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Part of Starbase Bravo: Q3 2400

Start of Something New

Nov. 2400
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Luke exhaled slowly as the shuttle en-route to Starbase Bravo entered warp. Taking a cursory glance at the padd in his hand he mentally committed the message from his parents to memory. In a matter of hours he would be light-years from home. Not one to normally get too rattled, his nerves were a bit tightly strung. His first official posting was waiting.

Closing his eyes to get some rest while traveling, it felt like minutes had passed when the voice of the pilot interrupted announcing they would soon be dropping out of Warp as they entered Starbase Bravo space. Straightening his uniform and flattening his hair, he noticed a pending message notification.

This was the message he had been waiting for.

‘Ensign Daniels, congratulations on your posting to Starbase Bravo. Upon arrival please report to a deck officer so we can log your arrival in the official logs. They will direct you to your department and issue any additional instructions at that time’.

Changing a glance through the shuttles viewport he was once again stunned by the sheer magnitude of the station and Mellstoxx-III welcoming him to his new phone. Although he had spent four years planetside he never grew tired of the view and presence of the station.

After what felt like an eternity, the shuttle finally touched down in the arrivals docking bay. After getting clearance to depart, Luke joined his fellow new arrivals to get processed through and receive their orders.

Approaching the nearest Deck Officer, Luke respectfully introduced himself.

“Ensign Lukas Daniels reporting for duty, sir.”

“Welcome aboard Starbase Bravo, Ensign.” The deck officer responded. “Your arrival has been noted in the station log.”

Tapping a few commands into his padd, the deck officer continued.

“I have outlined your accommodation and various recreation areas on your padd. You will need to report to Sector Lima-Violet at 0600 tomorrow.”

Luke briefly inclined his head in acknowledgement as the deck officer continued.

“Please also report to security screening and get yourself situated. I wish you all the best with your tour of duty on our own slice of paradise.”

“Thank you sir.” Luke saluted before taking a step back and making for security screening as quickly as possible. Nobody liked to be kept waiting.

His new adventure was starting now and he was eager to make his mark and do his part.