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To serve and protect – 20

USS Osiris
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Kr’Antren turned and looked at Doc M’Gok in her chair. “Anything I should be concerned about as we approach the area.”

She looked up from the console she had swung in front of her seat. “Our shields, not to mention the layers of armor, should be more than adequate to block any of the radiation. I’m going to monitor the readings from here just to make sure though.”

Kr’antren nodded and adjusted himself in the seat. “Even with the seat modifications sometimes the tail has a mind of its own.” He said with a slight chuckle.

“ALL STOP” Tazzeth yells from his console. 

Darame quickly follows the often emergency level order bringing the Osiris to a complete stop.

Kr’antren quickly gets out of his seat and approaches the science chief. “Better be a good reason for that, Lieutenant.”

Lieutenant Tazzeth turned from the console and view screen behind him. “Yes, sir. There is. Looks like that pulsar sends out low-level Electromagnetic Pulses, Probably not strong enough at this distance to affect us. We had just seen the energy signature when I ordered al-stop, captain. I thought I would rather ask for forgiveness later, didn’t think you wanted us flying into something that may cause issues.”

Kr’antren slapped his hand on the science chief’s console. “Good call, Lieutenant. Damn, that’s going to make things a bit more interesting. Can you tell how often the pulses happen?”

Tazzeth looked at the screen behind him and then down at his console. “Not at this time, captain. The energy disperses pretty fast. Also can’t say without more data if the EMPs are stronger the more you go toward the star. I would recommend we launch a class 2 probe towards the star.”

Kr’Antren looked over his shoulder at the view screen and then back to the Lieutenant. “Do it. Keep me informed on what you find.” He turned and looked towards the engineering area. “Engineering?”

“Nothing major to report, sir. Looks like our shields were able to negate most of it. We are seeing some reports of minor system issues and a few reports of static that passed over some systems.” the Lieutenant sitting at the chief engineering console replied. “ Though till we know more, Lieutenant Mathison suggests holding here. He also said to let you know he is on his way up to the bridge.”

Kr’Antren returned to his chair. “Thank you, lieutenant. Helm, hold course, and position. Lieutenant Tazzeth, any sign of the Imperium ship? Chief Kaha, is anything on comms?

“We can faintly pick it up on long-range scans, sir. Though, the data seems rough. Possibly from the EMP’s that the pulsar sends out.”

“Nothing on any of the frequencies or normal channels, captain. Wouldn’t surprise me to find out that those pulses have interfered with their communications though.”

“Captain, getting the first bits of data from the probe.”

Kr’Antren stood and walked over to the console.

Lieutenant Tazzeth looked up from his console as the first streams of data started to be processed and analyzed by the Osiris’s computer core. “About what we expected, Captain. I’m sending the data on the radiation level’s to the doctor’s console now. The radiation levels get stronger the closer to the star you get. Hmmmm, it seems that the radiation is expelled in pulses also I wasn’t quite expecting that.” He looked back down at the data.

Kr’antren looked over his shoulder at the view screen and then back at his science chief. “Any information on the pulse timing, especially for the EMP pulses? The radiation we can deal with.” He looked over at the doc, who nodded to confirm.

“My best guess according to the data I would say every two to three hours, sir. Which means we have roughly an hour and fifty minutes to two hours and fifty minutes till the next one.”

Kr’antren turned and returned to his center chair. “Chief, how bad would it be if we received one of those pulses?”

Chief Mathison turned from the overlarge engineering viewscreen behind his back to his console. “We were just looking at that captain. I believe most of our systems would be ok, the only ones we have questions about are on the pod and the archway. Things just aren’t as thick up there captain. The torpedoes and those systems should be ok as they were built to take hits. The other systems.” He looked towards the captain and shrugged his shoulders.

Kr’antrens ears twitched as he ran a hand through his beard. “Ok then, Helm take us in. Let’s head towards the Devore ship. Lieutenant Skagath, take us to yellow alert.” The klaxon sounded as the lights dimmed and the alarm lights started to pulse yellow before going to a solid yellow.

“Lieutenant Skagath, bring the Devore prisoner up to the bridge. Let’s see what he knows about what we are facing.”

“He’s not a talkative one, that one. Just keeps going on about how we are all brainwashed minions of our telepathic masters and that we will all die. Had to make it so that sound wouldn’t go through the containment field. Was starting to get a bit, hmmmm how did my security detail put it,” looked around the bridge seeing the looks on his fellow bridge crew’s faces. “Ohhh, that’s not important now, is it? I’ll have them bring him up, captain.”

Several minutes later the Devore Officer is escorted onto the bridge with his hands cuffed behind his back and escorted by two security crew members with phasers holstered.

Kr’antren turns towards the Devore as they enter the bridge. “Welcome to the bridge ensign, as you can see we are approaching your ship. So how many crew are on it? and who is in command over there? I don’t want to have to go in guns hot if I don’t have to, just leads to issues and in the long run more paperwork for me to fill out.”

The Devore officer starts to chuckle. “You won’t stand a chance against us.”

Kr’antren shocked his head. “ Maybe, maybe not. You haven’t seen what the Osiris is capable of. Believe me, we are not an easy nut to crack.” He looked over at Skagath. “Lieutenant Skagath, aim the first burst for their engines. I want them dead in the water. Hold your fire till I say.” He looked back at the ensign. “So, what’s it going to be?”

“Sir, 5 minutes till the next EMP pulse,” Tazzeth stated from his console.

“Well ensign, you heard the Lieutenant. You have five minutes to give me an answer before we..”

“Sir, we are receiving a hail from the Devore ship.” Chief Kaha put a finger to her earpiece and turned toward the center chair.

“Put it on the main screen chief.” He turned the Devore ensign, who returned the look with a smirk. “Ok, then.”

Skagath looked up from his console. “Sir looks like they are powering up weapons.”

“Take us to red alert, Lieutenant.”

The main screen shows an officer sitting in a central chain on a bridge. “Ship approaching this is Captain Runsaith of the Devore imperium cruiser Black Talon. Who do I have the pleasure of discussing your terms of surrender with?”

Kr’antren leans forward in his chair. “ This is captain Kr’antren of the Federation starship USS Osiris. We won’t be discussing terms of surrender this morning Captain.”He turned towards the ensign. “You didn’t tell me he was quick to start fights, Ensign.” he then turned back towards the main view screen. “As you can see Captain, we found some of your crew on the planet. And we have a couple of bodies of deceased Imperium officers in our morgue.”

The Devore Captains’ hands tightened on the edges of his chair. “How dare you stop the mission of the imperium, You do not know who you are dealing with Captain. The federation has no power here.”

Kr’antren turned back towards the ensign. “Guess you were right Ensign, sorry I didn’t believe you. “He turned back towards the view screen. “You see, the ensign and I were discussing your crew, your ship, and yourself as we enjoyed breakfast this morning.”

“Where is Lieutenant Rujiso? I must speak with him, now!”

“You did hear me say we had several bodies of your crew in our morgue, did you not?”

“We know you were out at the asteroid, captain. Those are the bodies you have in your morgue.”

“Nope, we left them there. Seemed like a fitting place to leave them till the governor’s council decides what they want to do.” He looked at the small console on the arm of his chair. “Nope, last I checked we have the bodies of Lieutenant Rujiso and crewmen 2nd class Sojim. Isn’t that right, ensign? After all, you Identified them.”

The ensign looks madly between the two captains.

“Sir,” Skagath motions towards the screen with his head. 

Kr’Antren nodded. “One second Captain, looks like there’s something my crew needs me for.” The view screen goes mute as the capt looks over at Lieutenant Skagath with a raised eyebrow. “Lad, they are trying to slowly flank us to the port side.” Kr’Antren looked at the other Captain, “Helm, keep our forward section facing them. Two can play this game.” He looked back at Chief Kaha and nodded.

“Ok, so where were we? Oh, Captain, I wouldn’t try that If I were you. Not being very neighborly and trying to sneak up behind us.

“Captain Kr’antren, you are meddling in the affairs of the Devore Imperium and have unlawfully been helping those inciting rebellion against the imperium. You will lower your shields and prepare to be boarded for testing. If we find any telepaths amongst your crew they along with your remaining crew and yourself will be taken prisoner and your ship will be impounded.”

Kr’Antren looked around the bridge and shook his head. “ Captain, I hate to tell you this but that’s not going to happen. You see, the last we checked that system and this one are not part of the imperium and according to the ensign here you are out conducting some rather unsavory experiments only because of the deals being offered by some Ferengi. Oh, ya. We know about that also and have put an end to that piece. So now we just have you to deal with you. Let me ask you this, captain. Why would a ship that is part of the mighty Devore Imperium have to hide in a system marked on star maps as a hazard? If as you say this is part of the Imperium.”

The Imperium captain slams his hand on the arm of his chair and the screen goes back to normal view.

“Guess that answers that question, take him back to the brig.” Osiris rocks from side to side as she takes two hits.” Skagath now. Helm Zulu Alpha, get us behind and below them. Damage report.” as they feel the Osiris rock again, they watch as three quantum torpedoes streak towards the Devore ship. “Shields at eighty percent sir, looks like they are trying for the pod” They watch as two of the torpedoes explode above the ship’s engines hitting the shields of the ship while the last one explodes as it hits one of the engines.

“Hit on their port engine, captain. Showing their shields at fifty percent and holding.”

They watch as three torpedoes are streaking toward the Osiris. “Brace for impact.”

“Skagath, weapons free.” as they feel Osiris is rocked with three large explosions, several of the consoles on the bridge throw sparks as the crew stationed on the bridge are knocked off their feet. ”Doc!” 

She gets up from her chair and heads towards the crew laying on the floor, momentarily checking on them. “Medical beam out to the sickbay, now.” she and one of the crew disappear in a flash of light.”

“Sir, we took hits to Decks seven and eight. Starboard side. Also took one to the starboard nacelle. Engineering reports that it may be a few hours till we can enter warp but otherwise we are good all systems are holding. Shields are at 60 percent, routing auxiliary power to shields.”

He watches as the Devore ship is bathed in several lines of phaser fire. As they move into position, three more torpedoes head towards the underside of the ship as another torpedo heads towards them. “Hard port” Kr’Antren yells as the Osiris’s inertia stabilizers work hard to control as the ship violently turned to put their port side facing the incoming torpedo just as it impacts. “Shields at 40 percent captain, that one hit us hard, decks 13 and 14 are reporting several small hull breaches and system failures.”

“Sir we took out their port engine completely, their shields are at 10 percent. “ the Osiris rocks with several more phaser hits as they watch the underside of the Devore ship take several hits from their phaser fire.

“Chief, Hail them.” she nodded as the view screen showed a bridge with several small fires filled with the sounds of the wounded. “Captain, this only ends in one of two ways. Up to you which one, but I hope you pick the right one for your crew.”

Just then a scorching line of phaser fire lanced down the port side along the top as it made its way to the port side arch, leaving a blackened trail in its path. “That answers that.” more consoles erupt in fire and sparks, sending the crew onto the floor. “Skagath, aim for their engines and warp core. Fire a single three-burst spread of quantum torpedoes, now. Aim all phasers for their shield emitters and phaser banks. Helm back us off, now!”

They watched as the quantum torpedoes sunk into the Devore ship, the first one finishing off whatever shield power was left, as one dug into its port side engine deeply before exploding followed by the other into the starboard side engine. Phaser fire danced across the ship as they could see the damage dealt by the final torpedoes start to have secondary effects across the rear of the ship, ripping giant holes into the structure as their phaser fire continued to lance into the ship. Finally, one lone phaser lanced through the rear of the ship, hitting something vital as the ship erupted into a ball of fire from its center, and then it just started to break up into pieces. 

“All stop, damage report.” they watched the former devore cruiser continue to break up, small fires visible amongst its various pieces.

“Captain, minor hull breaches on decks thirteen and fourteen, bulkheads have been closed, and force fields are in place. The starboard nacelle took a hard hit from that Devore torpedo with some minor damage to the warp conduits. Conducting repairs as we speak, estimated four hours till it is complete so no warp till it has been checked and tested. They tried damn hard to hit the tactical pod, captain. I have crews going to check deck four along that strafing line, a few folks may have to find other accommodations till we check the structural damage.” 

Kr’antren nodded and looked around the bridge. “Get some teams up here too, chief.”

“Will do, captain”

“Lieutenant Skagath you have the conn, I’m going to sickbay to check on our people and get a report from Doc.” As he stood and stepped from his chair, then had to steady himself before heading towards the turbo-lift. 














  • Whoa, this was an exciting one! I loved your ambition with this chapter, evoking an iconic rivalry between Kr’antren and the Devore captain. The tension escalated effectively over the course of the chapter. With the captains duelling with their words before the phasers started to lance between them. I appreciated the way you characterized Kr’antren as a captain, giving us a lot of insights into how he observes and strategises a situation as it unfolds. Gripping stuff!

    January 8, 2023
  • I love Kr’Anten’s sense of humour. His comment about the tail having a mind of its own really made me smile and gave us a great insight into the character without saying much! The rest of the scene was great, an epic showdown between the two captains and I love the one liners! Nicely done!

    January 8, 2023