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Shoji, Doc to most on the Dragon, had just received the medical files on Lieutenant Bearsong, Meadow. Having noticed the cybernetic implant based around the neck of the lieutenant she was curious about the story and why the Lieutenant had not opted to have it repaired via more modern methods. Tapping on her combadge “Counselor, Doc M’gok, could you please join me in my office at your earliest convenience.”

“Yes, Ma’am. I’m in my office currently finishing up looking over some files. I’ll be there in a couple of minutes, just let me finish up this one I’m currently looking over.”

“No rush, counselor. I understand you’re a bit busy having just come on board and wearing multiple hats especially with our currently assigned mission.”

A few minutes later the Doc office door beeped as someone on the other side was asking to be admitted. “Enter. Counsellor Bearsong nice that we finally get to meet. Get a drink if you want. This may take a few minutes.”

Meadow stepped up to the replicator. “Green tea with honey, Iced, large” Taking the large glass she took a seat at one of the chairs at the doctor’s desk.

“I’m gathering this is not a purely social call Doc, and I’m going  to guess you have questions about what happened and why I have opted to stay with the cybernetic versus getting it repaired.”

Doc sat back in her chair steepling her fingers. “Nice and to the point. So what is the story? Sure I can read it in here “She tapped on the PADD on her desk “But I would rather hear it from you.” 

“I don’t remember much from the accident but I can tell you basically what you would read in the file and maybe a bit more. It happened during my second year at the academy during wilderness survival training. I was out late at night, can’t remember why, I took a wrong step and went down the side of a quite rocky raven. From what I have been told, sometime during the fall I landed awkwardly on a rock that crushed my larynx. When the rest of my class and instructors found me the next morning there was a bobcat with a cub chewing on my neck. Still not sure what attracted them to me, but I have my thoughts and beliefs. Anyways the bobcat and her cub had done enough damage to my throat that it had reopened my airway somehow by some miracle they had not started to go to town on me yet.” She took a sip from the glass.

“ I was taken to a local hospital where they performed surgery on me but did not have the capabilities of fixing my throat and Larynx by modern standards so they fitted me with my first cybernetic implant till I could be moved to the hospital at the Academy. As you might expect, the process took some time. Can I ask you something, doc?”

“Sure, You’ll find I do not hold much back, nor am I one for necessarily controlling what comes out. Some would say that I have terrible bedside manners for being a doctor.” she chuckled after saying that and then waved it off with a hand. 

“Do you think that it could be possible that things happen for reasons? I felt like while I was on the bottom of that raven I was there for a reason. The elders say that during that night I went on a spirit walk and during that walk, I learned what my purpose in life was. Growing up on the reservation in Arizona and being raised in the culture I believe what they say is true. I have to, don’t I? I mean I could have easily died multiple times that night and in the days that followed, but here I am. Alive and kicking. “

“Hmmmmm, yes I believe that at times things happen for reasons. I have my own stories that would fall into that category. Someday, we will have to reverse these roles and You’ll be sitting here and I’ll be sitting there and we can get into my story. But for now, we are discussing you. So why stay with the cybernetics?”

Meadow shrugged. “It feels like the right thing like this is what I am meant to be. It took a year to get me straight both mentally and physically. Crap, it took almost another year before I would speak in public. That’s not easy to do at the academy you know. Had to take the year off then finish my second year and go from there. During that year I changed my course and set a goal of becoming a psychologist, to help those who have gone through stories like mine.” a long drink from her glass. “But to answer your question, I haven’t had my throat fixed as I firmly believe that this is how and who I am supposed to be. We could go back and forth all day long Doc, but my beliefs will still stand firm. I am here today like this because this is where I am supposed to be, having this conversation with you.”

“Well, ok then I won’t try to give you the typical speech then. Would you mind if I did a quick once-over for my records? Make sure there is nothing further I need to watch for in the future.”

“No, go right ahead doc.” Meadow reached around the base of her neck in the back and hit a button that allowed the implant to open and detach from her neck.

“Ahhhh I see, interesting design.” As she took the neckpiece to give it a look over. “Much like scales on a lizard or fish allowing you a full range of motion. Whoever designed this is quite good. 

Meadow nodded in reply.

Ok, so can you show me the full range of motion?

Meadow nodded, shook her head, and turned her head and neck from side to side. Moved it from side to side and ended in big and small circles.

“Very good” The Doc stood and came to stand behind Meadow feeling her neck and her muscles around the throat area. “Nice work here. Can you cough for me?”

Meadow let out a cough

“Swallow? Breath in? Breath out? Clear your throat? Chew?” as they ran down the gambit of usual tests. “They did good work, I don’t feel any serious residual scarring or muscle tightness.” she went back to her seat and Meadow reattached the cybernetics.

“Thank you”

“Aryanna mentioned a secondary piece, may I ask what it’s for?”

“Oh that, it helps with vocalizing some of the harsher languages.” She reached toward the right side of the neckpiece and unlatched a little pad that she then attached behind her ear on the bony part. In Klingon “with some of the harsher languages, the muscles can’t quite get the sounds right so this uses the vibrations from the bones to help create the correct tones and words.”

“Ahhhhhh, I was wondering why you would need that piece,” Doc replied in Klingon.

Over the next thirty minutes to an hour they sat and made small talk between two medical professionals, one being new to the ship trying to gather as much information about her new crew and ship as possible the other learning about their new counsellor/CDO and what she brought to the table.  





  • Ok. I like Bearsong even more now. Her decision with the implant, and that it's made her who she is reminds me so much of my journey with a prosthetic eye. I opted not to do something that might have saved the eye, but I have no regrets. Losing the eye shunted me away from a career that ultimately would have ended way too soon from burnout. It's led me on an extraordinary journey, and brought me places I never could have guessed. Through a long series of events, that includes finding Bravo Fleet :)

    April 20, 2023