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New Arrivals

Lower Space Dock
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The woosh of air hissed as the airlock stabilized and equaled the pressure from the crew transport to Starbase Bravo.  Jacoby walked out with his small bag he clutched over his shoulder.  The one thing he loved about Starfleet is that he never had to do laundry.  Not only did he not have to wash but when it came to travel, he never had to carry around a huge duffle of clothes one would only wear on rarest of occasions, and duty uniforms he seemed not to have enough of.  

If Jacoby wasn’t a cadet, he would have been able to stay at one of the many private quarters for traveling and passing guests.  But no, he was a man of Starfleet and that meant a hallway somewhere on the lower decks of the base and little hole in the wall to crawl into.  

Walking out checking his tablet he found he was not too far from the corridor.  He was able to make the walk in a few minutes.  He found a empty rack and stowed his small belongings into the secured box under his bed.   Climbing up, he laid there staring at the tablet.  “Well, they want us to log our thoughts so here goes nothing.” He thought to himself as he pulled up the cording page.

“Um hey, Cadet four Jacoby Walker, Assigned to Intelligence Liaison Unit, I think it’s also a diplomatic unit but a unit non the less.  The traveling took about a week on a cramped tuna can of a carrier that shuffled cadets like supplies and the rich were in lavish sweets.  Well maybe closed off cabins but still more lavish than these cadet holes…” Jacoby paused for a few moments to see if anyone around him was staring at him.  


Turning back to his tablet.  “As far as my position, I am a Diplomatic Advisor to a Federation District.  At the Academy I studied Interstellar Relations.  I figured it would have been a way to see the Galaxy and understand the all the issues going on.  Then in my fourth year, I was pushed into a different path when a certain man in black pushed me down a different path.  Not that I’m complaining, doing an extra six months at the training academy was not a bad gig, especially since I graduated, and the hoorah of life settled down.  From weapons training to computer science, to extra physical training.  My instructor said it wasn’t over just because I left.  There were still some more sign offs on mission specific training when I get the Bravo.  At this point I don’t know if that is good or bad but hey I’ll ride that wave until I cant no more.  Out of the 50 that started only 8 of us passed through.  I feel like that was big enough myself. 

Well, time to sign off, I need to go find something to eat.  Um Cadet Log signing off.”  He clicked on his tablet and rolled toward the edge of the bed.  

“And Captains do this 5 times a day?  Ya right.”