Part of USS Jaxartes: The Small Do Matter

Put some tape on it…(part 2)

USS Jaxartes - Deck 3
May 2399
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Leaning against another console, looking at her side at the panel information of the scans done by the bridge crew. Silina had her arms crossed over each other, still annoyed by the whole perspective of this mission. Something felt off, and her gut feeling was never wrong, “What is your opinion about this mission, Rami?” She suddenly broke the silence.

Rami didn’t look up from his console as he shrugged, “The mission is to restore the balance of this world’s atmosphere. There is nothing more to it, we are following orders that Starfleet wants us to do” He tapped a few times on the console and looked at the information trying to make heads and tails out of it.

“That is not what I meant, I know we are following orders here, Rami, but you as Security Officer should have like a billion alarm bells going off about the approach of this mission” Silina looked at him, feeling a bit of discomfort making the conversation “You can’t ignore that”

He sighed at that and looked finally at Silina. “Are you out to pick a fight with Sazra?” He leans on the console a bit, “Because we both know how she is standing in the middle of this. She has no choice but to follow the orders given to her, and we are to follow her orders. Yes, the mission by itself is beyond any parameters of being normal, but that doesn’t mean that we are to disobey orders from Sazra” 

Pointing her finger at Rami, “That is low, even for your Rami. You damn know that I am loyal to whatever Sazra says and wants us to do, I do it within a heartbeat” 

“Then just follow her orders, have faith in her” Rami looked back at the console to look at the incoming data batch. 

“I am” Silina replied with a shrug. “But it doesn’t fix my feeling that something is up. Captain Vance is the typical guy that does anything to gain glory. I bet your sorry ass that he will claim our hard work as his own when he returns from whatever black hole he came back from” Silina was agitated by the situation “And Sazra knows I am trying to protect her as well… but it seems like she is ignoring my advice”

“Just trust her judgment in this all, we have always done so, and it has come to the right end. Well, almost always” Rami blinks, looking up for a second, thinking back to another mission where Sazra did make a judgment error and then looked back. “She has been sitting in that chair for the last six years now, and she is doing pretty well for herself” 

It was something Silina couldn’t deny, “Sazra is a very ….gifted Captain and knows what she is doing. But even loyalty to every Starfleet Captain out there might be blinding. It is the task of her XO to step in and shake her to see the truth”

Rami didn’t respond to that as he shrugged. “We might have to hurry the operations, Rami, to T’Path. Whatever you do, change the ship’s direction to at least five km away from the atmosphere. They are placing their radar system at our ship position. From the scans that I got from their installations, they should not see us if you back off” 

Understood, we shall back off” a voice came over the intercom.

Looking back at Silina, who was still stuck in her train of thought, “I believe you also have a duty to perform, Lieutenant. Something about overseeing the operations here?” Rami shrugs again, “Just keep in mind that a planet requires our help. After that, we can puzzle all we want about Captain Vance’s motives” 

Silina blinks at Rami, especially at his serious attitude. “You are right. I….am sorry I lost my focus on the task at hand” She pushed herself from the console and walked to away. “I will get to the bridge. When you are done here, get there also”

“Roger, Lieutenant” Rami replied, looking back at the console as Silina walked away.