Part of USS Odyssey: Order To Chaos

Order To Chaos – 4

Borg Tactical Cube 147, Gradin Belt, Delta Qudrant
Stardate: 54973.4 (2378)
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A vessel has been detected. Aperture eight two three.

Unimatrix four two four grid one one six. 

Access transwarp corridor zero nine. 

Redirect vessels to intercept at subjunction.


Alter course to intercept.

Vessel identified. Federation Starfleet, Intrepid Class, one hundred forty-three lifeforms. 

Prepare for assimilation. 

Voyager has altered course. 

Current position spatial grid three six two. 

Trajectory one one two mark five.

Corridor…N-Nine…Voyager..USS-S…zero…zero nine…transwarp-transwarp…intercept…

The goliath grey Borg Cube was forced out of the transwarp conduit all of a sudden. Explosions erupted across its hull.

Unable to com-comply.

Re-establish connection. F-f-failure.

Trimetric fracture entered.

Sub-subspace flux detected.

Incoming graviton waves. 

Alert spatial sinkhole in unimatrix one seven sev-seven-t-t-two.

S-s-structural collapse im-imminent. 

Initiate…Voy…evacuation…alpha sequence…re-establ-establish.

A circular door broke open on the side of the Cube and immediately shot out a smaller Sphere, fleeing at high speeds away from its mothership as it succumbed to the damage sustained from its dropping out of warp. As the Sphere broke through it encountered several distortions, all of them holding their grip against the Borg Sphere. Like an anchor dropped to the bottom of the sea, the Sphere was not going anywhere. 

Alter deflect-deflector harmonics. 

Re-establish connection. F-f-failure. 

En-engage sub-sublight engines. Unable to com-com-com-comply. 

Warning. Overload.

Cease all power. 

Activate regeneration cycle. 

All of the drones on the Borg Sphere returned to their alcoves and the Sphere cut all of its power. 

To stop.

To wait. 

To postpone.


  • Eep! You really struck the right balance between the Borg's terrifying, menacing presence through their utterly mundane stray thoughts. With the kick-off of Odyssey Squadron, I love that they'll be facing a suitably iconic threat for a gathering of illustrious starships. Making it a sequel to the Borg's last great hurrah gives it all the more oomph. This is gonna be good!

    December 28, 2022
  • You’ve captured that Voyager Borg feeling of them talking to themselves brilliantly! The Hive when speaking as a collective is creepier then when it does as a single voice. Love it! And it lends well to Prodigy’s Sleeping Hive as well. Don’t wake the Hive!

    April 10, 2023