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Alton Hits A Brick Wall

January 2401 (before events of "Mystery Continues)
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Alton was passing sickbay, when he decided to drop in see if Alison was on duty, so he walked into sickbay and looked around.

“Alton, what are you doing here?” Alison asked looking up from her work.

Alton walked over and sat in one off her desk chairs. “Haven’t heard from you in a couple of days. I was hoping that our second date was still going to happen.”

“I have been busy,” she replied.  She looked over at Alton and sighed, “I had a nice night, and you were a complete gentleman which is more than I can ask.”

“I tried to keep my true feelings and urges to myself.” He moved closer to her. “So….second date?”

She hesitated,  “I don’t know Alton.  I really don’t.  I’m really not in a position for something serious,  and I don’t do flings.”

Alton was surprised. “I never said anything about a fling. I was looking for a serious relationship, but if you’re not interested, I’ll leave you alone.” He turned and left sickbay.

“Alton!” She sighed as he walked out ignoring her plea.  She wasn’t looking for anything. Her life right now was anything but stable, and any commitment just wasn’t possible at this moment. She frowned standing at the closed doors feeling terrible.

Alton headed to the holodeck to burn off some anger. He entered the holodeck and programmed the computer for a complex series of exercises meant to test his abilities.

Lieutenant Astrid Vogler had entered the holodeck with the intention of giving this person a piece of her mind.  She had reserved this time two weeks ago and he or she had already wasted fifteen minutes of it.

Seeing Alton she paused, and blinked.  “By the looks of things you need this recreational diversion more than me.”

Alton turned and looked at her. “I’ll go and let you have your appointment.” He headed towards the doors.

“Hold up,” Astrid announced. “Computer do you have a record of the 602 Club?”


“Please load.”

The computer beeped and the surroundings morphed into a sports pub. The bar was a hum of activity with dozens of officers wearing early Starfleet uniforms. She sat downbat a nearby table and motioned for Alton to do the same. “Rather than bashing your brains out why don’t you tell me what’s going on.”

“Computer, pause program.” The program paused. He remained standing. “I don’t have time for this. I have bridge duty in 30 minutes and I need to get to sickbay, I may have pulled a muscle or two. Anyway, you made your decisions, so let’s keep them there. Computer, door.” The door to the hologram opened and he made his way there.

Well, I tried,  Astrid thought as he walked out.  As he did Michelle Ortiz was entering her eyes wide in surprise with the near collision. The two did that awkward dance to get around each other for second as he pushed past her.

Michelle looked over her shoulder at the departing operations officer,  “What’s that all about?”

Astrid simply shrugged,  “Who knows?  Something is bothering him.  He ran out of here muttering something about sickbay and his duty shift like he had the devil poking him with his pitch fork.”

Michelle laughed at that description,  “Well, shall we?”

“Yes, yes of course,” Astrid said putting Alton out of her mind.



Alton entered sickbay and was seen by one of the staff members.

Doctor Randall approached as one of the nurses was looking over Alton. Giving him a critical eye he crossed his arms,  “And what seems to be the issue today?”

“I pulled a few muscles while working out in the holodeck, sir.”

He cocked his head at Alton, “A few muscles?  Usually one stops at pulling the first muscle.”

“I never stop if I have a minor pain, doctor.” Alton looked at me. “Just fix me up, doc. Just give me a shot of brandy for the pain.” He was in pain…..two types of pain….his pulled muscles and his heart.

“Well two things.  I ain’t your daddy, but next time when you hurt yourself stop. In fact don’t push it to physical injury okay?  And lastly, I am adoctor not a bartender and I advise against drinking to take away your pain.”

He picked up a tricorder,  scanned Alton grunted, and snapped the device shut.  Turning to a cart he rummaged around in it before producing a small bottle of pills, and handed it to Alton.  “Nothing major, and nothing a day or two of rest won’t heal. Take one tablet as needed for the pain, and next time go easy, or perhaps whatever is troubling you… find a more constructive outlet. I don’t believe this solved your problem?”

Jackson took the bottle. “Thought I found someone to spend my life with. Boy, was I wrong.” 

“Well, I’m not Cupid either,  but it stands to reason you haven’t been on board long enough for that sort of declaration. Rejection is hard, but injuring yourself isn’t terribly productive.”

“Don’t worry, doc, I’m done chasing women. I’ll limit myself to a less serious exercise routine in the future, if that’s okay with you.”

He nodded, “Sounds like a plan. But if I were you, I would just keep an open mind.  Relationships have a strange way of developing.  You can’t force them.  All you can do is foster and nourish.   Sometimes it will wilt on the vine no matter what you do, but that is life.”

“I’m going to concentrate on my duties, my career and my health. No more booze, no more women…just duty.” 

Randall grunted, “As a doctor I can fully endorse the laying off of the booze. As far as women…  Well, I have had my own share of problems with the fairer sex as well and can certainly understand that impulse.   But, only duty can be a bit lonely, which can and often does lead to depression and sometimes anxiety.   Of which I cannot endorse; for the sake of your health of course.  But, this is a free society so you do what you need to do.”

“Well doc, I guess exercising isn’t the only thing that the holodeck is good for. The Ferengi have many ‘adult’ programs for holodecks. That might be the best thing for me.” nodded Jackson.

“I’ll be here to patch you up afterwards,” Randall said with a smirk. “I hear the Klingon ones can be quite intense.  And of course the infamous ‘Vulcan Love Slave’, has sent more than one officer to sickbay.”

“Now you’ve piqued my curiosity, doctor. I might have to order that one. I just hope that these holoprograms don’t turn me into a sex maniac.” He started laughing and laughed until his ribs hurt. 

“That I can’t help you with,   but I’m sure there is a psychologist you could talk to. Now, if there is nothing else, you are cleared for duty.”

Alton hopped of the biobed. “Thanks doc.” then turned and headed back to the doors. He was heading back to his quarters, where a warm shower awaited cause, he had duty in 45 minutes.