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Part of Starbase Bravo: Q3 2400

Running into Negativity

Outer ring of Starbase Bravo near the residential quarters.
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S’Lone’s feet pounded rhythmically into the carpeted hallway.  He took this route daily for his early morning runs. The course took him to the most outer ring of the mammoth Starbase; primarily residential quarters. Which at 0 dark 30 he rarely passed any living soul. He liked it that way; the quiet peace and solitude.

He rounded the halfway point of his run when he came upon a patch of fresh paint. In large red letters was painted “Khoi-udt Rihanh.”  He came to a halt.  It was if he had been punched in the gut. 

S’Lone tapped his combadge. =^= Lt tr’Khellian to the “Security Officer on Watch. =^=

Sonja groaned from the fatigue she was going on 16 hrs on duty not usually normal, but she had been dealing with tons of reports that the other Watch officers had seemingly neglected so she was tasked with getting them done. She heard the message on her combadge and replied “Lt Thompson here what do you need Lieutenant?”

S’Lone responded, =^=During the course of my morning run I happened upon a freshly painted bit of graffiti.  It read “Khoi-udt Rihanh” or “Drop Dead Romulans” Before I called a maintenance crew to repaint the bulkhead I just felt I should let you folks in Security know just in case there was a pattern to this sort of anti-Romulan sentiment.=^=

’Who runs this early in the morning.’ She said as she rubbed her temples “I will send someone to make a report of the incident. However can you tell me why you think this would have happened? As this is the first reports of Romulan graffiti.”

S’Lone replied, =^= It may have been directed at me. I take this route every day.  Or else it could have been directed to any number of Rihanh who have quarters in this area.=^=

Sonja began typing information for her report trying to get the base information needed for an investigation “Or it may be something completely unrelated regardless it is something we need look into. Can you come to the Security office when Alpha shift switches?” 

S’Lone responded, =^= Will do.  =^=

Sonja cut the comms and grabbed her coffee, which was the only thing keeping her alive as she opened the report and set it to the side to complete the other ones before Alpha shift switched. It would mean she would be done but in these cases she made sure she had all information before passing the investigation.