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Part of USS Pioneer: Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard – All The Wonder

Avalon Fleet Yards; U.S.S. Pioneer
February 2401
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“Are you almost ready to go?” 

“--Hmm?” Kosev shook his head slightly, realizing he had been lost in thought as he stood at the window of his office, staring out at the Pioneer. He turned towards Commander Dann and smiled, “Oh, yes, I just have a few more things to pack up and then I'll be ready.”

“As much time as you've spent standing in that window staring at it, you could've been on board by now.” She quipped, picking up the rest of Kosev's things from his desk and putting them in his container. 

“You know, you were so much nicer to me in your previous life.” 

She gave him a darting look before he started to laugh, “Held it as long as I could.”

“I still don't know what possessed you to request this ship in the first place, there are so many newer ships that you could've chosen, but instead you pick a thirty year old ship that was all set to enter mothballs, and then you spend an entire year retrofitting her systems to bring her up to date with the rest of the fleet. You ever going to tell me why?” Daan asked, placing the last of his things in his container before sealing it up and attaching the shoulder strap. 

“Maybe someday.” Kosev replied, finally turning away from the window and making his way over to his container. “Well, I guess it's time to go. Is Savar already on board?”

“Last time I spoke with him, yes he was. Most likely rolling out the red carpet as we speak.” She managed a wry grin as she waited near the exit, pressing the control pad on the wall and opening the door, as if to rush him along. 

He shook his head, smiling, “I'm going to recommend they court martial you someday.” Daan punched him in the arm and they both started to laugh, making their way out of his former office and down to the shuttle bay.



Kosev blinked a few times as he began to re-materialize on board the Pioneer, the transporter room becoming clearer and clearer until the process was finally complete. He looked on to the console to find Commander Savar operating the controls, “Welcome aboard, Captain.” He nodded, putting his hands behind his back casually. 

“I never thought I'd get him here in time for departure.” Ginell laughed, then continued, “I'll be on the bridge if you need me.”

“Do you mind dropping this off at my quarters on your way up? I want to get this tour over with so we can get underway." Kosev took the container strap off his shoulder, taking a few steps forward and extended his arm towards Commander Daan, who grabbed it and nodded, “See you two later.” Throwing the strap over her shoulder, she left the transporter room.

“And then there were two.” He said, patting his friend's shoulder before making his way out of the transporter room, towards the turbolift. Savar raised his right eyebrow and followed the Captain, only remarking, “Indeed.” 

Kosev has known Commander Daan almost ten years and through two different hosts, having served with her on his two previous postings, but no one was as close to him as Savar was. It was an unusual pairing, a Andorian and Vulcan becoming 'best friends', so to speak, but Kosev is so grateful to have met Savar and doesn't trust anyone the way he trusts him. 

The doors to the turbolift opened as they both entered, “Engineering.” Savar commanded to the computer, and the lift began to move. 

“You know, you could have said no. When I put that request in for your transfer, I had no idea you were offered Executive Officer on the Monitor.” Kosev contended, looking straight towards the door the entire time. 

“Even if you had not requested my transfer, I would have turned the offer down. I prefer my work and position in tactical and security.” Savar replied, also looking straight at the door, but then turning towards Kosev before going on, “Accepting this assignment was… only logical.” He raised his eyebrow slightly before turning back towards the door. Kosev managed a grin, looking down to the floor before mumbling, “Thanks, my friend.”



The doors to engineering swooshed open, revealing the newly retrofitted systems that brought the Pioneer into the 25th century. Kosev looked all around as he and Savar entered the department, admiring all the work that his new officers and the crews of Avalon Fleet Yards put in to make this ship active once more. 

“Captain!” Kosev tilted his head and peered around the other side of the warp core where he heard a female voice calling to him. Beya put down the PADD she was working on, and walked up to her new commanding officer, standing at attention, “My apologies, sir, I had no idea you had come aboard.”

“At ease, Commander, just taking a little look around before we get underway.” He replied, watching his chief engineer relax, “Anything to report?”

“All systems fully functional, sir. All upgrades and installations were completed a little over an hour ago, thanks in large part to Commander Sander's help.” She admitted. Beya walked over to her console and grabbed the PADD she was working on, pressing a few controls before offering it to the captain, “Here is my report I prepared for you and Commander Daan. The Pioneer is ready to get underway when the order is given, sir.”

“Very good, Commander, well done. Please give everyone on your team my personal congratulations on a job well done.” He smiled, shaking her hand. “Next stop, the bridge.” He said, giving Savar a particular look that he recognized as he made his way to the engineering turbolift. 

As the doors to the lift closed, and Thiren gave the order to proceed to the bridge, Savar, with his hands behind his back and again starring straight at the door, said, “This may be a new record, only one department toured before launch.” Kosev managed a wry smile, shaking his head ever so slightly, but saying nothing because he knew he Vulcan friend was right: he absolutely hated tours.



The turbolift finally halted after what seemed like an eternity. “Here we go.” Kosev mumbled.

Savar exited first, speaking loudly so everyone could hear, “Captain on the bridge.”

Everyone on the bridge stopped what they were doing, standing to attention and facing Kosev as he slowly walked off the lift. He made his way passed the tactical station where Savar took his position, also standing at attention after his announcement, and stood in front of the captain's chair, next to where Commander Daan was also standing at attention. Kosev looked around at everyone, smiling and receiving smiles from them in return, and nodding to his chief operations officer whose department he didn't tour before launching, before finally saying, “As you were.”

The crew resumed their duties and he returned his attention to Ginell, and then to the captain's chair. “Go ahead, Captain.” Ginell said with a warm smile, motioning towards the chair. 

Kosev obliged, turning and taking his seat. Ginell, with a big grin, also took her seat, watching the captain carefully as he moved his hand across the new command terminals installed in the arm rest of his chair, as well as the updated console installed between them. “Hard to believe we are finally here at this moment after all this time.” Ginell said nothing, instead simply letting Kosev have his moment.

“Well, I do believe it's time to get underway, wouldn't you agree, Commander? After all, we do have a chief medical officer, chief science officer, and ship's counselor to pick up.” 

“Aye, Captain.” She nodded and acknowledged, then stood from her seat and walked a few steps forward. “Ensign Nakav, lay in a course for Farpoint Station, warp six, and clear our departure with Avalon operations.”

Kyth worked at his console, pressing several controls before replying, “Course for Farpoint station confirmed and laid in. Avalon operations has cleared us for launch.”

“Ready thrusters and initiate launching sequence.”

“Thrusters online and launching sequence underway.” 

“Engage.” Kosev said, standing up out of his chair as well as he gave his first official order. 

“Aye, Captain.” The young Orion ensign replied, acknowledging his order. He pressed a few more controls as the Pioneer began to move out of its position in drydock, turning towards their destination. Once the ship was far enough away, the nacelle pylons turned upward right before a bright flash of light from the nacelles themselves, propelling the Pioneer to their new destination.