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Part of USS Heracles (Archive): Blood Oath and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

Blood Oath – Act One – Part Four

Delta Quadrant - Somewhere
MD - Nov - Dec 2400
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Herry’s Apartment

Jones' footsteps reverberated through the puddled streets. Her thoughts were racing after learning of her brother's disappearance. She had no idea where she was going as she moved in and out of the shadows cast by the street lights. Tears streamed down her cheeks and fell to the ground as she ran.

While running blindly, she tripped over a piece of sidewalk and came to a halt, sliding a few feet. The sharp pain cleared her mind as she sat up and realized where she was. When she stood up, her legs screamed that they were overworked and that they were about to give out at any moment.

She takes her time walking down the street, each step bringing her closer to her destination, Herry's apartment. Her legs give way as she gets closer to his apartment, and she looks down at the ground as it rushes up to meet her. However, she does not complete the fall because she feels a pair of hands on her. She raises her head and stares Herry down. She bursts into tears again as she realizes he was there and had caught her.

Herry throws Jones' coat into the nearest chair before placing her on the couch. He knelt beside her, his eyes filled with concern. “Jones?”

Jones could only lie there as her mind became overburdened with the realization that her brother had gone missing and that the last thing they had said was hurtful to one another.

She became aware that she was no longer outside and that she was warming up. She sat up and looked around, realizing she was in Herry's apartment, but she missed him kneeling in front of her. Chills ran through her arms as she remembered Herry catching her, and she looked Herry in the eyes once more. Without warning, she flung herself into his arms and wrapped herself around him. Her lips find him and she passionately kisses him.

Herry kisses her again as he holds her, not knowing what is going on but refusing to deny Jones anything. As he kisses her, his hands move slowly down her back.

Jones feels his hands and pushes away gently. She returns to the couch and turns to face him. She lowers her gaze to the floor, her expression changing as she mulls over whether or not to tell him what has happened since their last meeting several hours ago.

Herry notices something is wrong and reaches up to place his hand on Jones' cheek.

"Babe, what's the matter?"

Jones raises her eyes to Herry and closes them for a moment to enjoy the warmth of his touch before opening them and looking into his eyes. She could see his concern, and her decision was made. She starts telling him about her brother throwing her out and how she got to the park. She mentioned the missing young girl and the voices. When her tone became hysterical as she spoke, Herry knew something was wrong.

As he sits next to her on the couch, he pulls her into his arms and listens to her explain what had happened since they had left each other earlier that day. He could feel her trembling as she spoke about her brother's disappearance, and he knew something was wrong.

"I'm so sorry, Jones," he said, trying to console her.

"Herry, I'm not sure what's going on. I remember seeing him walk into the restroom and then the little girl and after that…," she pauses for a moment as she tries to remember what the little girl had said before she speaks again, "nothing. Until I was startled awake by a police officer."

Jones' eyes were bloodshot. Her face was flushed from the hysterical state she was in. Herry looked down at her and gently placed a hand from around her on the side of her face. He leaned forward and kissed her lips. His hands begin to move over her body gradually.

Jones leans into him, her hands wandering over him, sensing his touch. A soft moan escapes her mouth as her head tilts back, breaking the kiss. As he slowly explores her neck, her eyes close in response to the warmth from his mouth.

Jones reaches down, wraps her fingers in his hair, and lifts his head to look into his eyes. The sensations he is giving her have blurred her vision. Herry returns to his mission with a mischievous grin. Jones closes her eyes again.

Jones opens her eyes and looks at Herry, who is sleeping with his arms around her. She is overcome with pain and realizes she must flee. She reluctantly slips from his arms and pauses when she hears Herry's soft groan as he turns over.

Her body is sore and complains when she moves, but she gets out of bed and starts getting dressed again. As she tightens the last strap on her boots, she looks over at Herry, and sadness fills her heart as she realizes this is the last time she will see him.Reaching down, she takes her coat from the couch and slips out the front door, into the cold and darkness of the night. A pre-dawn breeze slithered across her exposed skin, sending shivers through her body and deep into her core and reminding her of how sore her body was.

Jones flinched as her foot touched the sidewalk's pavement and she heard someone clearing their throat. Looking around, her gaze was locked on Jess'. 'Great,' she thought as she lowered her gaze.

"I'm not sure what happened, Jess, and I really don't want to talk about it right now," she said, her gaze averted.

"Well, that's unfortunate because you're going to tell me everything..." As Jones began to walk away, Jess began to say but never finished, “Hey! I'm talking to you, you spoiled brat!" she exclaimed.

Jones stopped for a second and in a sobbing voice replied. “Read about it in the news I am sure that there will be something about it.” Having said that Jones began to run.

Jess tried to keep up but soon lost sight of Jones, as she knew the streets better than Jess.

“I’m sorry,” Jones heard Jess yelling out, as she hide from her in a fire escape above her.

When Jess was leaving Jones softly whispered, “It’s for the best”, and disappeared.