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Saying Hello

USS Eagle Orbiting B'Qal
February 2401
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Kirby stepped out of his ready room and glanced at the XO, who nodded towards the forward view screen.  Seeing a B'Qali male sitting at a desk in an office, Kirby took a position in front of the screen.

The B'Qali were humanoid, with light green skin, the texture reminding Kirby of an alligator.  They had no hair, but on top of the head was a small ridge, like the dorsal fin of a shark.  The males were larger, with broad shoulders.  Both B'Qali men and women had equal rights and status.

“I'm Captain Matt Kirby of the Federation starship, Eagle.  With whom am I talking?”

The B'Qali waited a few seconds before replying.  “You may address me as, Jack.”



“All right, Jack.  You know why we're here.  How do we get our people back?”  Kirby preferred the direct approach, never caring for the diplomatic dance way of trying to get things done.

Jack smiled.  "I like you already, Captain Matt Kirby."

Kirby wanted to say that warmed his heart, but he kept that to himself.  Perhaps he could be diplomatic after all.

“Things have changed here on B'Qal.  The Ym'ruxin are in control now.  If you want your people back, the Federation must formally acknowledge our legitimacy as the new government.”

“That's not my decision to make, Jack, but I can assure you, holding hostages isn't going to get that recognition from the Federation Council.”

“Hostages?  My dear Captain, we have no hostages.  With everything that's happened, we have outsiders in protective custody.”

Kirby heard a derisive harrumph from Lieutenant Iziraa at tactical.  He gave her a quick, stern look.

“I assure you, Jack, we can protect our people.”

Jack let out a deep sigh.  “All right, Captain, now that we've introduced ourselves and started with being polite and diplomatic, let's get to the matter at hand.  We're both men of action, not fancy words.”

Kirby was actually relieved Jack said that.  “What else do you want?”

“Remove all non-B'Qali and never come back.  If you have any government officials, especially the President, in protective custody, you will return them to us.  Do that and we'll continue supplying the Federation with tritanium.”

"Again, these are not my decisions to make, but I will pass along your demands," said Kirby.

Jack nodded.

"In the meantime, as a show of good faith, I'd like to speak with Ambassador Tucker," said Kirby.

"That might be possible," said Jack.

"I insist," said Kirby.

"We'll see," said Jack.

Kirby started to protest, but Jack held up his hand.  “As you Humans say, Captain, we hold all the cards.  I will see if it's possible to talk with the Ambassador.  I'll contact you once I know for certain."  He tapped a button on his desk and the image on the screen returned to the planet below.

“So much for that,” said Kirby.  He turned to face the XO.  “Roger, begin implementing Plan B.”



  • I continue to get sucked in by this story every time there is an update. A good Captain will understand when an approach requires a diplomatic or direct approach to getting results and Kirby is a fine example of this. I do hope they are able to contact the ambassador, but I am intrigued by this Plan B and what it entails!

    April 9, 2023