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Part of USS Cantabras: The Array and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

The Infiltration Strategy

The Bridge, USS Cantabras
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“All right ladies and,” Logan paused, “lady,” he corrected himself, “and gents, we’ve arrived at the Liakso Array,” he said, as the ship dropped out of warp.

“Sensors,” Alex called out.

Tani shook her head, “Nothing on short-range. And nothing on long-range.” She motioned to the viewscreen at the floating telescope. “It’s just… there.”

“Maybe they didn’t think anyone was stupid enough to come out here,” Logan said with a smirk.

“The Dominion is a lot of things, but careless isn’t one of them. What do scans of the Array show?” Alex asked.

“Humanoids, I can’t tell anything beyond that,” Tani reported.

“Great,” Alex sighed, “we know someone’s over there, but not who or how many. Can we dock with the Array?”

“There are 7 docking ports we can use. I wouldn’t recommend using them in case the Dominion return,” Logan said. 

“Sensors show warp signatures from Jem’Hadar ships,” Priam piped up. “They’re fairly recent, only a few days at most.”

“Okay, a little more insight,” Alex said. “Carter, hail the Array.”

“No response,” Logan reported. 

“Fantastic. Tani, Priam, you’re going over to say hello. I agree with Carter’s assessment and we’re not going to dock until we can confirm control of the Array.” He pulled up a schematic of the Array, “When you get over there, assess the situation on the Array. It could simply be communications are down, making it impossible to respond.”

“That’s optimistic,” Tani said.

“Best case scenario,” Alex replied. “Worst case is you’ll be walking into an entire company of Jem’Hadar soldiers.”

Tani’s eyes widened, “Not the most cheerful thought.”

“Regardless of the situation, make your way to the central control unit here,” he pointed. “According to records, the control center is shielded. We’ll get you as close as possible, but you’re on your own after that. Best case scenario we’ll have this wrapped up and be home by dinner.”

“And worst case?” Priam asked worryingly.

“We might be home after a few dinners,” Alex replied.

Tani and Priam stepped onto the transporter pads. Alex moved to the controls.

“Be safe over there,” Alex said, looking at Tani.

“Thank you, Commander,” Priam responded.

“Is that concern in your voice Alex?” Tani said with a raised eyebrow.

“Concern for the possibility of a new XO. Breaking them in sucks; I have you trained exactly where I want you.”

Tani smirked, “Understood.”

“Energizing,” Alex announced and the two officers disappeared in a swirl.