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Part of RRW Jarok: M1-Part I: Adrift

Checking the core!

Abandoned Warbird
October 2400
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Chapter is before “Everyone has a voice!”

Two columns of green light appeared in a dark corridor just a few junctions away from the engine room. The light would then disappear, leaving two figures in ev suits in the darkness. The suits automatic systems would detect the lack of illumination and immediately turn on the shoulder torch lights to help the individuals see where they are going.

Centurion N’Vek checked his gear the moment after they were transported aboard. He still was unsure about getting assigned to work with a Starfleet exchange officer. He would have preferred to have worked with a Romulan who was at least slightly familiar with their technology. He didn’t have time to grill her on what the extent of her knowledge was. He suppose this assignment was one way to figure it out.

The two individuals in ev suits made their way to main engineering to find out the cause of the power fluctuations and lack thereof throughout the ship. There were no bodies to find in the corridors but in main engineering? There were not as many as there were found on the bridge and medical bay, but there were still quite a bit of bodies. Although this does not seem to bother the two individuals as they get to work.

Thisbe stood, a tool in one hand, and the main toolkit on her waist. Romulan tech wasn’t really her strongest suit, but how different could it be from her home planet’s?! The Romulan and Cardassians were roughly similar in age and advancement. She, very carefully, looked at the panel as the EV suit feed them information. “I’m seeing mass damage in the wiring. Maybe a fire?” 

N’Vek was silent till Thisbe spoke. He jerked slightly as if he was jolted out of his thoughts at the intrusion of her voice. He looked sharply over towards her, “That is possible, though there would be emissions in the air if it was a fire. Overheating is likely.” He started to conduct a scan, looking down at the device in his hand, “It would be wise to fix the wiring and damages before restoring power. Otherwise we would have an actual fire.” He paused, “I do not reccomend fried or roasted Romulan.” His attempt at humour was poor, dry and did not suit him in the slightest.

She smiled a little at his joke, forgetting he couldn’t see her under the stupid suit helmet. It was HOT in there. “Very funny. But I think you’re right. Let’s get started.” She looked at her own scanner. Definitely, it seemed like something had overheated or burnt somehow. “Do you want to open it, or should I?” 

N’Vek was torn between letting her do it in case something goes wrong and doing it himself just for that exact reason. He emitted a soft, inaudible sigh, “I will.” 

Upon opening the panel, as careful as can be, they will find that the junction is indeed very hot. No plasma fire…yet. If they hurry, they may be able to prevent one or they run risk of serious damage or perhaps an overload. Who knows? Time is ticking!

Thisbe just nodded. Normally, she’d protest that she was perfectly capable of opening a damn panel, but they had a deadline, AND she didn’t really want to die, in case something went wrong. She watched as N’Vek opened the panel, and sure enough, it was hot, almost as if it were about to catch fire. Quickly, she removed the wire closest to her. “Got any thermal regulators on your person?” She shrugged. It was the best idea she had-having been mostly self-taught, she was lost on the actual protocols. 

Taval’s eyes widened, almost wishing he could have slapped her for removing a wire without putting on power dampeners. He exhaled sharply, tapping his face shield instead of face palming like he truly desired to in the moment. He quickly clamped the dampeners onto the remaining wires to impede the flow of power. He spoke a little sharper than intended, “I do, yes, and I reccomend we replace the damaged wires, keep a thermal regulator on it, and see about diverting excess power to where it is needed.”

Thisbe caught the sharpness in his voice, and winced a little. “I am sorry. Did I do something wrong? But that sounds good.” She pulled some various colored wires from deep in her case. “I was taught colors go with colors. You?” She was mostly trying to make conversation-when it was quiet, she got too deep into her head. She worked fast, as Taval watched carefully, and used tweezers to pull a wire out for inspection. Indeed, it appeared damaged. “What HAPPENED?” 

Taval sighed a little, “Remember to cut off power flow before you work on power lines. I don’t want to see either of us becoming… fried.” He quirked a brow at her conversation starter, “Erm, yes… Colours with colours. Positive to positive. Negative to negative. Crossing them is… Bad.” He shadowed over her, letting her get some hands on learning expereince, ready to jump in and correct her if something was being done wrong. He retorts with sarcasm, “I assume they overheated.”

Thisbe just gave him a LOOK. “No kidding! I guess I meant HOW.” She worked a little more, letting out a sigh when something didn’t work right away. She was really hard on herself, but thankful that the man with her let her try. Some people didn’t even do that. “You’d think the Fleet would’ve figured out how to make these self-replicating by now, don’t you?” She looked at him. “Why don’t you take a whack at it?” 

Taval let out a little muffled snort at her look. “If only. I can imagine far too many complications pertaining to that.” He strode forward and took some tools from her starting to snip some wires out and replaced them with new ones. He spoke as he worked, “Don’t be so hard on yourself. These things take time and practice to get good at. It’s taken me many, many years to get to where I am now. Lots of mistakes, lots of practice, lots of learning.” He snapped in a thermal regulator to the wiring he was doing. He worked quickly and efficiently.

She watched carefully, taking mental notes as she did, so that she could do it properly the next time. “I imagine it would present some problems, for sure. ”Thank you. Admittedly, I am a duct-tape it and pray to the Daughters of the Fourth House type of girl myself. When I left Cardassia Prime, I took damage from the Breen. What I am trying to impart is that I am self taught and…thank you for letting me try.”  Oversharing was a thing she needed to work on, but she was going to! Someday. “Did you learn yourself, too? Or did you grow up with engineering in your family?” 

Taval looked over at her, momentarily wondering what the hell ‘duct-tape’ even was. He arched a brow at her oversharing but didn’t seem bothered by it at all. “I did not, know. My father was an engineer and I was apprecnticed under another engineer for a few years before…” He paused, contemplating his words. It would be unwise to admit that he left his old posting due to a mutiny, “Before his sudden departure.” He started to replace the panel as he spoke, “I think that makes things good to go. Initiate one more scan to check and we will report to the others.”

She nodded, and held the scanner to the panel. It showed a green light, and with a thumbs up signal to Taval, she spoke. “Looks good to me.” She slid her tools back into her case, and then turned to her supervisor. 

Taval nodded in approval hearing the results of her scan, a faint smile crossing his face. Her enthusiasim was a bit contagious, even he had to admit. He turned, gesturing, “Let us go and report our findings.”