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Part of USS Mackenzie: Mission 2: Wayward Sons and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

6 – The Searchers, Redux

USS Mackenzie
11.1.2400 @ 1400
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Harris had read the reports on Cardamon and had conferred upon him limited freedom on the Mackenzie.  He had shifted the security team away from him and asked Ensign Atega to find a protocol officer to assist the Voth when he left his quarters.  The captain had briefed the department heads, and they had briefed their teams.  He stood next to Lieutenant Fowler’s science station, glancing at the PADD in his hand as she worked the sensors further to identify a path on which they could begin their search.  She ran down what she had, “There’s a few systems on the way that we have confirmed intel on.  Hazari, a K-Class planet. Home to where the Hazari originated from – it’s unknown if they still call the place home.”  She tapped through the screens, “Kadi is also on the way, but they are very religious and are ritualistic to a fault.  I doubt our friends visited them.  If they did, they would have deeply offended them.”  Another tap, “There’s Ankari, and they’re maybe our best bet at getting information without pushing a button we didn’t know about.”

Harris read through the background of each species, “I’ve been re-reading the Voyagers logs recently…it leaves you in awe of what they did to keep pushing to find a way home.  It’s also a massive help to us in figuring out who to talk to and who to stay away from as much as possible.  Prentice, let’s set a course for Kadi and see what they can tell us about our friends.  Have a secondary course set in for Ankari, and no course for the Hazari.  Engage when ready.”

Kadi – 1600

=^=The group you describe did attempt to spend time here, but they violated many of our standards and practices…and they were asked to leave.  We had to be far firmer with them than we’ve had to be with humans in the past.  The young woman that was with them…she was nearly convinced to stay and join our order, but she returned to them.=^=

Harris sat in the command chair.  They’d arrived at the planet and immediately been hailed by the planet and attracted the attention of several patrol ships in orbit.  “When did they come through?”

The man thought for a moment and consulted his console, =^=A month ago, in your Earth measurements.  They wanted to know more about what was out there beyond us.  We were less inclined to give them anything after they attempted to flirt with our women.  That was just one of the offenses.=^=

Ambrose was tempted to ask for the list, but he had a feeling they would be there for some time so that list could be read in its entirety.  “Ambassador Tomin, I offer my apologies for their behavior and actions.  They will be punished for their actions here, I assure you.”

The ambassador narrowed his eyes, =^=See that you do.  We are aware of the recent opening of the wormhole and what it has brought upon the Delta Quadrant.  We are content with our ways and do not wish to have to be bothered by such…fools.=^=

The CO gave a brief nod, “You have my word, Ambassador.  Thank you for your time.”  The man nodded, and the channel closed as he growled, “They’re making friends and influencing people in all the wrong ways.  Fowler, anything?”

At the science station, Sadie turned to face her commanding officer, “Very faint traces of their warp signature.  I can approximate that they were headed to Ankari.”

“Then let’s keep on the trail.  Mr. Prentice, engage!”

Ankari – 1700

=^=They tried to steal one of our summoning beacons!  They didn’t even ask nicely!  They just jumped in and tried to take it by force.  We’ve been down this road before, so we were ready.  They were not expecting us to fight back.=^=

Ambrose kept his composure as the lead ambassador for the Ankari stared at him, still furious a month later.  “I offer my apologies for….”

=^=They can be the ones who apologize.  You may be blood-related to them, but they are the ones who took action against us…and they can speak for themselves when you find them.=^=

The captain gave an accepting nod, “We will make every effort to bring them to heel and apologize.  You said they were here four weeks ago?”

=^=Yes.  Five hours.  You’ve read the files on the Equinox and the Voyager?=^=

Harris had.  It had been a brutal read from start to finish.  “Equinox was not our finest hour.”

=^=You humans have a saying…’understatement of the year’ or something like that.  It applies here.=^=

The CO tried to bring them back to focus, “Is there anything you can tell us about where they were headed or what they wanted?”

The Ankari appeared to be speaking to someone off-screen before returning his attention to Harris, =^=They seemed interested in the small amount of space between the Chaotic Space and the Malon Cooperative.  We attempted to warn them about…well, everything in that area…but they were…what is the human word…suffering from an enlarged case of hubris.  They believed they could defeat anything that came their way.=^=

Ambrose wasn’t surprised.  “We’ll do our best to track them down.  We appreciate your sharing what you could.”

=^=When you catch up with them, give them a message from the Ankari.  If they return to us, we will kill them.  Nobody threatens us in the ways they did and gets a second chance to offend us.=^=

The channel closed, and he let out a long sigh as he turned in his chair to face his XO, “I don’t suppose we should risk a visit to Hazari or try to find someone there to talk to?”

Okada shook her head with great intent, “Sir, if they pissed off these two groups, I can only imagine the trail of fury we’re going to be trying to put back together.  The Hazari may view you as proper bounty for payment for whatever they did to them.”

Harris couldn’t disagree with her, “They have a unique talent, these boys.  They push every button, stretch every nerve…and push you to the edge of your sanity.  You do that in the Alpha Quadrant; people generally don’t kill you for it.”  He nodded to the screen, “Here in the Delta Quadrant…well, killing is the last step in the pain-filled and vengeful process these folks have on their mind.  Mr. Prentice, set us a course for the space between Chaotic Space and the Malon Cooperative.  Sound yellow alert…just in case.”  He turned to Fowler, “Let’s start seeing if we can track them as we go, Lieutenant.”


  • Wow, talk about pissing off the wrong people. Harris' cousins sound like they are going to be a handful once they are found. I like the way you are writing out this story and the flow of it is awesome. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next part.

    November 2, 2022
  • I do love to read the references to old acts that were done in the series and how it affects the standing of the Federation right now. The runaways are on a wild goose hunt and overconfident with what they are trying to achieve, meanwhile the Federation has to clean up their mess. It reads quite pleasant as if I am reading Indiana Jones!

    November 2, 2022