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Part of Starbase Bravo: Q3 2400

First Time On A Stardock

Oct. 2400
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It was another assignment; however, this was different. She considered this her first actual assignment. This would be the one that put her out in the field, away from Earth, away from her family, and away from the memories of Jason. She looked out the window as Starbase Bravo came into view. Her future became apparent as the shuttle continued on its path; the speck on the horizon had grown into something massive.

The fear of that first meeting, initial interactions, and getting lost suddenly hit her like a brick. Earth provided a certain comfort and dependability that life on a Stardock wouldn’t. She nearly jumped out of her skin when the pilot announced their arrival. What had been a speck was the only thing visible through her window. She let out a whistle; her eyes were a dead giveaway to her feelings. 

“First time on a Stardock, Lieutenant,” she heard a voice from behind her. 

“Is it that obvious?” Hunter didn’t turn to look at the voice. 

“Everyone, well, those who are green get that look,” the pilot came up from behind, standing next to the Doctor. “Don’t worry, soon this will seem like home.” 

Hunter cocked her head to the side, “my home was never this big, and I have a big family.” 

The older pilot laughed, “come on, Doctor,” he gestured to the door.   The computer took care of the final arrival preparation, and soon Hunter was standing in the doorway looking out at a relatively large open visitor arrival center. 

In the distance, she could see Security Officer and various Administrative personnel; it reminded her of a giant customs processing center. She smirked; of course, it did. A station this large had to take security seriously. Hunter felt a hand on her shoulder. 

“Welcome to Starbase Bravo, Doctor,” the pilot smiled, “now go; Security doesn’t like to be kept waiting.” 

“Thank you for a pleasant trip,” she nodded as she took one step onto the deck plating below. Taking a deep breath, Hunter plastered on a smile, “keep it together,” she told herself. 

Handing a padd to the nearby Security Officer, “Doctor Hunter Callaghan reporting as ordered.” She forced a smile to hide the nerves. The Security Officer took the padd and asked her a few questions. She was too busy checking out the station to remember what he asked. She replied with a yes, and nodded.

The Security Officer looked at the Doctor, “excuse me, Lieutenant,” he snapped his fingers to get her attention. “You wanna tell me when you carried on an illegal item?”  He smiled. 

“Oh shoot, sorry,” Hunter blushed, “I was just….”  She motioned to the station, “…looking around.”

“Happens to many of the new arrivals,” the Security Officer replied, “but I have a long line to get through, so if we could sightsee later and get through these questions.” 

“My apologies,” Hunter smiled as she nodded, pressing her thumb to the offered padd. “This is going to be very interesting.”  She listened as the Officer gave her instructions and told her where to report next, but she wasn’t interested. Her first stop was her quarters, then Promenade.