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Part of Outpost Houtman (Archive): Start-up problems

Watch your step doc

New Designated Landing Area
October 2400
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Nakil walked to the new area for landing as the previous one got wrecked from the quake. He had heard the message that their new doctor was on her way downward. Nakil had only brief time to read her dossier, and what he saw, she was a hand full for sure “Why am I getting the weird ones” He shrugged and saw the shuttle land slowly at the new area. 

Vila approached the transport pad with a mix of trepidation and annoyance. Starfleet was always sending her to the most bullshit places, and she hated it. Of course, she knew that some of it was because she the way she was, but some of it was because, she was sure, medics were needed across the universe and she HAD told HQ to send her “wherever” so long as she didn’t have to work with Corwin again. “Dr. Lorut,” she said as a greeting, her face grim, and her body stiff and rigid. “Captain of the Ship, I presume?” She had seen his PiPs and connected the dots. At least this one looked serious and tidy.  

Giving away a soft smile and looking over his shoulder at the damaged base “Well I am the Captain of this establishment yes” Nakil looked back at her. “But while I love to take you on a grand tour of the base, I’m actually going to escort you to the hospice tent to put you to work. Follow me” He turned around and started to walk. “We got hit by a quake that surprised us. No deaths but we got wounded” 

Vila made a face. At least he wasn’t one of those people to bore her to death with niceties. She didn’t have time for that. “What kind of quake?” The type would help her determine what sort of injuries to expect-crushing injuries, falls, etc. “How many down?” She looked around at her new home. “Place seems a little…primeval, Captain.” 

“The typical one that makes the ground shake Doctor” He moved past some officers giving them a nod. “The quake was strong enough to crack away our first landing zone and shake up the operational center” An Ensign gave him a PADD, and he looked it over. “We got about 25 down. Those that were lightly wounded are sent back to their duties” Nakil nods and looked at the doctor “It might be cruel that I do that, but I need this base relocated, and I need all hands on deck. The location seems primeval because you arrived at a starting phase of the colony”

She gave him a LOOK. “I meant was it more like a type of quake to cause crushing injuries, or falls, or other injuries.” She said, a little snottily. “I understand. I am ready to take whoever I can. You understand that in this kind of a setting, some lives might be lost. I’ll do my best.” She was prepared to let some die if necessary to keep others alive. 

Giving her a nod “I would prefer that everyone comes out healthy Doctor” Continuing his walk to the tent “because Starfleet budget in providing personnel depends on the success rate of development of this colony after all.” He stops at the tent and looked at her “So the less death, the more likely we stay” 

She shrugged. “I’ll do my best.” She followed him inside, and instantly, she knew. This wasn’t going to be a cake walk, but she was ready. “Anyone else know triage, perhaps?” She asked the Commander. 

“Uhh I think it is a basic thing you learn at the academy. So most likely anyone you see here would know how to do it” Nakil replied with a shrug. “If you need anything from me to get this show on the road to tell me right now or contact me by combadge” 

She shook her head. “I’ve got this, thanks. Stand by.” She looked up then, and yelled. “All hands with triage training, over here on the double.” 

Seeing a few hands raised up, Nakil crossed his arms over each other and nodded “I believe you got it in hands here Doctor?” Nakil noticed another shuttle landing “I am needed elsewhere, but if you need me just give me a ring. This is something you can easy handle” With that said he left the tent to let her do her thing. 

She just nodded once, firmly. “I’ll take it from here.” After that, she started issuing orders.