast, but the outcome was far from certain.

“Once the shields are reconfigured, align us with the task force and set a course for the ion storm,” Maddox ordered, his voice carrying quiet confidence. “We have a supply depot to kill.”

Maddox settled back in his chair, staring at the vista of stars on the viewscreen after handing off the medal case to his Yeoman. The storm was still a somewhat distant speck of turbulent energy, but soon it would consume their entire view. The challenges were immense, but with a team like his, Captain Maddox believed in their chances. The USS Sovereign and its crew were ready, standing on the precipice of danger, united and prepared.








  • A wonderful self reflection for Maddox as to why he is doing this all for, a plot twist to see him getting the award that was perhaps long overdue? The tension between the two Captains was felt throughout the post, but it is good tension in the heat of battle. Great post!

    May 28, 2023
  • Lovely post. I liked the quiet and introspection of the beginning and the private moment Maddox took for himself to remember, which then contrasted well with the tension of meeting Vadney again! Some great detail and description in here, I felt like I was there on the bridge. Looking forward to seeing how this shapes up!

    May 28, 2023