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Part of USS Corax: Caduceus Pt. 1

Chapter 10 – Medical Matters

USS Corax
Feb 2401
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Nora could be found seated in her office demolishing a snack awaiting the latest reports from Proto II. Nora hated going into a situation without having the most current information available. After a short wait, her terminal beeped, notifying her the updated information from the Captain had been uploaded.

Quickly skimming over the information, Nora spoke up. “Computer, create new project file referenced Proteus, authorisation: Yates-Echo-India-22-Omicron.”

“Project file created.” the computer replied. 

“Initiate data transfer of all files related to Terrellian Plague and our current assignment to Proto II and implement a standing order to further transfer all updates from Captain Suin in relation to our current assignment to this project file.”

“Acknowledged.” the computer answered as Nora monitored the data transfer on her terminal. Once the transfer was complete she would run it all through a custom sorting and analysis algorithm to find any patterns, historical similarities and cross reference that information with the latest intel from Proto II and it’s surrounds. Leaving the program to run, she retrieved her padd from the side table intent on doing one last stocktake and synthesize any additional compounds or medications that may be required.

It was during these moments that muscle memory took over that Nora was able to relax a bit and allow her mind to wander a bit. As she reviewed the numbers of every supply in storage a thought struck her, she would be able to use some of the EMH’s processing power to help analyse the data faster and with greater accuracy.

“Computer, activate EMH.” 

“Please state the nature of the medical emergency.” the EMH sounded as the hologram faded into view.

“No emergency.” Nora replied as she got to her feet from the crouch she had been holding while adding stock levels to her padd. 

“With all due respect, Doctor, if there is not an emergency I am confused by me presence here.” the Doctor continued.

“I am authorising you access to a project file being collated on the main terminal, I will need your expertise and processing power as we work to end an outbreak of Terrellian Plague.” Nora spoke rapidly. The information we are receiving is accurate and current, but there is no order to it and no refining. We have to determine the point of origin and treat the already infected, but that won’t help if we can’t slow the spread of infection.”

“Very well.” the EMH responded. “Awaiting authorisation code.”

“Computer, grant EMH file access to project file referenced Proteus, Authorisation: Yates-Echo-India-22-Omicron.”

“Acknowledged.” the ever steady voice of the computer replied. “Data uplink completed.”

“If there is nothing else?” the EMH cut in.

“Apologies.” Nora replied with a smile. “Computer, deactivate Emergency Medical Hologram.”

Once the hologram had blinked out of existence Nora returned to her desk to review the numbers. Stock levels were looking good nothing was low or in urgent need at present. She was slowly turning the Sickbay into her domain and the close quarters of the Corax was turning into quite the new home for her.

Yes, this was a good assignment to be on, especially with something as exciting as a disease outbreak on the horizon. Life was good.