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Part of USS Corax: Caduceus Pt. 1

Chapter 4 – Welcome to the Family, Doctor

Starbase 93
Jan 2401
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Looking up as the door opened, Aris got his first look at his new Chief Medical Officer. Getting to his feet, he strode to the other side of the desk to greet her.

“Lieutenant Yates, welcome aboard. I’m Lieutenant Commander Aris Suin, Commanding Officer. Can I get you anything?” he greeted her warmly.

“Thank you, Captain.” Nora replied. “Sparkling water with a lemon wedge if you’re offering.”

Busying himself with the replicator he returned with Nora’s requested water and a tea for himself. “Take a seat, Lieutenant.” Aris smiled, handing over the glass before taking a seat himself. Inclining her head slightly she took one of the seats the captain had indicated.

“Computer, please enter into log Lieutenant Yates has reported in and update onboard credentials appropriately.” Aris spoke before focusing his attention back to Nora. “I will admit.” he began once she had settled in. “I was a bit surprised to receive a transfer request from a director of Starfleet Medical, but when someone of that caliber makes a request, it is difficult to decline.”

“I understand completely.” Nora replied with a smile. “Considering I only found out myself earlier today. The Director likes to keep us on our toes at times.”

“Have you been briefed on our situation at all?” Aris asked settling back in his chair.

“Only in generalities, Sir.” Nora replied. “There have been reports of breakouts of Terrellian Plague amongst some of the planets among the Independent Romulan Factions and the old Romulan Neutral Zone and a formal request for assistance has been received. I have not yet been advised on what our role will be.”

“We are being ordered to report to Proto II in the Proteus System to assist the System Governor with ending an outbreak of Terrellian Plague amongst the mining colonies.” Aris took a sip of his tea before continuing. “Our orders are to provide cures to the infected, administer treatments when symptoms start presenting and any preventative measures that can be used. We will be working alongside local medical personnel”

At this, the gears in Nora’s head started to climb into overdrive with what she was learning. “Carry on, Captain.” she smiled.

“We are currently taking on fabrication units, medical equipment and supplies and emergency shelters as a precaution. Local medical facilities are holding well enough but bracing for what is to come. We have been requested to land on the outskirts of the capital city and set up a field hospital and treatment centre to handle patient overflow and first response if required.”

Pausing to take another sip, Aris got to the bit that he was hoping would pique Nora’s interest. “As we have some fairly isolated mining colonies in the local area, I want you to uncover how this outbreak has occurred, both in the main populated areas and the mining colonies in the immediate vicinity. Supply vessels and transport ships may explain how this outbreak has occurred in the metropolitan areas, but that leaves some questions about how it has spread amongst the miners.”

Leaning back in his chair, Aris waited patiently for Nora’s return serve. “I may have some concessions.” Nora replied with a sly smile.

“Naturally.” Aris replied. “Name them.”

“I will need access to a lab independent from the Sick Bay.” Nora began. “And I would like to audit the medical facilities myself and get familiarized.”

Smiling, Aris leaned forward slightly. “The Corax has two well equipped generalised science labs currently under the watchful eye of my new science officer. I’ll leave you to arrange the specifics with Officer Andrews. Touching on your second point, I actively encourage you to familiarise yourself with your new posting. Inform me if additional supplies or equipment is needed.”

“Thank you, Captain.” Nora replied as she set the now empty glass on the desk. “With your permission, I will report to Sickbay and start settling in.”

“Permission granted, Lieutenant. Welcome aboard.” 

Entering the Sickbay, Nora found herself slightly impressed. Although a spartan design of a single biobed and attached medical lab, it was surprisingly well equipped for a ship of its size with an EMH installed. She could work with this. It was almost the polar opposite to her previous assignment but she was curious. A sudden disease outbreak in Romulan space, a transfer to a new assignment and a growing sense of peace. 

Maybe this change in scenery would be good for her. A chance to work on the frontlines again, further her own research and see something that wasn’t London for a while.

“Welcome home, Nora.” she whispered with a smile as she deposited her hand luggage on the lone biobed.


  • Well, it seems the new Doctor is going to enjoy her time on the Corax compared to where she previously was. I can't wait to see how she will get along with the rest of the crew. I enjoyed getting down the details now and then drawing things out making her wonder. I hope the crew can help the people of Proto II.

    January 19, 2023