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Part of USS Heracles (Archive): Blood Oath and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

Blood Oath – Act One – Part Two

Delta Quadrant - Somewhere
MD - Nov - Dec 2400
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Her brother’s Apartment

Jones stumbles into her brother’s apartment hallway. She tries to creep but is unsuccessful. She collides with a wall and groans as she feels a slight pain in her shoulder. This wakes her brother, who turns to face his girlfriend. “Don’t,” she says, shaking her head. “She should sleep it off,” she says. He shakes his head and walks out of his room to face his sister. As he looks at her, he shakes his head and walks out into the hallway.

Jones leans against the wall, staring at him. She anticipates what is to come and sighs, “Do we really need to do this now?” she asks, her voice slightly slurred.

“Your drunk,” her brother shakes his head.

Jones straightens herself as much as she can and responds, “No.”

“Don’t lie to me, Jones,” says her brother.

“I’m not,” Jones says, brushing past him on her way to her room, which she slams shut.

As he walks over to her closed door, her brother twists his mouth and opens it without knocking.

Jones looks up at him, her shirt almost completely undone, and covers herself up, saying, “Excuse me! ” she screams at him. “This is my space.”

“You were with him again, weren’t you?” her brother asks, unconcerned about what she has just said.

“What’s the big deal?”

“You already know he’s a petty criminal and a drunk.”

“No, he isn’t,” Jones says, narrowing her eyes at her brother.

“Then give me an honest answer, Jones.” Are you inebriated? ” As he waits for her to respond, he crosses his arms over his chest.

“Yeah, I had a drink,” Jones sighs. Just a few hours ago. “I’m happy,” she says.

Her brother looks disgusted and shakes his head. “Pack your belongings and leave.”

Jones looks at her brother, puzzled, and says, “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. I won’t watch you spiral down that path of destruction again,” he says, recalling all the times she’d come home smelling of alcohol or some synthetic drug she’d gotten into with whoever she’d been with that night.

“Just let me sleep and we’ll talk about it,” Jones begs.

Her younger brother shakes his head. “Not this time,” he says as he exits her room.

Jones slams the door and screams, throwing herself onto the bed and pulling at her hair. She realized at that point that her brother was serious and that he wanted her to leave. 


  • I loved how this story played out. It's clear to see that the brother cares for his sister. It's easy to see myself and my own sister in the writing here. The exchange between the two is authentic and easy to follow—great job expressing this relationship. Keep up the great work.

    November 12, 2022