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Check In

USS Edinburgh - Sickbay
10.15.2400 @ 1800
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Jordan looked from her desk as the new Chief of Ops stepped into Sickbay, as a nurse went up to speak to him.  A moment later, she appeared at the office door. “Lieutenant Tir is here to see you as requested, Doctor Reid.”  

The Chief Medical Officer stepped out of her office and gave the officer a shake of her hand, “Welcome aboard the Eddie.  Doctor Reid.  Let’s do this in one of the exam rooms.”  He followed her and gingerly stepped up on the biobed as she closed the door to the room.  “Standard procedure with most Trills is to do an onboarding check-in.  More of a conversation than an examination.”  Slipping out a medical tricorder, she began her scan, “How have you and your symbiont been doing today?”

I like her, Tir murmured beneath the surface.  Calog could feel her looking at Reid and trying to see what more there was to the woman examining them.  He returned his attention to the doctor, “We’re well.  She’s…pessimistic about most things, and I’m the optimist, so it makes for…interesting conversation.”

Reid chuckled, “That’s probably putting it lightly.”  She put the medical tricorder on the bed and walked him through the results, “Your levels are normal and within parameters.  Pretty standard to start out; we’ll check in a couple of times a week, make sure you’re both adjusting…then we space the appointments out.”  She slipped the device back onto her belt, “How was your first day with us?”

Calog reflected on his day working with both crews from the Edinburgh and Bravo – the position of operations was often the referee between departments and people.  He had nearly had to break out a whistle or two today.  “It has been illuminating, I suppose.  Lots of people wanting to get to know me.  I think I’ve met most of the command crew in passing or on duty.  You’re my last.”

Jordan sat back on the sink, “You’re our first Trill on the Eddie…and even the Erigone.  People are going to be interested in you from the start.  Make sure you establish your boundaries, Lieutenant.  We’re a friendly bunch but some of us may push that curiosity too far.”

He smiled quietly, “It’s nothing new, Doctor Reid.  It is refreshing to hear someone speaking about it openly.”

She pushed off, “Here to help, Chief. You’re clear for duty. Enjoy the rest of your evening.” He gave a wave on his way out, and Reid let a smile return to her face.  Whatever came next, she hoped the new crew was ready for it.