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To serve and protect – 1

USS Osiris
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Cairo Briefing Room

 “Sir, we have made preparations with the three ships that we will be escorting. The routes and time schedules have been laid out and agreed on. Just to make sure that everyone is aware of where we are going, the three ships are heading to an area of the Gradin belt known as the Subspace Sandbar, talking to the ships’ captains their benefactors believe that this area should be, theoretically speaking, a prime location for new fields of blood dilithium. : Lt. Shrybass returned to his seat around the conference table.

Lt. Talibah puts her PADD down. “The captains have been warned and briefed on the issues with that area, not only will they have to deal with the subspace sandbar and the pitcher plant but that area also borders the Devore Imperium and Borg space. They have stated that their benefactors are aware and they have made all possible preparations on their ships.”

Lt. Darame stood and enabled the holoprojector on the conference table, and a map of the Gradin Belt appeared. “Sir, this is the route that we will be following as you can see we will have three stops along the way. These will allow for the convoy to regroup and reassess the next leg.” three green dots appear on the map each connected by a red dashed line.”

Kr’antren looked from his PADD to the laid-out route in front of him. “ What is the agreed upon warp?”

“That is the rough part sir, due to the age of the three ships and the experience of the crews on them we will have to all travel at the rate of the slowest one. Warp 5, the oldest of the ships, could push warp 6 if the need arose but they would need to stop for considerable repairs after about 12 hours at that speed.”

Kr’antren looked over at his number one “Guess this will be a long escort mission.”

“Yes, sir”

Lt. Tazzeth then stood. “Captain, the next phase of our mission is a recent addition. We have been tasked to go to the outer markers of the pitcher plant area and run some scans. Bravo fleet wants to make sure that the plant is not “growing”. Some fear that the Blood dilithium’s nature could affect the plant’s growth or possibly its abilities. I believe no more than three to four hours at the outer markers should give us the time to get the data they have asked for.”

“I have read the brief, Darame I do not want to get any closer to that plant than we have to, even being at those outer markers that the Voyager put down is worrisome.”

“Yes, sir”

“Sir, it is my recommendation that during the approach and while we are in the area of the markers all telepaths report to the sick bay for observation.”


Lt. Talibah picked up her PADD and adjusted the holo map. “The next part of our orders patrolling the area around the sandbar and between the Devore Imperium and the Malon cooperative assisting as we can in the area.”

“Thank you for the briefing everyone. Good work. As you all are aware we have roughly 24 hours till the wormhole is due to open. It will be a mad dash to get through.” he gestures out of the panels where several Task Force 47 starships and a few commercial starships were visible. “Lt. Talibah and I have a reception with the Task Force command staff and the other Task Force captains at 1900 hours. I believe counselor Sia will be attending a “working dinner” with the other Task Force counselors.”

“ Yes sir. Scheduled to start at roughly 1800.”

“Doc, that means you will have the conn.” He smiles as he said this and we hear an audible groan come from the doc.

“ ok, ladies and gentlemen, you have your assignments. Time to get those last-minute preparations completed. You are dismissed.”



“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get a go/no go for travel to the Delta Quadrant.” Kr’Antren sat back in his captain’s chair.

Lt. Talibah swings her console over in front of her position. “Engineering?”



“Operations is a Go, communications is reporting that the three ships we will be escorting are also reporting green across the board.”


“ We are a Go, ma’am”

“Tactical and security?”

“ Go and Go, what are we waiting for? Let’s do this.”

A chuckle is heard around the bridge


“ We are a Go, number one.”


“I am as ready as everyone else is; we have received the latest updates on the diplomatic front as of sixty minutes ago.”


“ Helm is a Go. We have received our entry order from DEI, we will be Bravo group, sir. The course for the first leg has been laid in and we will go to warp as soon as we are through the wormhole and have received the all-clear from our three escortees, estimate 24 hours at warp 5 for the first leg.”

“Sir, all departments report as green to go. All systems are reporting green and all crew is accounted for.” Lt. Talibah slides the console back to the side of her seat.

“ Very well, Chief Kaha. Send a message to Task Force command and the DEI that the Osiris is mission ready. Then open a ship-wide channel.”

“ Message sent and acknowledged sir and you have the channel captain.”

“Crew of the Osiris, in the next couple hours we will embark on a mission to the Delta quadrant. A new region of space for all of us. Be that as it may, as I said last night trust in your family, trust in your leadership, and trust the Osiris. We are the light that guides, we are the tip of the spear that cuts the path, and we lead so that others can follow. See you all on the other side ” a slight chuckle from the captain “Osiris prepare for code blue operations till we are through the wormhole, all stations prepare for arrival in the Delta quadrant.”

Skagath starts to chuckle upon the channel closing. “ Nice speech their lad, practise it much in front of the mirror.”

“Nope, I made it up on the fly. How did it sound?”

The rest of the bridge staff chuckles at that. “That part stays on the bridge.” As he raised an eyebrow and looked toward Lt. Skagath.

“Ohhh alright sir, my lips are sealed that you made up that fine speech.”

“Counselor put the word out. If any of our telepaths start feeling or hearing anything out of normal I want to know about it immediately.”

“Yes, sir. I’m sending the message out as we speak.”

“Chief Kaha that goes for you also, our resident telepath on the bridge. I’ll be counting on  you to let us know if you feel anything out of your normal.”

“Understood sir, if I may?”

“Go ahead, chief”

“Sir, I want to make it known that I want to stay at my post as long as I can if we run into any issues. Any warning, any information that I could give to you may be what saves the crew, the ship, or the countless number of lives. I’m ready to make that sacrifice if need be sir.”

“Understood and noted in bridge logs, chief. However, I will add my part to that. If at any time the Chief Medical Officer deems you to be a safety risk or if number one or myself orders it you will comply and report to sickbay. No questions No complaints. Understood?”

Chief Kaha turned and faced the two of them. “Understood, captain”  she let out a visible breath as if she had been holding it in to get the courage to make the request.



The view screen of the bridge shows a blinding light, which the computer filters down to a non-blinding tone, as the Barzan wormhole opens for November.

“Sir, DEI is reporting that the wormhole has locked itself on both sides, they are starting the process of moving everyone through.”

Assorted ships, both federation, and civilian started to move through on the view screen.

“DEI messages that Bravo group is cleared to enter in 10 minutes.” chief Kaha said from the communications console. “Lots of traffic coming and going sir on all channels.”

“I would think so chief, lots of information being passed I would expect. Let the convoy group know that we are about to enter and will meet up with them at point alpha three to clear the wormhole on the delta side. Darame take us through when we have the green light. Let’s keep it at ¾ impulse as we approach.” 

“Bravo group, you are cleared to proceed. Good luck with your missions. See you all in 30 days.” Came over the comms channel that Chief Kaha had opened for all to hear on the bridge.

“Helm, ¾ impulse, watch the traffic, and don’t scratch the paint.”

“DEI flight control, this is the Osiris thank you for the hospitality make sure you keep the lights on and the door unlocked. See you in 30 days.” Kr’Antren said as the Osiris entered the wormhole horizon. 

Most everyone on the bridge and probably around the ship held their breath, stiffened their stance, or gripped something tight, not knowing what to expect or what was exactly on the other side.

Five minutes later

Almost as one, the staff on the bridge let out a sigh as they crossed the horizon of the wormhole and found themselves in the delta quadrant for the first time.

“Chief send a message to DEI and Task force 17 on Markonian Outpost. Let them know that Osiris has arrived in the Delta Quadrant. After that send a message to our three friends and make sure they all arrived safe and sound.”

“Message sent and acknowledged sir.”

“Helm, take us to point Alpha three, full impulse.”

“On our way”

“LT. Tazzeth, let’s get our eyes out. I want long-range scans as far out as possible, give them some extra power. I want an analysis of the data sent to us prior and what we see now. If it is different I want to know sooner rather than later.”

“Sir, all scans are currently reading what we expected to see coming out of the wormhole, currently the Markonian Outpost is two hours away at the warp we have agreed on with our three friends. Picking up lots of traffic as expected, and a lot going on around the outpost also. Starting to log the various warp and engine signatures of all ships in the area.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant.

“Number one, any thoughts?”

“Besides, So this is the delta quadrant? Not right now captain. Waiting to see what is out there.” lifting her chin to point at the viewscreen and what is beyond.

“Agreed on both of those thoughts.” Kr’antren scooted forward in his chair, “not much different from what we are used to seeing, is it? It’s what is out there that will be the unknown.”

“Sir, we have arrived at point alpha three.”

“Scans are showing that our three friends are 10-20 minutes out sir, guess the chief has been tweaking those impulse engines more to his liking.”

“Not going to complain, Lieutenant. Any advantage we can get may be what saves us all.”

“Skagath and helm, make sure you add whatever the chief did to tweak those impulse engines into your tactical maneuvers.”

“Sir, the Risian Sapphire, the Abok & Igemp mining corporation – AIC 562, and the Delta Hammer are all reporting that they are all ready for going to rendezvous Alpha.”

“Send them the go-ahead message”

“Helm, take us to rendezvous point alpha warp five.”

“Coordinates are plotted and locked in sir, arriving in15 hours at warp 5.”

They watched on the view screen as the three ships that they are escorting entered warp and disappeared.

“Let’s roll, Lt. Darame” 







  • "The tip of the spear that cuts the path" - inspiring! Kr'Anten comes across as a cat who knows his captaincy business, but not afraid to let his fur down. Lovely descriptive language of all the hustle and bustle as the Fourth Fleet squeezes through the Barzan Wormhole. Warp 5 will definitely be a bit of a plod, and so close to the telepathic pitcher plant, too! I'm sure no good can come of that. But the crew of the Osiris give out the impression that they'll definitely be ready for whatever the Delta Quadrant decides to throw at them. Looking forward to finding out what exactly that is!

    November 2, 2022
  • Well, well, well, you're taking a high-stakes approach to the campaign and I'm mighty entertained. I have to expect some excitement when the USS Osiris is setting sail to the corner of pitcher plant and subspace sandbar -- especially when that's in the backyards of the Devore and the Borg. I love the notion that Starfleet wants to keep an eye on if the pitcher plant has put on weight. Very important that we keep track of the outer markers. I also enjoyed tension of the go / no go decision to launch -- it really builds one's excitement for this mission to a fever pitch!

    November 3, 2022