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Part of USS Saratoga: Such Sweet Sorrow

2 – Such Sweet Sorrow

USS Oneida / Trill Homeworld
January 2401
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Time seemed to go slowly as the Oneida made its way towards Trill, silence had filled the ship since the moment they had departed from the Saratoga many hours ago. Azras had chosen to remain in her ready room, reviewing reports and making calls. The life of a captain never ends even when on leave, especially when she just became a squadron commander. 

Ensign Sato sat at the helm as the bridge was pretty empty other than Arzin who had decided to do some work to pass the time. Though he wasn’t much for talking at the moment as he was focused on staying busy, rather than dwelling on what would lie ahead of them when they arrived at their destination. Linha was in her quarters relaxing and reading a book to pass the time.

Sato felt terrible for the situation that the captain and her family were dealing with, she might not know what they were going through. She sympathized with them as she has lost loved ones over the years, though losing a child so young she just couldn’t fathom the pain. After sitting for hours on end Sato locked the controls before standing up from her station and began to move around the bridge for a little while.

Meanwhile, Azras sat on the couch that was located near the medium-sized window of the ready room. She had finished most of her work hours ago, though she just got off the channel with Captain Tajir Derohl of the Gagarin a few moments ago. She continued to stay in her ready room, not wanting to face anyone on the bridge at the moment. Though there weren’t many on the ship, it would all be the same.

Looking down at the object she held in her hand, a chip that contained many memories from over the years. Looking at it for a few more moments before she clenched her hand over it as she felt the ship drop out of warp and her commbadge went off.

“Bridge to Captain Dex, we have arrived at Trill. We entered standard orbit,” Sato said from the bridge.

“Thank you,” is all Azras said before the communication channel ended. She sat there for a few moments more before putting the chip in her pocket, getting up from her seat she took a deep breath before stepping out onto the bridge.

Looking at Sato, “I would like you to land the Oneida at these coordinates.” Azras ordered after sending her the location of her country estate that had a landing pad big enough to fit an Aquarius-class escort.

Sato nodded and began preparations for landing the ship at the requested location. As the ship began its descent, Sato was a bit nervous as the only thing she has landed was a shuttle. So landing an Aquarius-class escort was a bit different for her, she hoped that everything went smoothly as they continued to descend to its destination.

Silence filled the bridge as they finished landing on the landing pad that was on Azras’ property. Sato had finished the landing protocols and the ship powered down, Azras stood up from her chair looking at Sato. “You may take some leave here on the planet or you may remain on the ship, I will leave that up to you. There are some good places here to enjoy yourself,” Azras said with a smile.

“Thank you, Captain,” Sato replied as she was going to take her up on that offer. She has never been to Trill before so she was going to explore the sites. They all got up and left the Oneida and went their separate ways.

Azras and her family walked a short distance to their house, it had been a while since they had last been home. Though they wished it was under better circumstances. Walking in Azras made her way toward the back patio that overlooked the lake that their house sat on. Arzin walked up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist and giving her a gentle kiss on her neck. “Care for a drink?” He asked looking at her with a soft smile.

She nodded as she looked at him with a smile, he’d always known what she needed and was always willing to do things for her even the simplest things that she could do herself. After a moment he returned with a glass of her favorite drink, “go relax outside while I get dinner ready.” Arzin said with a smile before kissing her again and walking away.

Azras walked out onto the back patio and took a seat in one of the lounge chairs that had the best view. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, birds singing off in the distance. There was a gentle breeze that blew which caused Azras to close her eyes for a moment to take it all in. Memories began to surface, Yadri loved the water and he would swim in the lake as much as he could during their visits home. Tears ran down her face, things would be vastly different, not the same as they once had been. She was not sure how she would deal with it, even at one point thinking of resigning her commission and leaving Starfleet altogether.

Opening her eyes she looked out once again, she shook those thoughts from her mind. She knew things would take time, healing takes time and she would take things day by day. Linha walked out and sat next to her, “I have decided that I will be returning to Mellstoxx III to finish my studies.” Linha said as she looked at her mother, she thought about talking about it later but she just needed to get it off her chest now.

“I understand,” Azras replied as she felt it probably be for the best as she did. She had finished her year tour, and she enjoyed her time with them. She was able to experience different situations that she probably wouldn’t have dealt with at an academy campus such as the one on Mellstoxx III. “I hope you learned a lot while you were on the Saratoga?” She asked looking over at her daughter.

Linha smiled, “I have and I will take what I have learned here back with me.” She said as she stood up walked up to her mother and gave her a long hug. “I love you mom, thank you for the wonderful opportunity to serve onboard the ship, it has been a great experience that I’ll never forget,” Linha said.

Azras returned her hug and held onto it for a while before releasing and kissing her on the forehead. “I am glad,” she replied as she looked at her. She has grown up to be a very beautiful and bright young woman, reminding herself of how she was growing up. “Any word from the Trill Symbiont Commission?” Azras asked as it had been a while, as she knew that she wanted to be joined.

She looked at her and sat back down in the chair next to her, she was going to wait until after the funeral to tell her. “Actually yes, I wanted to wait to tell you till after the funeral but I been accepted.” She said as Azras smiled, she could tell there was more so she looked at her intently. “I am going to be joined to the Tiaeel symbiont in a couple of days, so I’ll remain on Trill for a while before returning to the academy.” She replied looking at her mom. “I had just gotten that news just before our arrival,” she added.

“That is wonderful,” Azras said just as Arzin came out to join them.

“What is wonderful?” He asked looking at the two.

“I am going to be joined with the Tiaeel symbiont in a couple of days,” Linha replied looking at her father.

“That is wonderful news,” Arzin replied with a smile. “Dinner is ready,” he added as he hugged his daughter as he was very proud of her. The two got up from the chairs they were sitting in and walked inside where they would eat and just talk amongst themselves while they ate. Then they would spend a few hours of quality time together before heading to bed for the night as they would have a busy day the next day.


  • Not gonna lie, these moments always get me. Even though sorrow permeates the chapter, there is still good in the world and a deep love in the family. These small moments often having the largest impacts. You've captured the whole gauntlet of emotions and seamlessly wove this into the closing salvo of the previous chapter. Hats off to another brilliant and well written chapter!

    March 26, 2023