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Part of Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

USS Heracles (Archive): Blood Oath

🚫Warning this content may be disturbing to some reader's, but still falls into the 2-2-2 Rating. Viewer's discretion advised.🚫

Mission Description

Act One:

A young woman and man, find and steal a shard of Blood Dilithium from inside a warehouse. Later things start to happen around the woman.

Act Two:

USS Heracles, en route to the Delta Quadrant an entire month before orders are sent from Bravo Fleet, arrives and detects a distress beacon from a derelict ship; traces it back to its origin.

Act Three:

Flashback to before the USS Heracles arrives.

Act Four:


About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date
End Date

19 January 2023

Blood Oath - Act One - Part Four

USS Heracles (Archive): Blood Oath

Herry’s ApartmentJones' footsteps reverberated through the puddled streets. Her thoughts were racing after learning of her brother's disappearance. She had no idea where she was going as she moved in and out of the shadows cast by the street lights. Tears streamed down her cheeks and fell to the [...]

19 November 2022

Blood Oath - Act One - Part Three

USS Heracles (Archive): Blood Oath

City Park Jones is walking alone when she notices a sign indicating the presence of a city park ahead of her. As she approaches the park, the dark, foreboding clouds above open up and rain begins to fall. Jones sighs and reaches into her bag for a hypospray. As she pulls it out she looks at the [...]

1 November 2022

Blood Oath - Act One - Part Two

USS Heracles (Archive): Blood Oath

Her brother’s Apartment Jones stumbles into her brother’s apartment hallway. She tries to creep but is unsuccessful. She collides with a wall and groans as she feels a slight pain in her shoulder. This wakes her brother, who turns to face his girlfriend. “Don’t,” she says, shaking her [...]

1 November 2022

Blood Oath - Act One - Part One

USS Heracles (Archive): Blood Oath

A Warehouse somewhere in the Delta Quadrant A shuttlecraft hovers above the ground, with a man peering out the cockpit window. Rain pelted against the glass, obscuring his view of a building illuminated by the shuttle’s exterior lights. “This could be the score of a century,” he says, his [...]