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Part of Starbase Bravo: Q3 2400

New Faces and New Friends

Nov. 2400
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After processing through security screening, Lukas consulted his padd to determine his nearest turbolift. Anxious to settle into his quarters and then explore the station for a bit, so as to not appear to be running around like a headless chicken when reporting for his first assignment.

First on the agenda was a message home, unpacking some personal effects, finding the best cup of coffee, and maybe checking out the arboretum he had seen noted on the station’s schematics.

Like most junior officers, his quarters were relatively spartan, yet still comfortable. Taking a seat at the desk in the corner of the room he activated the personal terminal.

‘Hi, Mum and dad. This is it. I’ve finally arrived on Starbase Bravo with my duties officially starting tomorrow. I won’t lie but I will miss you both and I wanted to say thank you for your support and for pushing me to be part of something big. I know no matter where I go, what I do where I end up, I know I have your unconditional love and support. I better stop now before I start to cry a bit. Love to you both.’

With his message sent, Luke took a moment to dry his eyes and splash some water on his face before heading to the upper levels. Exiting his quarters he reentered the turbolift that bought him to his quarters.

“Sector Bravo-Orange, Arboretum.”

With a soft his as the doors slid shut, he was comforted by the low hum as the turbolift sped him to his requested destination.

As the doors slid open again, a smile took over Luke’s face as he caught sight of a slice of nature in space. This could soon become a favourite place of his during his downtime, as long as he didn’t give in and try to climb some of the greenery. Shaking his head slightly he tried to school his features into something less like a fish out of water.

After taking it all in, coffee was next on his hit list. What better way to introduce himself to his fellow junior officers and get his bearings a bit better. Looking around he saw he wasn’t the only one strolling around the arboretum. He caught sight of a fellow Ensign also enjoying nature. 

Nilah was slowly walking around the walking trails, enjoying sights that she enjoyed seeing when she went on her daily walks. She noticed that someone else had entered, not seeing him before she figured he was someone new. Which wasn’t all that uncommon here on the starbase as the new crew would come and go all the time. Walking up to him she smiled, “Hello you must be new here?” She asked with a smile.

“Got that overwhelmed look about me do I?” Luke responded in kind. 

“Forgive my terrible manners?” he continued. “Ensign Lukas Daniels, Junior Operations Officer. Although my friends call me Luke.” he finished offering his hand to shake.

She chuckled, “no I just figured you were new since I haven’t seen you before.” She replied with a smile, “I am Ensign Nilah Virahl, Engineering Officer though I work in the shipyards.” She replied as she shook his hand, “I usually come here after my shift to unwind.” She added.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Luke responded after releasing his grip. “I hope I’m not intruding on your downtime.”

Luke had known from his academy days that unwind time between crew members could vary greatly between wanting to be left alone to unpack the day right through to a social drink or holodeck session. Choices he both respected and understood. Time to yourself can be a bit of a precious commodity with the sheer amount of crew members and civilian contingent on board.

“I’d be grateful for the company for a short while as I get the feel of the place if it’s not an imposition of course,” Luke added with a small smile.

“I don’t mind, always enjoy the company and making new friends.” She replied, “I will be happy to show you around as well, I know this station can be overwhelming sometimes. I know it took me a while to get used to it,” she added.

“Thank you.” Luke nodded. “I’ll probably need all the help I can manage for the first wee while.” Falling into step beside Nilah as they resumed walking along the trail. Trusting Nilah knew where they were going, Luke broke the comfortable silence. 

”Have you been on the station long?” he enquired to what may be a new friend. “Not that I’m asking for your papers or anything.” He finished with a hint of laughter in his tone.

She thought there for a moment as they walked down the path, “almost a year though sometimes it feels longer than that.” She said as she chuckled, “I still sometimes get lost.” She added as they made their way out of the Arboretum and made their way down the corridor. “First stop my favorite place, the promenade. ” She said with a smile.

“I am completely on board with that idea,” Luke replied with a smile. “Get a feel for the best eateries and coffee on the station, when replicated options just don’t cut it.” This chance meeting was really getting Luke on the right foot and he wasn’t feeling as out of depth as he was when he first arrived. 

Surely the commercial sectors on a station this size would be a sight to see.

As they arrived she began to show him the different shops which were just about anything you could possibly think of. There were restaurants of different types as well as coffee shops that were great places to sit back and relax, enjoying a cup of coffee. “Care for a cup of coffee? The Brew is a great coffee shop that I tend to visit quite frequently,” she said with a smile.

“Coffee would be fantastic. It’s been a long day and a particularly early start” Luke returned the smile as they made their way. “I must say I feel fortunate to have bumped into you.”

Keeping an eye on the path they were taking, he also kept an eye out for the different shops on offer. Perhaps a return trip was in order at the end of his first ship. A settling-in gift to himself and perhaps a little something for him to send home.

She smiled as they continued down the promenade towards the Brew, once arriving they both took their seats and ordered. They began to spend some time chatting amongst themselves as it was nice to just take a break, to get a fresh start once returning. Nilah enjoyed making friends that she could spend time with off-duty or even work with while on duty.