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Not all is what it seems

Mess Hall
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Ensign Jacoby Walker strolled through the busy corridors of Starbase Bravo.  As he made his way towards the mess hall, he spotted a fellow cadet coming towards him. They almost collided, but Jacoby managed to sidestep just in time.  

”Hey, sorry about that,” Jacoby said with a friendly smile. The other cadet looked slightly confused but returned the smile. “Hey, no problem. I’m Samson. Nice to meet you.”  Jacoby relaxed a bit, feeling more at ease with his new acquaintance. “Likewise. I think we might have met briefly during orientation, but it’s hard to remember everyone’s names.

”Samson chuckled. “Yeah, I know what you mean. There are so many cadets here. So, what are you up to?  I’m just heading to the mess hall for some breakfast. 

“Same.” Jacoby said as his stomach started to growl.  “Except that I am still learning my way around.  This place is defiantly massive.”

“Ya it is.  I just got here a couple of days ago and so far, have only found 2 mess halls most of us lower ranks hang out at and were to stay out of those who are more affluent than most of us lower ranks.  So what section are you under? Samson asked, leaning up against the wall in the corridor.  

“Diplomatic attachment.  Haven’t really been given anything to do yet and no orders have come in my tablet.”

“Well today is your lucky day then.  Let’s go get something to eat.”  They turned through the corridor and after what seemed like 20 or turns left and right, they appeared a small mess hall.  

The mess hall was not huge.  It seemed to be more like a small cafe where no one really sat and spent endless hours talking but grabbed what they needed and continued on about their day.  

“The bars are off limit during duty hours, but they double as a dinner area during the StarBase’s supper hours.  As far as I know this is the closest area to the Diplomatic Offices and Staff Services.”  

Jacoby walked up to the materializer “Computer, Beef Enchiladas, double side of rice.  Glass of water.”  In a bright beam of light and a small couple of beeps the food and glass of water appeared in the window.  Oh how technology has advanced.  Granted on the farm back in Texas, Jacoby’s mother would usually cook three meals a day, and his sister would bring it out onto the range for the ranch hands, himself, and his father. 

Sitting back down at the table with Simon, he could see that most ate quickly here., “Simon was halfway done with his plate when Jacoby sat down.” So, do you know what ambassador you are assigned too?

“No not yet.  How do you know if I’d be assigned to one?” Jacoby asked.  Now thinking it could be a security test like his instructors taught them about in Academy.  

“Relax a little, I’m intel just like you.  You won’t get orders until you meet the Chief.  Then they see what areas are the most important and assign you to an ambassador, the ambassador will never see you or know you, it’s the desk you’ll be assigned.  Call me the welcome committee, I was sent to bring ya to the Chief.”   

Now Jacoby was starting to see why the intel world was always a maze.  It was designed like that.  Left turns, fake exit signs, and right turns taking you back to the starting line.  It was all meant to ensure now straight-line missions and breadcrumbs back to Starfleet.  Jacoby finished eating just a quick as the conversation went.  Now it was time to go meet the boss in the shadows.