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To serve and protect – 8

USS Osiris
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Cairo briefing room

“Governors, I hope you have had time to look over the plan that my team has come up with in order to help with the telepath site. As you can see we are willing and able to  lend as much support as possible with this site. Lieutenant Talibah, my executive officer, will be in charge of the Osiris’s teams and all correspondence can go through her. We also hope to help figure out who is sabotaging the site, Lieutenant Talibah has experience in matters such as this.”

The screen showed the four governors looking at consoles off screen, a couple of them  nodded as they read and listened to what Kr’antren said.

Lt. Talibah stood and walked over to the replicator and put an empty cup on the replicator’s padd and watched it dissolve, she then turned and faced the governors on the screen. “ governors, as the captain and myself have mentioned over the last few days, we are here to help and we are asking for nothing in return. Rharpaz,” she noticed him starting to shake his head and ball up his fists on his desk. “As we have discussed with you in particular. You will not try to add this site into your previous contracts nor will you try to forge new contracts in regards to this site. The only thing we have asked is that this site does not turn down any telepaths now or in the future that may seek help there.”

“This is not the Ferengi way, there is no profit to be made in this. Federation, you will be the end of us. Always getting involved in where you are not wanted. Bahhhhh.” He throws up his hands and his feed cuts off.

Talibah looked at Kr’Antren with a raised eyebrow, he nodded in reply and tapped his combadge. “Chief, make sure that the channel from Rharpaz is truly shut down.”

“It is sir, we lost all connection from him.”

“Thank you, chief” He looked over at his number one and nodded again.

“Governors, I have just finished investigating some issues with a few mining sites, this was asked of us by one of your fellow governors. What we found on two of the sites has raised some questions that we feel obligated to look into. But before we can start that process we need to ask something from each of you. Have any of your various companies within your cities had issues of late? Especially ones that deal with mining, transportation of goods, manufacturing. You do not have to tell us now, you can send us a message or we can discuss it one on one if you want.”

She noticed that the other two governors, as one has already had discussion with the captain and her, sit back. One steepled  their hands in front of them and let out a deep breath the other took a minute then leaned forward in their seat again. “I will be contacting you Lieutenant, we have had some mysterious things being reported from our organisations as well.”

Talibah nodded at this.”Thank you, governor.”

“Back to our original reason for this meeting. While our teams are there, they will also be watching for and investigating the figures that have reportedly been seen watching the site and looking into the sabotaging of  the infrastructure. We will figure this all out together and if someone is up to no good we will make sure it is ended.”

“Captain, does that mean you will deal with whoever it is? Even if it is the Devore Imperium.”

Kr’antren stood and leaned on the table. “Yes, we will deal with whoever it is. Imperium or otherwise they will be dealt with. We will help all and in so doing we will make sure you and your people are protected. If Blood Dilithium is made into a weapon it will affect not only this system but the Gradin Belt, the Delta Quadrant and and the other Quadrants as well and Starfleet cannot let that happen.”

The Governors nodded at this. “Captain. We have all agreed to this plan. Even Rharpaz has signed the agreement. Though that signature might have taken some arm pulling and threats from the rest of us in order to happen but nonetheless he signed it. We will prepare for your arrival.”

Kr’antren and talibah sit back down, look at each other then back at the governors on the screen. We have a few things to finish up with our research here on the fifth planet then we will be on our way. We should be there within the next fourteen hours if not sooner.“

“We will see you in fourteen hours then, captain.”

Each section of the screen goes to black as each of the governors sign off the communications channel.

“Looks like we have a mission to get ready for, number one.” As Kr’antren stood and made his way towards the bridge, followed by Lt. Talibah.

“Tazzeth, Have we received any more requests for data from Task Force 17?”

“We have, captain. They have asked us to conduct a few sub surface scans, they have asked us to focus on the crater and the area immediately around it. We should have those done in the next two to three hours.”

Kr’Antren nodded as he took a seat in his chair.”

“Lieutenant Darame, plan a route to the main planet. Let’s take a geostationary orbit over the telepath site area. That should give us good coverage of that area for scans and to help out if needed.” The Captain looked down at his seat arm console and some notes he had made over the last couple days.”Lieutenant, add a stop over the asteroid field. I want to get a better look at the asteroid we were asked to look into.”

“Tazzeth, let number one or myself know when those scans are completed and you have the needed data.”

“As soon as we have the information, I’ll let you know sir.”

“Skagath, start putting your teams together. Send the roster to number one when you have it ready. Have them ready to go when we reach the planet.” He tapped the comms button on his armrest and sends the same message to the Doc.