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Pretty Girls make Graves

Unknown Planet
~late oct 2400
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In the dark room, Maggie stood, hand on her hip. She watched as the Devoran man sidled up the wall with ease. She followed behind, the muscles of her arms aching-it had been a week or so since she’d worked out, and she could FEEL it. She’d been busy with things-work, mostly-and just hadn’t. She regretted it now. Behind her, she could sense Cdr. Johnson following them. Good. She had pegged him as the link weak in the command team, but maybe she was wrong about him.

Suddenly, they stopped in another room, this one appointed like a science lab. It was apparent that the Devoran had been on this planet for AWHILE, as this was no fast job to set up. Maggie didn’t really understand science but she knew how long it took to set up a science lab of this magnitude. A LONG time.

“Where are we?” Next to her, Johnson was standing, taking in the sight, and had crossed to a console table. “Don’t touch things.” He pulled his hand back, but gave her a LOOK.

I wasn’t going to! I am just looking. 

Men! Luckily, the Devoran interrupted. 

Miss Lefevbre, this is a science lab. I was looking at the red Dilihium to determine what is made of and how it came to be here.  And yes, thanks. Don’t touch anything! 

Ben made another face, but stepped back next to Maggie. 

The Devoran made some images appear on the hologram machine. 

It’s a bit different from regular dilithium. Going to be much more valuable. Once I can figure out where it came from, but rumor has it that it has seeded across the Delta Quadrant, and maybe further. 

Maggie glanced at Ben. 

“Further?” The Devoran moved closer to her.

Yes, ma’am. As far as the Gamma Quadrant. 

Maggie inhaled sharply. That changed a lot of things.

“Say you’re correct. What does that have to do with the SOS?”

I killed thier keeper. The plants, I mean. I had to; he was combative. 

“Well, you invaded his planet. Did you expect him to welcome you with open arms?” She asked, her tone both annoyed and dripping with sarcasm.

Suddenly, the Devoran was in her face.

Anyone in our airspace SHOULD welcome us. We are the Devore. 

“Well, *I* am less than impressed.” She knew she was playing with fire but she also knew a thing or fifty about how the male mind operated and she had a plan. “Honestly, if the Commander here would let me, I can just arrest you on the spot, and get this over with.” She was smart enough to figure out a way out of here.

From her periphery, she could see Johnson shake his head firmly NO. She sighed.

“But at least he’s READ the rulebook. Luckily for YOU.” She moved away, toward the console herself.

“If you killed their keeper, who’s feeding them?” The Devoran shrugged.

I don’t know and I don’t CARE. They’re just…plants. 

Maggie made a face.

“If they have the sentience to issue an SOS, they’re more than just plants.” 

Ben watched her, she made a face as if to say “I’ve got this.” 

Fine. I am sorry? 

“You don’t SOUND sorry.” She bent down, as if to tie her shoe, but came up with flexible handcuffs. “Sorry, Commander.” In a swift movement, she had the Devoran on his back, and climbed atop him, cuffing his left hand to a nearby chair as she stood up and drew her sidearm.

“NOW. You will get us back to terra firma NOW and then we’ll talk about what to do with you.” 

Ben crossed to her side.

The hell are you doing? I am in charge of this mission.

“And you weren’t doing anything except indulging him!” 

It’s called negotiation. 

“We don’t have TIME to be nice, Johnson. We’ve already been down here for 20 odd hours. I am tired and I want to go home. And get these plants to safety. Think the Captain will let us leave one of the scientists behind? Surely, we don’t need twelve.”

The look the man gave her could melt a lava flow, so she held up her hands.

“FINE. I am sorry.” She watched as he turned to the Devoran.

Listen, my colleague here is sorry. But I don’t disagree-if you get us to terra firma, I’ll let you go.  He undid the cuff attaching the man to the chair, but kept it on his arm, and unsheathed his own long gun.


The Devoran sighed.

Fine. He led them out of a nearby door and into a hallway. After another moment, they arrived back into the plant-filled room. 

See how easy that was? 

Maggie had her weapon trained on the Devoran, but her eyes were taking in the scene before her. A rescue and science team had gathered.

“We’re safe, folks. Get my friend here back to the ship, and into the brig.” One of the medics approached her.

Are you ok?

“Yeah, I am fine!”  She jerked her thumb over her shoulder. “Commander back there might die of apoplexy, though.”

After replacing her gun on her hip, she joined the others. One of the scientists was barking orders at others, and the last of the telepaths was sitting, crossed legged, eyes closed. She crossed to him.

“Are you ok?”

Yes, ma’am. The plants are thankful, and forgive you. 

She made a face and rolled her eyes but nodded.

“Thanks, I guess? Let’s get you back on the ship, and we’ll send the scientists out. Captain Taylor won’t exactly be excited about having to stay on longer but…That’s why I am not a redshirt.” The telepath had opened his eyes, but just shrugged at her.

Same, Lt. Same.

Maggie could feel…something…niggling at the back of her mind, but it wouldn’t present itself. She hated that. From somewhere else in the room, she heard Cdr Johnson’s take-charge voice. 

Everyone. Fall into a line here if you’re military. Civilians, gather around. 

She stepped into place, as the makeshift platoon leader, and watched carefully as others did the same-except the lone security team member, who had a solid hand on the Devore. Thank goodness for them-she was the type of girl to carry “emergency” handcuffs but not for security purposes. 

I am staying behind to wait for the science team, and a patrol. Lt. LeFebvre, you’ll take Black, Lee, and I’Mor back, and make the exchange, along with the Lt here, his head jerked towards the security officer. Move.

She fell out, and gathered the people, leading the way back to the ship. Once there, she found the Captain, and Bridge team, to give passdown. 


End Chap. 5.