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Part of USS Mercy: Mission 3 – “Lost in Space”

I’m Doing It My Way

Starbase 11
10.12.2400 @ 2200
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=^=This is highly unusual, Captain.=^=

Grace remained impassive, “Given the situation, sir, I think it’s a perfect way to help this crew understand how this process works and better train them for future operations.  There are a limited amount of Olympic class vessels certified for this kind of mission, and I’m looking to ensure that number grows.”

The Admiral pulled up his PADD, =^=I understand you served with Captain Halsey previously.=^=

Pottinger didn’t react.  She knew this was coming.  “Yes, sir.  He was our first officer and chief medical officer.  I was assistant chief science officer and second officer.”  She was curious to see what he knew about the dynamics she had with Halsey.

=^=How would you have rated your relationship with then XO Halsey?=^=

She fought hard to keep her face stone, “We worked well together.  We had our disagreements from time to time, but managed to keep it professional.”

He held up his PADD, =^=The reports bear that out, Captain.  I am concerned there is more to what is not recorded in this situation.  I’m aware of some rumors regarding your relationship.=^=

Captain Grace Pottinger shook her head emphatically, “I would disagree with those rumors and I’m sure Captain Halsey would as well.  We found common ground and were able to make progress together for the betterment of the ship and our crew.”  She let the pause hang in the air, “Captain Halsey is a consummate professional officer and I respect his acumen.”

The Admiral glanced from his PADD to her and back again, =^=Very well, Captain Pottinger.  I will communicate this to Captain Halsey in the morning once I have the mission briefing completed.  Good day to you, captain.=^=

The channel closed before Grace could inject her thanks.  She leaned back in her office chair, a grin spreading across her face.  She was going to get her day in the sun…and Halsey was going to have to play along.