Part of Eos Station: Mission 1: Rule 34 War is Good for Business

Let the cards fall

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The Ambassador’s aide typed on the keypad of the console in front of them “Have the items been acquired?” 

A reply comes across the screen. “They have, do you have our Latinum?”

“We do.”

“And the ambassador has agreed to our terms?”

“He has, with some stipulations.”

“As long as those stipulations do not lessen my profit, we can negotiate these stipulations he is adding.”

“They may actually make you more profits, in the long run, Ferengi.”

“Now that,Romulan, is the first good thing I have heard since that new captain and that nosy, scaly new security chief came to the station. I have taken a large hit to my profits and my customers are starting to look elsewhere for the items that I was providing so easily before.”

“We will correct those issues soon, my new friend.”

“When would you like to have the items in place? “

“I will get those details to you as soon as we have them, I believe the plan is for the official opening of the embassy.”


“And the make of the items? Are as we asked.”

“They are.”

“Good, good. We have one more issue we need to deal with, we will pay well for it.”


“We need a certain member of our delegation to meet with an unfortunate accident.”

“Dead or just gone?”

“Preferably dead, preferably found in a public location, preferably in a way that leads back to the ones who made the items but not in a way that could lead them to suspect what is happening.”

“That will take some planning, and the right person or people to carry out. It will be costly for both of us.” 

“Price is of no concern for this, make it happen! He knows things that we do not want him to tell his friend.”

“His friend?”

“Yes, we found out upon our arrival that he has known the Captain for some time and they are quite close.”

“You realize this may cause more issues, they may heighten security or any number of things that will make the plan harder on all involved. However, there are benefits to the chaos that will arise from this to consider.”

“Do not worry about that. We will handle that from our side. One must always let the cards fall as they will, it’s how you pick them up that matters. I will contact you through the usual means with the information you will need to provide to whomever it is that you arrange to handle our problem.“

“Very well, I will need that as soon as you can get it for me. I will need it to create our contract and the terms and they will want to see it to set their price.”

“I will get youtube information once I confirm schedules and locations.”

“Very well.”