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Part of USS Marduk: Secret Rescues and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

Secret Rescues Pt. 4 (Secret Comms Pt. 2)

Black Cluster
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Inside the Captain’s Cabin aboard the Marduk, Sky was reviewing the latest updates from local Starfleet Command, with a map displayed on the wall in front of his bed.  The Marduk was small enough that Sky felt comfortable enough working without a traditional desk, instead preferring to utilize a holographic interface from the armchairs.

“Looks like most of the fleet is a ways away.” Sky muttered to himself.  As peaceful as this mission was supposed to be, and he didn’t believe that for a minute, he was still nervous about being this far away from much of the fleet’s firepower.

Just then, the doorway chirped. “Enter” Sky closed out the map and his notes before looking to the doorway.

“Hello Captain” It was Desiree and Olivet, each holding a PADD. “Olivet found something I think should be brought to your attention.”

Captain Sky walked onto the bridge, flanked by Desiree and Olivet, and signaled to open hailing frequencies to the USS Orange. Desiree moved to her seat and tapped a few controls.

“Frequencies open, Captain.”

“Thank you Desiree.  USS Orange, this is The Marduk, please respond”

“USS Marduk, this is the Orange.  How can we assist?”

“Orange, we’re detecting something strange with the signals we’ve been receiving and we’d like to investigate.  So we’re requesting you take over the comms duties so we can move out of position to do so.”

“One moment Marduk, I’ll have to check with my captain on that.”

“Understood.”  It was quite understandable if the Orange didn’t want to take over the comms, they were already building the new one and didn’t want to overburden the california class ship’s computer with the flood of messages that the Marduk was currently having to deal with.

A Short few minutes later, the captain of the Orange came into view “Marduk, this is the Orange.  Go ahead on your little trip, you guys have been stuck here for long enough.”

The Marduk‘s nacelles flashed as she accelerated to just above lightspeed, leaving the Orange behind as she followed the trail of the messages.

In the depths of the black cluster, a damaged Federation Comms buoy sits still trying to complete its mission by sending out the messages as quickly as it can.  Nearby, the Marduk arrives, shields at full and sensors to max.

On the bridge of the Marduk, the full crew was assembled at their respective stations.  “Sir” Desiree was the one to break the silence, “we’ve arrived at Federation comm buoy 1323332-B.”

“Ok, scans at full, let’s solve this quickly before someone notices we’re alone.  Olivet, I’d like you to take our Captain’s Yacht to take a closer look.”  Sky had that look on his face, the one that usually told Desiree that he was about to lose a chess match.

Meanwhile, Olivet looked confused. “Sir I was not aware that Phoenix class vessels had a captain’s yacht.” This prompted a chuckle from the rest of the crew. 

Sky placed his hand on Olivet’s shoulder, “You’ll see.”

Olivet did see, and he wasn’t sure he got the joke.  He flew the worker bee over to the comm buoy, noting the damage to the buoy.  He brought the worker bee around the far side of the buoy and scanned what appeared to be weapons residue.  “Marduk, this appears to be damage from disruptors.  I know we were betting on this being Lost Fleet interference, but it honestly looks more like its from the Breen.” Suddenly, all communication with the Marduk ceased.  Acting quickly, he brought the worker bee back to the side where the Marduk should be, and just caught a glimpse of the damaged Marduk being towed away by a Breen Plesh Tral Heavy Raider.



  • Sky has certainly got a thing with worker bees! You had me in fits and giggles with the captain’s yacht. All very lighthearted, and then a complete shift in the gravity of the post as contact is lost and the Plesh Tral comes into frame. I also absolutely loved that one word realization at the end. How ever shall they solve this predicament they now find themselves in?

    May 29, 2023
  • You had me on the Captain's Yacht, nice one there ;) The Marduk is off to another adventure to see what is ahead of them, and what Indiana Jones has with snakes, I think Sky has this with Work Bees haha. Great post

    June 1, 2023