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Part of USS Denver: Mission 5: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

The Event

Solarion IV near Cardassian space.
April 4, 2349
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The USS Gary Mitchell had loaned Gus to a circuit of uptraining in person on several starships. He happened to be on the USS Berlin when it had received a distress call from a nearby mining colony on Solarion IV. A small mining colony on the other side if the planet was isolated and only dirt roads and one monorail line existed to it. 

Since he was already there for uptraining, Gus had volunteered to join the away team. Since he didn’t have time to change his loadout, it was much the optimal one he normally carried. A Type II phaser in cross draw holster. Two Type I ‘cricket’ phasers in two different pockets, a Smith and Wesson M&P 10mm, but decided to draw real ammo in the armory before beaming down. If time came for him to pick up a phaser rifle, there would be plenty on the ground. 

Beaming down with the platoon, was beaming into hell. Disruptor fire and explosions greeted them with the typical sounds of chaos, anger, and screams. Driving his two squads of rifleman in to a perimeter, it allowed the heavy weapons platoon a brief moment to dig in an support the rest of the team. 

To their east was a small clattering of several dozen tool sheds and 4 larger buildings. A small motor pool nearby with many various dozers, trucks, and diggers. To the west was as small processing plant and a large lake beyond it. North and south were thick woods. 

Gus set up the heavy weapons team to his south, and peeled off two riflemen to scout the woods and report back. The bulk of the rest were divided between securing the processing plant and rooting out any enemies in the cluster of building so they might have so cover to fight from. “Berlin, this is Alpha team. We could use some oversight and air support.” Gus said over his communicator.“Sorry Alpha. We have our hands full right now.” Explosions in the background. “We may have to bug out. Hold as best you can. We’ll be in touch. Berlin out.”


“Great.” Gus offered. Fire from their North erupted towards them. A two platoons to their front opened fired. Withering disruptor bolts charged the air. Several of his team were killed outright. “Take cover. Get that mortar up NOW!” His phaser was out and firing into the treeline. The enemy was smart. They were hiding in the trees. Gus moved, his position was little more than a divot in the grass. Moving towards his east. Seeing the squad leader, Gus said, “Garcia, get some supressive fire into that treeline and get a crossfire going.” Garcia hand signaled affirmative and the squad fanned out fire reaching north-west into the trees.He needed armor or close air support. He had neither. “Where’s that damned mortar!” Gus yelled. “On the way. The crump of outbound mortar fire rang in his ears. Set to disperse at treetop level, it magnified the explosion, turning the trees into wooden shrapnel. Incoming fire slacked off greatly. Over the horizon three spots appeared. “Alpha this is Huey. Donald sent us.”Gus breathed a slight sigh of relief. “Welcome sight Huey. Not sure yet what we are up against. Careful setting down.”As if on cue a large distruptor bolt tore from the forest floor, striking one the shuttles and started it smoking. Without hesitation, Gus turned to his mortar team. “I want that gun wiped off the grid map ASAP.” “Huey, if you can, I’d want you to set up to our North. Use your shields for cover. I have an idea.” Gus offered“Roger Alpha. Will comply.” 

Gus doubled back to the heavy weapons platoon. Retrieving two Phaser rifles, Gus also pilfered an isomagnetic disintegrator, and lastly a canvas bag of hand grenades before running back towards the emplaced gun. It fired again at Dewey this time, the shields held. Dewey even managing to cause some chaos with his defensive phasers. Louie had started to load casualties. 

Making back to Garcia, he called out to one of squad members. “Thor!” Gus said with gritted teeth. The large infantryman came over, his blue eyes and blond hair apparent even past the uniform. “Come with me.”  It took the pair a few minutes to work around to the port flank of the enplaced disruptor. They had to get within about 75 meters as that was as far as either of them could throw a grenade. Most couldn’t make it that far. 

Getting behind a small pile of fallen logs,  Gus started to lined up four of the hand grenades in front of him and the same for his comrade. “Ever have a snowball fight?” Gus whispered and actually grinned. Thor shared the moment and smiled. “Yes Sir. Understood.” 

The gun fired again, setting Louie on it’s side. “That’s enough!” Gus shouted and shortly had 3 of the 4 grenades in the air at the same time. Throwing the last one. He point towards the right slightly to where a view point lo oked promising. Gus used and small cable camera to peak around the log. About a dozen enemy milled around the gun, righting it and repairing the emplacement. 

Gus’s hand felt the keypad and set the weapon to it’s maximum setting. He used hand signals to tell Thor to get ready to assault them. Setting both to rapid burst, Gus picked up the launcher and shouldered it. Closing his eyes, he mentally prepared himself and ran through the sequence of event in microsecond. Spinning up and counter-clockwise, he aimed at the emplaced turret and pulled the trigger. The purple bolt reached out and on contact exploded. Metal and metal all flew in countless directions. The ground shook. Thor and Gus came round with rifles at the ready. The enemy crew was nearly accounted for when one shot Thor in the leg. The young soldier went down in a pile screaming. In reflex, Gus took out and shot the enemy in the head, ending threat.His head on a swivel, Gus became apprehensive when several dozen security beamed down. His communicator whistled. Opening it, the message read “Sorry for the scare Alpha. Great work. Come on home. Donald actual out.” With the Berlin back in Orbit, medical teams beamed up and down. Thor was beamed up.Walking back to the mining camp, it was time to get to the next event. Gus saw his long time friend Micha Fitzpatrick walk up with someone. Phaser still in hand. The woman with him holding a camera. “I have to have this on record Master Chief!”  

Gus and Micha stood in front of the destroyed distruptor cannon as she snapped the picture, promising to send Micha a copy.