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Part of USS Arcturus: Icarus


Aldari System
Stardate 2401.1.30
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Thanks to the quick timing of the Arcturus bridge crew, the people aboard the ancient Romulan warbird were rescued without significant injuries. Lancaster and Alesser proceeded directly from the bridge to the cargo hold once the medical and security checks had been completed and found Anjar outside the door waiting for them.

“This is wild,” Anjar started.

“Certainly something you hope a doctor will say,” Lancaster quipped.

“These aren’t Romulans. Not entirely. They’re part Human. At least second or third generation, from the genetics,” Anjar explained, showing the captain his tricorder readings. “My working theory is that these are the descendants of the crew of the Icarus and the warbird you just blew up. They’ve been stuck in this system for over 250 years.”

“Couldn’t you just ask them?” Alesser asked.

“They’re refusing to answer any questions and insist that we are ‘The Destroyers,’” Anjar said, rolling his eyes. “Something about a prophecy.”

“Great,” Lancaster muttered.

The captain led the way into the cargo hold, where several security officers were keeping a close watch on their new guests. Some of them had clearly Romulan features, while others of the nearly two dozen people there did not. Anjar pointed the way to their leader, who was wearing a battered centurion’s helmet that likely dated back to the Earth-Romulan War.

“It is as Ancestor Detrama predicted. You have invaded our sacred temple, destroyed our heritage, and taken us as slaves, Federation,” the Romulan said, spitting at Lancaster’s feet.

“I am Captain Michael Lancaster, the commanding officer of this vessel. Welcome aboard,” Lancaster replied dryly. “What temple?”

“The vessel you have ensnared behind your shields, alien,” the Romulan replied. “It was predicted that you would arrive today and do what you have just done. We should never have doubted.”

“We are here because we received a distress call from your… temple.”

“Impossible. No one living is allowed there.”

Lancaster cocked his head at that statement and glanced at Alesser, who shrugged.

“If you had answered our hail, we could have clarified our intent. No trespass was intended,” Lancaster said. “We’re not aliens. My people and your people share ancestry.”

“I am,” Anjar said.

“Me, too,” Alesser replied. “I had a Human great grandfather, though.” 

“Not helping,” Lancaster interjected. “Why would we attack you?”

“You are here to remove us from our world. I will say nothing further,” the Romulan said, turning around.

Lancaster left the cargo hold with Anjar and Alesser.

“Why is it always prophecies with these old-timey colonies we find?” Anjar asked.

“This is weird—weirder than the face value, I mean. Take a team to the Icarus. Figure out how a signal was sent,” Lancaster ordered to Alesser. “Someone wanted us here, and I want to know why.