Part of USS Los Angeles: Wartime Patrol and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

“Off We Go, into the Darkness”

Federation-Dominion Territory
May 5, 2401
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Siobhan sighed as she entered her quarters, fresh off of another duty shift. Patrolling the Triangle had been a demanding, but rewarding experience for her. She hadn’t expected making it to Lt. Commander in the time span that she had, but hey, she wasn’t going to knock it. She took off her uniform, then slipped into something more comfortable. Sitting on the barcalounger, she grabbed a book, then began to read.
“Computer, play something by Glenn Miller.”
The computer trilled, and ‘American Patrol’ began playing. Siobhan smiled, enjoying the dulcet tones of 20th Century big band music. About 15 minutes later, her screen began trilling with an urgent message. As much as she tried to ignore it, she found herself looking up from her book and towards the monitor. With a loud, annoyed sigh, she got off the lounger and headed toward the monitor.
‘What’s so important that they’re basically using the red alert system?’ she wondered to herself as she sat down.
“Computer, play message. Authorization Pearse Delta-Foxtrot-Tango nine-seven-two.”
The Starfleet Command logo flashed on the screen, and suddenly, Siohban went from passively annoyed to increased concern. The message was from a close friend of hers that had served with her on Starbase 11.
“Hey Siobhan, I know I’m a little early for our usual messaging time, but I have some news for you. A few days ago, a fleet of Dominion ships crossed into Federation space and began attacking several sectors over by Bajor. Starfleet is assembling a fleet to deal with the situation, but just wanted to give you a heads up. Hope you’re doing well on the Los Angeles. Write to you soon!”
Siobhan stared at the Federation logo after the message. The Dominion War was history, taught in the Academy and highlighted on how Starfleet was ill prepared for a full-length conflict. She had taken an interest in all the crazy shenanigans Capt. Sisko and his crew at Deep Space 9 got involved with, and the legal ramifications of their actions. But to think that the conflict could be restarting…it made her nervous. She stood up, stretched, and asked the computer to start her winding down routine. Tomorrow, she would be finding out how this situation affected the ship. And its mission.

Walking into the conference room, the mood was somber as the Captain addressed the command staff.
“Ladies and gentlemen, as you may have heard last night, Dominion forces crossed into Federation space. Starfleet is scrambling, and has issued a fleetwide yellow alert. This morning, I spoke to Starfleet Command, and I have received new orders. Our mission is going to be two-fold. First, we are going to be on patrol at the new border of Federation space, ensuring that there are no more surprises. Miss Pearse, I know your specialty is in law, but I will ask you if you are willing to learn combat tactics as our Operations Officer.”
“Aye, sir; I would love to. I did study combat in the Academy, but I could use a brush-up.”
“Thank you. As soon as we’re done here, helm, lay in a course for the border, warp 6.”
“Aye, sir.”
The briefing continued, but Siobhan was a bit distracted, thinking back to her lessons on the Dominion as a dangerous enemy of the Federation. She had a lot to learn, but if there was something she knew about Starfleet was that its people were flexible and adaptable.

“Approaching border zone, Captain.”
“Very good, helm. Slow to half-impulse, place us at yellow alert.”
“Slowing to half-impulse.”
“Yellow Alert, aye sir.”
Siobhan tapped on her console, beginning her tactical scans. In the hours of transit, she had been studying scenarios, but now, it just felt…anti-climactic. ‘It’s all quiet on the Western Front’ she thought to herself as she scanned for enemy vessels. The thought was from an old Earth book written about another war, long ago. Around her, the conversations between the Captain and other officers continued, though Captain Oteng’s question brought her out of her thought process.
“Ops, anything important?”
Siobhan found herself smiling as her reply left her lips. “No sir; all is quiet on the western front. Or so it seems.”
Her reply elicited suppressed smiles and slight chuckles from those in the know. Even the Captain cracked a smile.
“Very good, Miss Pearse. Keep up your vigilance.”
“Will do, sir.”
And so, the mission began. Just a Starfleet presence to hold the line while things were sorted. Little did anyone suspect that things were about to get more interesting.


  • I enjoyed that you chose to introduce thr situation using someone who isn't thr captain m a nice way of subverting expectations.

    May 27, 2023
  • It is a great way to introduce her into her role as Captain, but it will be a challenging one to be thrown to the wolfs for such a greenhopper Captain. I look forward on her development during this mission. Great job so far!

    May 28, 2023