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Part of USS Edinburgh: Mission 4 – These Are The Voyages

Back to the Black

Starbase Bravo - Personal Office
10.5.2400 @ 1000 hours
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“This seems highly suspect, Commander.”  The Admiral had sifted through the massive report that Harris had prepared for him, and the CO of the Edinburgh wasn’t about to argue.

“I agree, Admiral.  Lots of what the Major is saying can’t be verified given that most of the names he’s given us are either dead or reported dead.”  Ambrose scrolled through his own PADD, “The locations he references are also hard to connect – most of them are not the actual name for the sector or the planet or whatever.”  He let out a sigh, “It also doesn’t help that Major Tulak is suffering from a condition that is affecting his mind.  The Bravo medical staff has found a treatment that will help extend his life, but his mind won’t be fully recovered for a few weeks.”

The Admiral raised his eyebrows, “You’re going to tell me that will be too late for whatever it is that we need to do.”

Harris smiled quietly, “It seems the places and people he’s identified are only in play wherever they are for a short time – if we wait for his recovery, we may lose out on the opportunity to take care of Patra’s remaining operations.”

“Do we know who is running his operations now?”

The CO shrugged, “That’s still a mystery, sir.  We’ve got some possibilities, but we’re going to have to check them out.”  Ambrose tapped his PADD, “There is one thing I was hoping to get some help with, Admiral.” The man stared him down and gestured for Harris to fill him in.  He started, “I’d like to ask Thasaz for her help.”

The Admiral frowned and tapped at the PADD, “She was a member of your crew previously…you’ve already got a Chief Science Officer.”  He looked up at the commander, “What’s your plan?”

“She can be a special envoy, sir.  She still has connections with the Romulans.  She’s been doing her own work on Patra.”

“And her ship?”

“The NAR Journey can dock here – she’s trained an executive officer to manage the crew.  There are plenty of programs on the station for the colonists to engage with as well.”  Harris looked at the Admiral, hoping.

“Very well.  You have a go, Command Harris.  I’ll sign off on the transfer paperwork for the Major and for Thasaz.  I hope you find what you’re looking for with all this.”

USS Edinburgh – Bridge-1045

Harris stepped onto the bridge as the crew was just starting to activate stations and prepare for departure.  The news had spread regarding Thasaz’s arrival.  His briefing to the command team had elicited plenty of questions and concerns – all that he readily understood and accepted.  It was an odd case, and the possibilities were too hard to ignore.  He returned to the center chair and sat down, still feeling the wonder at getting his chair back.

“Ensign Prentice, status on our guests?”

William turned in his chair, “Thasaz is aboard and on her way to the bridge.  The Major has been received by Doctor Reid, and she’s evaluating his condition and treatment regimen.  All stations reporting ready for departure.”  He smiled at the nod from his CO and returned his attention to the course he would need to plot.

Ambrose turned at the sound of the bridge doors opening and jumped up, a wide smile greeting the former Chief Science Officer to the bridge.  “Thasaz!  Welcome back to the Eddie.”

She stepped cautiously onto the bridge and then returned the smile as she embraced Harris, “Thank you, Commander…it is good to be back aboard.”  She stepped back and greeted those she knew, including her replacement, Sadie Fowler, who approached awkwardly.

“…I don’t know what to call you…Captain Thasaz?”

The Romulan woman chuckled and hugged a surprised Fowler warmly, and pulled away, looking the young woman over, “Captain Thasaz works…or just Thasaz.  Ensign Fowler, you’ve come a long way.  The stories the Commander tells me – you continue to impress your old chief.”  The Science Chief reddened in embarrassment and pride.

Harris cleared his throat, “The bridge crew is invited to dinner this evening with our Special Envoy, Captain Thasaz.  For now, let’s get underway.”  He motioned for his former officer to follow him where he offered her the chair to the right of him.  He dismissed her protests, “Commanding Officer to Commanding Officer – it’s your chair.”  She sighed and took the seat as Ambrose leaned forward, “Mr. Prentice – take us out.”

The Edinburgh slipped out of the Starbase and slowly rumbled away from the surging traffic until it was alone in the stars, impulse engines propelling her forward.  Prentice turned, “Course plotted, sir.”

Ambrose smiled a little.  It always brought him some sense of joy to order the ship to warp speed.  He wasn’t sure of the why…just that it was.  “Very well, Mr. Prentice…let’s get out there.”